Miami Bitcoin Conference 2018

Now in its sixth year, TNABC is the longest running and most attended financial conference for the bitcoin, blockchain, and currency industries.
If you’re not well schooled in bitcoin and its underlying technology, you’re not alone. Most executives don’t understand the repercussions of this new disruptive tech.

Attend The North American Bitcoin Conference to get yourself up to speed on the applications, ramifications and nuances of bitcoin and the blockchain. Be the first among your peers to profit from this new technology.

The James L. Knight Centre in downtown Miami will provide the inspirational backdrop for The North American Bitcoin Conference. Steeped in history and architecturally magnificent, this unique venue guarantees an atmosphere befitting the conference’s caliber.

January 18th & 19th, 2018

AND we’re doing an after party!


Miami = success according to the Bitconnect supporters. I’m guessing! I don’t know from experience lol.


Awesome share. I had no idea it has been going on for so long.


Very excited about the conference. This will be my first Bitcoin Conference, and hopefully not the last. I discovered Bitcoin last year, and am very glad I did. Can’t wait to be around such a forward thinking group and learn more about blockchain/Cryptocurrency. Can’t wait :blush:!


Nice! If you’re going to be around after the conference on Jan 19 you’re more than welcome at our after party - -

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Thanks! I just RSVP’d. See you there next week!:sunglasses::desert_island:




I went to the WAATUM booth today at the show and laughed at the demonstration they gave me.

They showed me a nice little compact miner, busy mining away on guess what? Doge, NOPE! It was Mysterium! I had to ask twice to confirm she said Mysterium and wanted to say send Peter a mining pool fee for pumping it so much.



Let me know if you find out why these guys need the blockchain for this? It’s cool tech, but WTF? :confused:


Sweet! Looking good man!


Most important slide of the day! Evidence of BItcoin’s growth.


This is solid! Thanks so much!!!

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Ok, I saw Tai Lopez at the conference Friday and wasn’t impressed. Does anyone here know and follow him?

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Nicee, Sean Walsh is legit! #pioneers

IDK about that other project though lol - so many new projects it’s crazy…

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Two years ago, I participated in this wonderful and informative conference. I once again realized that Miami Bitcoiners are the best in the world. The speakers managed to get all over the spicy topics and problems that Bitcoin field was facing on that period. You know in 2018 the Bitcoin was just released on the market and people looked at it quite skeptical and without trust. Besides the speaker’s speeches who met all my expectation, the conference equipment hire company did a great job regarding the light, sound and stage. It was best conference I have ever attended in my life. That’s a pity this year’s Bitcoin conference was cancelled due to COVID-19.

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