Merchants: Master-Mind & Call-to-Action


And I just committed this evening live on this thread. And im gunna share the whole process with everyone in here.

YEN is going to be our platform for building and executing exactly what I just explained above.

YEN is building content creators and future influencers for us to take advantage of

with our products and services.

Learning to run target centric ads on facebook, instagram, and YT is part of the key to our success.

Finding your voice and and being able to effectively communitcate on video is also key.

For those of you who are already doing and establishing your selves as content creators on YT, i give you major fucking props my brothas.

Ill be calling on you in the future.


And you will be calling on me for target marketing and promotions. It goes both ways my friends. Im here to help you make this journey to the moon, so strap your seat belts on, and get ready:grinning: :beers:


This will conclude my update, thank you for reading. I apoligize for the lenght.


After I finish up these three obligations i mentioned before, Im planning to pump out 4 or five less artistic shirt designs more focused on clever logos and text phrases for shits and giggles.


Caught up crushing it interesting stuff. Pretty good with Instagram algos since its been only social media been using for years consistently. Need to get on that Facebook ad promo wave


Wow. Hayden as a mentor. Nice. I went Justin Cener.


Who’s Justin Cener?
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love y’all are still grinding and putting in the work on this thread. Keep it up you beasts.


Thank you Power. Finished YEN’iverse today. Ordering my first sample products and finalizing some back end editing for print. Very exciting times


Awesome can’t wait to see the results of all of that hard work. It is going to be sick for sure!


Started setting up my printful store in preparation for api to website. Ordering samples shortly.


This is Justin Cener


DropBox initial testing seems to be working in Discord. I was able to download and watch Final Fantasy from my computer and my phone after clicking the links provided. New Dropbox thread can be found in Fight Club. Welcome to the fucking show my friends, : ) Enjoy!




Onboarded to YEN today. Sent three tickets. Connected to coinbase like a boss. Very cool platform so far.


Would really love to see everyone’s opinion! :grin:


please repost in FC general too. make sure you @everyone too.



Morning every one!