Merchants: Master-Mind & Call-to-Action


Here is the the video, not quite what I wanted to happen but. Has room for the future just watch and you’ll see.
Have to love Oklahoma internet sales laws but will get over this and keep on grinding.


wtf is this?


All Over .psd file! Nice, looking forward to using this:tada:


Great QM meeting tonight, except for the technical problems.
I was working on Yen’iverse design and listening at the same time.

First quarter of the all around design is finished.
Way different working with a whole shirt instead of just a parametered rectangle design.


Was the link bad or just YouTube being a bitch?
Got a conformation in the next couple weeks when they are running my first shirt ill be able to do a tour on video while its only my product on the line and not another companies due to legal reasons. which is great with me!


Bad link I have no idea. It just what came up when I clicked the link


Try now the video is public now it wasn’t public last night when i got home it was set to private so that why.


what design studio is that?

#391 New thread: YEN-Photoshop in Fight club. All editing, photo shop skills, Q&A, shit like that. Learn, discuss, post, plot and scheme.

Feel free to join the thread if you have any questions abt editing or photo shop, or want to learn photo shop and dont know how to start.


Thanks for making that video bro. We need to get better at documenting the process so we will be ready for YEN public launch in Q2. Keep them coming my friend!


Its a local place here in Oklahoma City.


nice first video @CryptoMykel


Here is the invite link to join the Photoshop Digital Media thread in FightClub by @RavenSkyDaisy

Currently at 15 members


looks nice… anyone know who does design your own all over shirts without size limits on graphics?


I dont know anyone private who does it. I just found the all over template on Printful.


alright thanks… I found it.


Seems to work ok so far, I designing one now as a test


subscribe to this down tempo channel. I listen to it all day while doing PS. Best eye candy on you tube with music.


Thanks buddy I appreciate it.


Make sure you guys get your free Hacktoberfest shirts, if you didn’t see the post I put up yesterday