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I think Im finished with the first YEN’iverse shirt.


Ok, so this is the deal with the black over all printed shirt. Printful only offers White shirts to be printed on. Basically, there are no fabric color optioins to print on except white. This is concerning for a ‘black’ themed T-shirt, and here’s why:
When you take a white shirt and have to print black ink all over the shirt there are potential printing flaws that can result in severely reducing the over all quality. I show you some samples of others who have run into this problem.




Of the three shirt options Printful offers, one of them seem to be reporting some sublimation problems. Ill stay away from that particular shirt product for sure.
The only way to know how these will come out is over time with multiple orders, checking for quality in the sublimation transfers. This is really going to be a hit or miss testing out the final qualities of these shirts.
I think the best course of action is in the future is to focus on all white background designs rather than Black backgrounds. This should solve 90% of the potential sublimations issues we can potentiall run across.


Quality control is my biggest concern. I refuse to settle for less in this department.

And quite frankly, I dont like the idea of having to print the black all over to make the shirt black. How ridiculous its that?! Why reinvent the fucking wheel, just use balck fabric, good lord, lol



wow, uploading YENiverse for print is harder than i thought. I have to piece it together like a puzzle, good gawd:tired_face:


Back logo of YENiverse work in progress still




looks like this one is its final form.

Abt ready to order a couple samples.


I really love it @RavenSkyDaisy same motives like on Crypto Man Cave. Did you know that you did that actually in my birthday :slight_smile: anyway I wanna order one of them!


Crypto Man Cave on your birthday? really?

and yes, I did that on purpose my friend, : )


Started a master thread collection for all the new YEN words in Fight Club. Thinking abt making an art piece or shirt design for this.


YEN + fight club? omg.



yeah, dude. New Discord chat I started. Creating art, logos, designs and digital media for branding.

The "Put me to Work" / "How Can I Help" Thread

Live streamed!



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wow, cool . Looks like a good additional avenue for apparel. Thanks man, Did you get on the waiting list?
If you got the waiting list link, post it here. I wanna sign up too.