Mike - CryptoLoft - DCTV thread





Here’s the bottom line on this video: the US Constitution exists to promote and order a free society. It tells me I should be able to decide how to live my life, possess my property, and be free from tyranny. Government doesn’t give me my rights, God does. And no one should be able to enslave me through monetary policies or unlawful regulations.

Bitcoin aligns with all of those priorities. I don’t spend it, but I do store my value in it.


i’m a fan mike! keep up the good work!


Thank you @mr.chu. More content is coming this week. What topics interest you?


Mike, you’re BIG part of our community.
We are truly blessed by having you around!


all of the topics thus far have been great but just your laid back style is pretty unique in this space. literally feels like a loft haha


That’s what’s great about the channel. Everyone is finding his or her space/audience. When adoption comes people are going to have different interests. We will give them plenty of options.



the link to the article is in the comments.


@Agentskull definately enjoyed the conversation. I’m looking forward to your interviews with the rest of the team.










Bye-bye petrodollar. Tokenization is coming to commodities.