Merchants: Master-Mind & Call-to-Action


My main concern was producing legitimate paperwork showing the products PO, in case Amazon wanted proof or some asshole selling the same product snitchs on me initiating proof of purchase by Amazon. If I use my cousin s business info and website and what not, they may think twice any opening up an investigations causing me to get banned from Amazon.


I’ve never had an issue like that, not sure.


It was a worse case scenario. Other Amazon sellers I did research on warned me abt it from first hand experience so I didn’t want to risk my IP getting banned for any reason what so ever.
Anyway, got the business info so I’m gunna start fresh with Amazon when I get home and see how far I can get.
I’ll let you know if I run into any obstacles.


In the description I’d just note the situation and use it as the reason for the discounted price, and I’d sell them cheaper (slightly) than any other seller to get sales.


Really?? Interesting. Never thought abt doing that. Why even bring it up unless it becomes an issue? I’ll have to think abt it.


Yea, you don’t have to tell the whole story but you could say 'Overstock Sale, seller acquired a pallet of 'BRAND NEW-SEALED-(more descriptions Ex: HIGH OUTPUT, or PREMIUM) you could say DIRECT FROM MANUFACTURER, look at other listings and copy most of what you see and just add the overstock to it as for the reason for being the lowest price seller. This is a great opportunity for you to get a bunch of positive feedback, and a good seller reputation.


you could make a quick link to a sales page then when sold convert it to a diff prod


Yeah, great idea of sorts. There were some bundle items included for up sale, so I’m going to incorporate them as well.


So Im on my amazon account. My DL still needs verified and also my bank account info. So Im not fully set up on the account to sell yet. As of now I am the ‘point of contact’ for the account.
Do you think I should just go forward with the account set as is? and change the name of my listed business in settings?
Im pretty sure I can change the bussiness name once i have it set up.


I was thinking to just change the business name to my cousins business and add a link to his website on the profile. Just to make it more legitamate looking.


To be honest I’m not sure. I set mine up in my business name and linked my business checking. It was a long time ago, from what I remember I didn’t have any issues.


The main concern is I cant set up multiple accounts (bank accounts) as far as I am aware of. Im just not sure either. Im almost thinking of setting up a new account before i finalize my personal one. Just not sure what to do.


While your thinking about it apply for an EIN…


I already have one. Im just not using it.


I was actually trying to go back and edit the info i already had entered for my profile, but I cant seem to find a way to do that yet without finalizing my account and then being locked into my personal data.

I know your not tech support, lol, sorry man, lol


An EIN# if lost can not be reissued, and if you have one and have not filed taxes using it, you may need a new one if it is over a year old.

You’ll likely need a duns # at some point


I keep it active and renewed every year. I just havnt used it for anything yet.


if you EVER ever ever ever think you might bid on a government contract, or somehow maybe do business with the gov, you can get a duns # for free…otherwise it is 200-400


Gov biz scares me, lol
Probably gunna skip that

I gotta keep thinking on this for a minute. Ill figure this out.


Started designing a logo for YENicorn T-shirt. Never thought I’d be doing that, lol. Legit though, I think anyone can wear it. Not finished yet. Got a few more hours of PS6 to go before its done done. Nothing like it on the market though. I did gank the unicorn and make my own, lol, for what ever thats worth.

Not sure if I should label it ‘YENicoin’ or ‘YENicorn’. I misspelled the first time YENicoin, was supposed to be YENicorn. Just throwing that out there in case anyone has an opinion.