MEMEs that made you laugh







I’m sorry man but you joined an hour ago and posting stuff which is disgusting! Red flag :triangular_flag_on_post:

We have here an enormous sense of humor, but you cross the line of good taste bro!

Anyway, welcome in the PUB stay with Us, go through B90X and You will be better human being!


Im sorry I offended your humor. Different strokes for different folks. I thought this was the place where we spread our art. I take my memes very serious. I personally laughed again after seeing it a million times. None the less… I will stay with the community and hopefully in time you will learn to love me for who I am. Btw check out for more premium memes buddy! Keep on gettin that crypto playa!


Ya’ll know what I meme!



Let’s keep it somewhat family friendly…


One from the man himself! I got you Peter…Ill leave the “good” material for my Tumblr. I love the site and I truly love your content. Lets get dat dip!




I wasn’t offended, it’s not that! You just crossed the line a little bit, that’s all, but I did too

I’m sorry bro, how I could say stuff like that and judging you without knowing you and having larger context… I saw your website and I don’t have anymore more to say about that :wink:

Also I love you already Natanael :stuck_out_tongue:
I know you already changed :wink:


Im glad you like my art fam! Can I call you fam? I feel like we are already family you know what I mean.
Anyway you right …you right… I can’t have my fans knowing my guvment name cause they be in the streets stopping me asking for photos but I have a lot of fire ass memes to get done so I be in my parents attic gettin to the work… you know.
Crypto is art…memes are crypto… or sum shit like dat!

You my dog Kimchi…fo real fo real


I got you fam bro of course and I see already that I can learn a lot from you Natanael!

But seriously, I’m not native but calling me a Dog is wired, but fuck it!

What I love about that situation is not how it’s started but where We are and that means you are not only stinky, ugly son of the bitch, but you reacted in positive way which melted down me!

So bro, I hope that you not gonna shoot off like a little… because someone didn’t like your Art :stuck_out_tongue:


I love everybody Kimchi! You , my dog, my dawgs, erybody ! I know my art is a little different but thats what gives the world its color… I think bill Cosby said that… You keep on fighting the good fight and Ima support this interweb page. Ima get me a house right next to yours on the moon brother.




Next to my house?? What?? Long way to that Franko, I treing to get a job on the spaceship as a Stuard, far away to buy a home :stuck_out_tongue: but if you wanna be my neighbor, We need to give you some qualifications first.

  1. You take your spooky ass and joining family here than you joining discord and afterward

  2. You going with rest of the fam through B90X
    We just started, day 3. Deal?