Merchants: Master-Mind & Call-to-Action


Merchant: Master Mind-Call to Action

Welcome Crypto Nation! Raven:Sky-Works here! Calling all merchants. This is a call to action for all topics related to merchants and online promotions.

Congratulations to all the participants who participated in cohort Alpha! Much love for all your support and lulz creating killer videos and the journey to self discovery. For all of you who missed out, stay tuned for updates on YEN Beta, sure to blow your mind if Bitcoin hasn’t already done so, lol

After many hours of research into merchandising and online promoting, I felt compelled to start this thread so all of us Bitcoiners and would be merchants could mastermind together in a common arena.

Please share, collaborate, scheme, shill, rape and pillage each other for all the latest and hottest info on promoting, advertising, and creating your merchant store front to the fullest. (J/K on the rape and pillage, unless it’s consensual).

There is serious money to be made in this market if you have the right tools and sponsors. Some of us are way ahead and others are just beginning the journey to financial freedom. If we work together to corner this crypto market while its still young, people will be singing songs about us long after our grandchildren have spent all their Trust Funds accounts.

I personally have not launched a single shill or merch account. But I’ve done a ton of research and It needs to be shared here in the Bitcoin Pub community if we are going to SURVIVE.

I hope you enjoyed the art work posted above leading this Merch thread. I wanted to establish a voice for the inspiring merchants. No one likes boring and normal. We can’t sell boring and normal.

For those of you don’t have a brand logo, design, or promotional material, please hit me up with a DM and we can discuss your options.

Build your brand, use the PUB to promote and mastermind together. The time is NOW my friends.

Thank you for sharing and contributing to this on-going conversation. Buy more Doge.

Raven-Sky: Daisy

SUBMIT your “Merch Store Logo” design and I will Update: V17 MERCHANTS art work in the thread to include your design.

Opening up Cellar door!

Legit brother! Awesome, you’re the best!


Thank you Kimchi. May you be the first to enter the Bitcoin Kingdom.


Tell me more, what do you mean by that Raven. I don’t have a merchant store.
But in the case of logo design, YES I would need another logo.


Custom Logo design by RavenSky, for the Patreon and PUB Protector and ever present @kimchi


Got some errands to run Kimchi. Ill address you question as soon as I return. And yes, we can work on another logo for you if you desire; )


PUB Protector- that’s good, that’s awesome. I felt very positive when I watch that video

awesome, means a lot


If you were an indian, that is the name we would give you. The Protector. At least thats what I would call you.


I don’t wanna get too emotional Raven, but Thank you, brother. Big words!
I really appreciate that!

According to today’s John video

I don’t wanna only logo, I would love to build that with you, that would absolutely incredible to build something together.

Anyway speak you soon


Yen is going to very successful Kimchi, but it’s only one source of income. All the online promotional OG’s are saying to develop multiple streams of income. So that’s my mission. My intention is to learn and document the process here in the Pub


I’m definitely going to need your help at some point, so stand by, and keep up with this thread so you can learn what we’re doing in here.


I will Raven! I will. I’m grateful for you brother!


You too brother. Major money to be made here. I’m doing the ground work for us. Over 30 hours of research so far.


Latest research on promotional markting is 18 year old Hayden Bowls. He’s got over 500 videos uploaded. Most of his videos are less than 10 minutes. He was already established in drop shipping and social media when he started his channel over a year ago. The kids a online millennial social media genius already. I started watching his channel from the beginning. Probably watched 10 hours so far. He’s kinda scattered in the beginning cuz he channel was new, but he’s gradually going into a top promotional influencer on YT. Going to keep my eye on him and watch every episode he’s posted. He knows what he’s doing.


There are three other promotional influencers I’m currently following as well. I’ll be reviewing each one them in due time.


Love the idea for this thread. Totally had to be a part of it. You got a link for Hayden Bowls channel?


Let me check for ya boss



I’m looking for a mentor in this arena, hence why I’m doing the research first. I have not watched all his videos yet. The kid is a fast talker and knows what he’s doing. Not convinced he’s for me yet but he’s on my watch list of influencers for sure.


The next guy I’m following ‘very’ closely’ is Justin Sardi. He only produced 13 videos in the last two years. He looks like a tree hugger. Married. Lived out of his pimped out camper traveling the states for over a year while making close to million dollars doing social media ads and dropshipping. He’s on the down low low abt what his methods and only recently started taking on Mastermind client classes teaching his mothods. I was lucky to stumble upon him. I’m on his email list now. So far, I feel the most comfortable with his delivery and demeanor regarding his approach to marketing. I will be keeping him close to my top 3 list, if not #1 at the moment.