Merchants: Master-Mind & Call-to-Action


Press releases are some of the most reliable means of getting ranked on Google whatever you’re creating. I learned to this back in my affiliate marketing days when most of the get rich quick affiliate marketing gurus we’re preaching backlinks backlinks backlinks and less on actual optimization and genuine articles for press releases. So what if there are 100 fake profiles on all of the major social medias linking back to your project, Google spanks you for that, while articles last for the longevity of a project and are worth more when it comes to search engine optimization and your backlinks.


Yep. I’ve done a heavy pivot to PRs and media campaigns. I’m pretty much all in at this point. I’ve even got a tentative 12 month road map that will replace my day job at this point. I’m so short on time ATM that everything else has been put on a back burner.