Merchants: Master-Mind & Call-to-Action


Learning a lot about the process keeping up with this and the discord channel.


So much to keep track of. Timebox is literally the only way I can think of on how Peter does it all…


Morning campers :coffee: Happy Sunday!


Master Class started this passed Sunday morning in Fight Club. Three videos already posted introducing you all to e-Comm. Lots of discussion and great feed back. Thanks again to John (8Bit) for partisapating dropping Knawlage bombs. Happy Times!


Next video drop tonight at 8pm EST! Come check us out in FClub, and dont forget your hand wraps, its gunna get bloody!




Live in 18 minutes

This is a test posting a YEN link in the PUB. i hope im allowed to do this. Please let me know if im not suppsed to do this please, thanks



LIVE in 35 minutes,




SPECIAL Shout Out to CEO @john for Inspiring his community to Explore creating our OWN e-Books! A dedicated thread for e-Book development is NOW LIVE in FightClub. Come join us and learn to Build, Create, and Dream that bigger dream. Thank you all for participating, you guys are the Best!


Morning Everyone! Looking forward to getting back to work on the comp when i get home from work. Gotta do it.


Raven Great design ?? are you making on Transfers ??? I have a friend in Central America whos is in the T-shirt business if you want to str marketing just the transfer so they can sell T-shirt up there !!! wil be a good Promo and Make Some DALLAR$, let me know what you think !!


Interesting… Thank you for the info. Im curious to know more. Send me a DM and we can discuss further. Thank you bro


Work on your designs, Built library so you can have a good portafolio to show :). Than the next step is easy !!
Keep in touch!!!


Are you new to the PUB? I already have an extensive portfollio.


Yes, Im, even tho. I was following from outside.
My bet, I didnt notice it, I just refer for the tittle throu. me ur website, so i can pass to the right person and let see what he has to say. :grin:


Thanks for your reply. Web-site is being build now. Ill stay in contact with you. Thank you

Have you seen my art work yet?