Merchants: Master-Mind & Call-to-Action


If it’s going to be a Yen unicorn shirt I vote for the Yenicorn name, just my two sats.


yeah, I was thinking the same thing, thanks for the input


Finally got the YEN’icorn shirt done. Very custom logo at this point, except for the unicorn i ganked, but I changed it up pretty well so it should be fine for now.


Nice work @RavenSkyDaisy


You talkin abt the YEN meet up art? @johnnytturbo


Speaking In general, nice work. I’m looking forward to seeing your new unicorn design, I didn’t make the meetup to see your art, though I appreciate to see it was documented thoroughly.


Here is my in depth review of Printful T- shirt. Part. 1 hope you guys enjoys.


Here is Part 2.


Got caught up updating some of my Ledger wallets and firmware. Taking forever, lol


Thanks for sharing the process so we can all learn!


Hey great job on your reviews bro. Sounds to me like the American Apareal will be on of our top brand choices even though you and I are aiming for different styling fits.

Im going more fitted, soft, and streachy, and medium to light weight styling. I was actually impressed with Bella material and fit. Not sure abt the whole lint collection problem yet. I didnt see any problem with it yet, but ill be sure to watch out in the future washes.

It was really good to know abt the fading of the black color on each of the shirts. Thats really important if im offering black T’s. Ill be keeping that on the back burner for sure.

I think my first samples are gunna be Next Level, Anvil, American Apereal and maybe another Bella. Ill keep you updated.

When my sister had a yoga clothing line she swore by the American Appearl brand. Probably had good reason, lol. I should listen to her.


Short day at work. Gunna make my second attempt at setting up Amazon. I think Im going to just continue with my personal profile setup and see if I can push that through.

Had some trouble with submitting my identification and bank account information the first time. So I hope the system reset its self so that I may continue forward. If not, Ill just try starting over with different profile info associated with EIN numbers and what not.



Nice logos



This is the reply I got back from Amazon after reuploading my veification documents.
38%20PMSo I guess I just wait?!


Here’s the finished YEN oct6 meetup art work for anyone who hasnt seen it yet.


While Im waiting for Amazon to verify Im a slave, Ill be working on finalizing a few logos on Printful for sample shipment. My first round will be focused sampling shirts for my self.

Second round will be for women. Will probably send the samples to my sister and her 17 year old daughter. Very curious abt the women apparel options. I always thought Id be better designing womens clothes than mens. I know what I like on women better than on men, lol. Should be fun any way. Ill get the girls to approve the apparel first.


Here’s a playful version of YEN I came up with for a sleave logo for YENicorn shirt.
Kinda keeping my shirt logos private for now. Want to save them for mail-bag reveal site launch.

The sample image below might make more sense.


Ok, Ive got three official shirt designs ready for print on American Apparel 2001 Fine, the Anvil 988 and Bella Canvas.
#1 American Apparel 2001- (L) YENicorn design
#2 Anvil 988- (L) Bitcoin Team Jersey
#3 Bella Canvas 3001- (L) Official Vintage Bitcoin T

Going to start another design for the Next Level 3600 sample.
New Era said the black color faded after one wash like a mf, which im not excited abt. Im more interested in the actually quality of the shirt compared to the other shirts. The more data I have the better decisions I can make.