Mens Rolex GMT-Master Pepsi stainless steel


The title says it all. Ive become so interested in cryptocurrencies that I would like to sell my Rolex GMT, Pepsi in exchange for crypto. This watch has literally doubled in value since Ive owned it but we all know that crypto is expected to do much better than that.

Anyone who’s made enough profits and wants a nice reward please let me know. I was in the watch/jewelry industry for 7 years and know this is 100% authentic. As far as watches go, this is the most solid investment you can buy. The stainless steel, Rolex GMT Pepsi has been appreciating in value these past 10 years and is worth about $7,000 these days so that’s what I’m asking.

I bought it because they stopped making the red/blue layout and knew it was going to appreciate.

Let me know if you’re interested in the trade or have any general watch questions as I used to be a watch expert.


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Thanks, I wasn’t aware that there was actually a selling section.


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