Merchants: Master-Mind & Call-to-Action


Thanks man! I wish I could crush harder. Can’t rush designs though.
Sent Peter and John’s Yen’icorn shirts out yesterday. I hope Peter opens it up on stream. Excited to see it😀


Funny thing. Printful only allows three gifting addresses. I use two of them on John and Peter. So I can only gift one more address.
Any more and I have to sent it to my self then send it out to customer. Kinda stupid.


That’s just silly, seems like a design flaw.


Not the same as drop shipping though. This is for manual orders only.


Went to the print shop today but my wife’s friends parents were not there but still not a loss figured out price per shirt and what shirt I’m going to be running , thats before talking to the owners face to face and getting a hopeful discount but we shall see they gave me there email and sending over designs tonight to get prices after printing. and next week ill be ordering a few shirts and will do a review on them.


Sounds great CM. Keep it up man!


Will do was hoping to make a video of it but another time perhaps.


Just make a selfie recording on your phone. Easy . like a retrospective or something.


Got an call from the owners they asked me to come up there tomorrow morning so will try and take videos and document the best I can.


That sounds great my friend. Good luck🙌


Started creating the YEN’iverse design. Got an initial start on the logo but Im a bit stumped at the moment. Looks like i need to create a logo and design for this one.

Maybe it will just end up being a single design I have no idea. Just hard to focus when my mind is split in two, lol


You got this man. Can’t wait to see it!




I may have an idea for Yeniverse if Printful does ‘all over’ printing. Just got the idea from watching Peter’s retirement vlog this morning :joy:

I was stumbling through Printful and may have found an all over printing option buried in the wreckage :grinning:… I’ll have to explore it when I get home from work


I think i found the link for all over printing:sunglasses::tada:


This will be very interesting! Looking forward to what happens with that!


Isn’t it strange, I go to teespring and it recommends my store to me…


Shillin your own shit to you!
Great marketing! :thinking:


What’s the quality like in polo shirts at teespring?
Printful Polo suck balls.


no polos, 3 types of t-shirs, plus long sleeves, hoodies, tank tops, baby, leggings, socks, pillows, tapestries, beach towels, blankets, stickers, and tote bags