Merchants: Master-Mind & Call-to-Action


Hey everyone! An update been grinding away on getting designs ready to be printed getting the ones I have into the right format, as well as been working on a few other designs this payday Im getting my Tax ID number for my store.
Will be making a video sometime this week with updates. Got on-boarded to Yen this week and has been amazing experience, to the moon we go!


Web domain purchased. Not live yet. WIP
Got the domain through Shopify for ease of account and integration. Gotta pay to play and i just dont ahve time to geek out to save a few bucks on domain transfers. More important front end work to do.



thanks i almost missed it…well I did miss most of it, haha


fuck sorry bro… Ill make sure to post it at the beginning next time…
Trying to manage so many chats at the same time is a challenge


its not your fault… its youtube’s fault they never give me notifications… its thanks to you I saw any of it at all :smile:


Yeah, I we post the live stream usually in FightClub before it starts, but Ill start posting it in here also, dont want to leave the PUB community out. Its better for all of us if we look out for each other.


You in discord ? If so whats your username man


Need the Yeni emoji in the pub @john :bitrocket: know you busy though


was… it forgets everything when I log in no contacts no channels, I’m sure it is a privacy add on or something I have, so far I haven’t really made time to figure it out.


That’s sucks man. Looking forward to seeing you in there too lol


I just posted this on ‘what you working on/doing today’ but I’m still weirded out how my device makes videos and takes my picture, then applies filters and and adds music then notifies me “we made this cool video of you!.. check it out!”


I changed my name to BitcoinCash in MC5, lol



:yenicorn: and… :yenicorndeal:


Wholly Shit this is awesome!


had this stuck in my head, smh


Yooo. I love it. Awesome, thank you @AAA_ZioiZ you’re great. Perfect in time, I almost done :wink:


Reposted in FC, thanks AAA, you da man!