Merchants: Master-Mind & Call-to-Action


Post in Fight Club general too, that would be great!



Only took me two hours to figure out how to upload cut and sew designs to sleeve templates… Not easy, it was my first time templateing all over shirts prints. Wow, time consuming.


TIme box done for PS tonight. Trying not to get burnt out. :grimacing:
made some positive progress though so im happy

almost 30 hours into this shirt
unbelievable learning curve

This include designing the shirt and learning two types of All Over print design templates.

Gunna be sick when Im done : )!!



lol : )


Book marking your vid fyi…Da shiznit:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




Update: Been grinding in PS6 non stop on my free time. Have three commissioned projects im working on at the same time Im designing new logos for my apparel line. Im just going to keep up dating this thread with my progress untill i launch my site then there will be tons more content coming in here.


Now i know what it means to be in the hole like Peter and John. My ass hurts from sitting in this f***ing chair all day, lol


Back stage passes for new art designs and up’in coming YEN logos are now reserved for Fight Club members on Discord. Although little bits and pieces of will be posted here as well for educational purposes and content. Im still not sure how im suppsed to be monitizing this stuff yet in preparation for YEN. The merch store will come soon enough. Then instructional videos and art design progressions. Something like that. Still flirting with Patreon but havnt pulled the trigger yet. Too busy building behind the scenes.


Women’s Vneck all over cut and sew Yen’iverse shirt is done…!
Very impressed with my self. Now to see how the printing actually coms out :sweat:


Recording a live stream with Hayden Bowles right now using OBS. Beginners guide for e-com and dropshipping.

His first e-com beginners guide live stream

I cant do anything else on my computer right now besides record on OBS in screen share.

So im jsut sitting here twiddling my thumbs

This is gunna be a great starter video for me and others to learn dropshipping when we start expanding our horizons.

Ill probably make a YT video and title it something not related to Hayden or dropshipping and then post it in here somewhere so we can learn this shit together.

I like that little cartoon character


Announsment : As many of you may know, or if you’ve been following Merchant: Call to Action thread in the PUB, I’ve been following Hayden Bowles, droppshiping kid wonder, for several months now. Ive watched well over three quarters of all his 500 videos documenting his e-commerce journey.

Hayden is only 19 years old and managed to profit over half a million dollars this year already.

All my reasearch abt e-commerce has led to one conclusion:. Find a someone to teach me a method that works in e-com and duplicate the process.

I figured it up the other day. I only need to make abt $200 (net profit) a day 7 days a week to replace my full time job and quite the salvery process.

Somewhere I posted my road map for acheiving this.

Starting up Shopify and Printful was one of the first goals I had set for my self. Im really close to pulling the trigger on both of those as soon as I finish my apparel designs, which all of you have been privy to since I started Fight Club


I want you all to remember why we are hear. Setting goals, staying focused, showing up for work, and not quiting.

That is what I have committed to this channel and my self.

This is a screen shot of the two hour video I just finished recording live on Webinar Jam.


For months Hayden was running this e-com master program for abt $997. I had the money but I wasnt ready to sign up till I had a clearer understanding of what i needed and what i was getting into. Plus, I needed more time to gain trust in the processes and in the man himself.

Ive subscribed to well over 7 “experts” in this field and have been watching ads for e-com endlessly for three months, all promising to make tons of money. But Hayden was the guy I felt the most comfortable with to date.

Tonight i decided to pull the trigger and purchase the all access pass to everything im going to need to build my shopify site and start the e-com journey.

He ran a special price for tonights attendees and I got the whole gawd damn package for $497.

Just the discount i was waiting for, lol.

Hes never offered anything this low in the last 12 months, and I know this becasue I watched almost ever one of his videos.


This is where the good shit comes in. Here’s a screen shot of the home page to the program i signed up for on his website.


Now that Im fully commited financially at this point Im really excited to share everything im learning now and abt to learn over the next several months.(edited)

Something else I learned was that eventually I had to invest back into my self the education that I was lacking to be successful in this industry.

Think abt it. How are you gunna be successful with your merch stores if you dont even know how to market your self with the proper outlets?


How are you going to know what works and what doesnt work if your not even keeping track of pixel data or running simple ad campaigns incrimentally to track what is working and what isnt?

Building your brand is only the first step in the process

Once you have a good brand foundation, or think you have a good foundation, your gunna need to take it to the next level.

Either A. you gunna spin your wheels and learn the hard way spending time and money through trial and error or

B. you gunna find or need some one to fast track you past all the mistakes that have already been made.

I decided to take option B.