Merchants: Master-Mind & Call-to-Action


plans are to design a crypto tattoo compresion “all over” shirt

using this
and not using that model either, lol


The YEN Photoshop thread in discord, for those who join in will get back stage passes to real time shirt designs, new ideas being talked abt and first look at progressional art pieces being made.
Just a public anouncment for future use.


Found a new down tempo DJ on YouTube. This guy is really good. CHeck him out when you get a chance

Great for background music while you work.


I like hard shit


nice, lol. Thanks for sharing, Ill take a quick listen


Holy crap, is that dub-step cypher punk or something??


right… its like audio-adderal, haha


good music for when I’m killing peeps…


True true, good call AAA


Decided to deviate some of my time to perfecting the Official YEN Logo. The original image provided in the PUB thread had flaws and they are starting to effect the quality of the YEN logos being produced by Pubbers.

Peter and John may or may not have the correct and perfected original YEN logo somewhere, but I am not going to bother them now. Stay tuned.

Most, if not all you probably don’t mind or care or even notice the miniscule flaws of the logo, but since i work frequently in PS6 I have come to notice the flaws. So I will be correcting them and holding hard copies.

These originals will be modified to high resolution on a 12in X 12in template.


This thread is legit af.


Modified and fully edited Original YEN logos for ease of quality transfer and quick reference. Please enjoy.


This is supposed to be a .png file but its not uploading to the thread as a .png for some reason. Only a .jpeg file. I have the .png version but it will not upload as .png. fyi


Same issue with this version. supposed to be .png


Same here.

NOTE: White YEN text looks transparent but its there.


These Official Images are for your records. If you use any other versions besides these modified logos, you are potentially useing flawed logos that may or may not affect the finalized look of your intended use.


Thank you John for visited this thread. Your modified logos are posted above for you convenience.

If you find any incongruencies in these modified logos, please DM me the issue and I will correct the flaws. Thanks again.


Just sent an email with all .png formats for logos. Please keep for your records. Thanks


Ok, the logos are finished now.
Email with .png’s files have been sent


Finally back to work on the first YENiverse shirt. Almost finished now. Had to do another cumtomized YEn logo for my self with some arty mods.
Next ill be working on the new art piece for the PUB thread for Newbies.
Or some interation of that sort. Havnt worked out the details yet.