Merchants: Master-Mind & Call-to-Action


looking to make my first Dogecoin shirt. Doing research on google for ideas.

I kinda like the ‘back logo’ concept here.

I can come up with something better though, lol


Coming soon to a Shopify store near you,lol


Post redacted by me, to long a link : (




Ooo, I think I got an idea for Doge design, Siiiiick!!
No bodies done this before; )
another PS6 challenge of course, lol. Good god, Id think I would make it easy on my self, not.


Finished my first Doge design. That was a toughy: )
calling it a night, later peeps.


Fixing to jump back in PS6 today. Spent 5 hours in there yesterday making a Doge design.
Can’t produce the design s fast enough, lol


Working on a new design concept with AgentSkull.


Decided to post the YENicorn in here. I was gunna wait for mail time but no one reads this thread any way except for Peter and three other people. Besides i need the feed back.


Excellent! I love it… what a cool shirt! I need this in my life!


Thanks Peter man. I like the Yenicorn. Its legit.



you fucker, you posted it in YEN, LOL! Thats cool bro-hah, post away boss:joy::tada::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Congradulations to Peter and John for receiving the first custom logo-ed designed shirts of YEN’icorn.

Im adding extra custom logos to the sleeves making them one of a kind custom YEN’icorn shirts. Thank you again for all the positive feedback! You guys rock!!


Getting back on the grind… I made 2 new shirts and have a cool design for a hat.
Tomorrow I meet with my wife’s friends family who owns a shirt press an embroidery company and will get the rest of my details worked out hopefully. Will document the best that I can, will try to take videos we will see how this new adventure will pan out. Love getting more pieces to my puzzle solved.


Video doc would be cool as shit at the printers!


That Yen link you posted is cool. Let’s me see your most recent yen tweets in real-time even after 24 hours.


So this is my meta play thinking with this whole Merchandising thread I started here.
#1 document the process
#2. Get some shirts designed
#3 Start a Shopify/web page
#4 API Printful for clothing and art prints
#5 find a mentor to teach me dropshipping
#6 learn ad words and shout outs for Facebook and Instagram influencers.
#7 On board to and duplicate the process with influencers using what I learned with mentorship.
#8. Start making videos and doing interviews again
#9 start a RavenSky FB account to accumulate followers
#10 start an Instagram account
#11. Promote myself and YEN for followers and onboarding.
#12. Tentative long game is to incorporate drop shipping with YEN influencers.


How the hell did you heart my post before I even finished posting it, lol
Fucking ninja Peter, lol


Nice game plan, you’re crushing the grind.