Merchants: Master-Mind & Call-to-Action




So much hustle and inspiration on this thread.


Great, I watch the youtube video, it was a good conversation and great effort to gather the whole crew on friday…:wink:
A positive comment DCTV have the branding and a Good transparent reputation, guys need to think to the next level, try to invite 1 individual according the topic.(out of the Cryto world) To show whats is level of the sentiment upthere. We all learn from the positive or negative thoughts from any the conversation…Furthermore we are here to educate and lead to the new Monetary system arround the corner ":+1:

Guys You Know that about every 35 years the monetary system change… We have more than 35 yrs and its about time to switch to the new Monetary System again.
Great work and effort !!!



Hi ravenSky I reviewed your youtube videos and the artwork you create, have a lot of potential ; DM so we can keep to communicate about of graphic-Logo transfer for T-shirt.

Cryptoassets its an eyes Ball of opportunities , I 've been twice into disrupted industries by technology, I know this time I’m in the right side. I hope to build great networking on bitcoinPub to find the support and solutions for better world.


For thousands of years human beings have dreamt of perfect worlds, worlds free of conflict, hunger and unhappiness. But can these worlds ever exist in reality?

Let’s exchange Ideas and bringing to I love the Cryptopia (Utopia)behind of @peter @john…I read something about you’ll write a category about news and info looking for a tittle perhaps the “Cryptopia”- YENTopia is a good tittle for that Matter


LIVE in a few minutes!



Is this the thread to shill our stores that accept crypto? :smiley:


You certainly can my friend :wink:. You got a Merch’ store?


I haven’t posted here in a while. Been super busy with Discord, web building, and social media.




:grinning: Awesome, I Do!

So my names Aidan, Aidan Morgan, & I own BlackBox Society where you can get beautiful wall clocks, vintage alarm clocks & Wall Art for all your interior design desires.

Right Now I got these awesome Hand-Carved Vinyl Crypto Clocks complete with an open gear concept and the Bullish & Bearish hands :point_down:

Don’t see the Crypto you like? I have even more in the shop but you can also order any custom design you want!

Want something other than crypto? I gotchu, there are tons of other designs ranging from Jimi Hendrix to Fallout 4 to Cute Doggo Clocks like this Sleepy Mother Pugger Design :point_down: :joy: & many more

Anyways, I dont want to make this too long, but there are tons of other designs, materials and styles in the shop so I encourage you to go check it out!

Whats even better and why am I sharing this with the Pub? Well BTC, LTC & ETH are conveniently accepted at checkout via Coinbase Commerce!

1 in 50 customers get there order FREE & 1 in 20 Crypto Purchases Get Their Order FREE, so go ahead and support the :revolving_hearts: New World Order :revolving_hearts: and maybe even get yourself some free stuff!

and of course the Pub will get its very own discount!:kissing_heart::point_down:

PUB EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT :beers::bangbang:: 20% OFF any and all purchases, USE CODE: "PUBTIME"

Take me straight to those crypto clocks :point_right:

P.S. FREE SHIPPING on all orders $29.95 + & on ALL Prints, Posters and Canvases.


Thank you for posting my friend. Your merch is very impressive!


Wow thats pretty cool @cryptobowls


@RavenSkyDaisy @CryptoMykel Thanks for the kind words :slightly_smiling_face::pray:


Your welcome bro :fist_right::fist_left:


Everyone should watch this to make things clear about billing on printful!


UPDATE: Havn’t posted here in a while. Everyone is shadow grinding in the background. PUB official discord has been discontinued but an up-shoot in private YENizen Discord servers has popped up in its place.

My schedule is offically packed solid down to the minute with work, web-design, Ecom Webinars, YT content, Photoshop, Google SEO education (which I payed for), and social media upkeep, namely YEN, and FB.

Patreon for Fight Club Discord server has soft launched in preparation for on-boarding when YEN goes public. Not pushing Patreon yet, its not that important as of yet. We still need more time to mature as a server with our respective fields of expertise.

Im running through a search engine optimization media patform learning how to write press releases and rank in Google. This will be Key for YENizens to promote themselves effectively. Currently, my Brave Rewards for Beginners YT videos are ranking pac3, first page of Google. My aim is to take this a step further with YEN, Fight Club, our YT content influencers and our Ecommerce outlets.

If your interested in joining Fight Club Discord for all your Digital Media needs, send me a DM. Fight Club is a Private server dedicated to Digital Media grinders who are currently working in this field. Our goal is Quality over Quantity as far as memberships, so that we avoid spam and social dissonance.

Privacy is a key factor for our private in-vite ONLY server. We need to know who you are before we can invite you to the server. This quality control will preserve the integrety of our members and their respective use of time and money.

Many blessing to you all and good luck with your endeavor to the Moon.

Best Regards,


Press Releases such as this will soon appear on Google driving traffic to YEN, FightClub, and our social media outlets driving traffic to our respective arenas building our circle of influences and wealth.