Mike Fishy and Automation System Programming (Bots)


Good Garzaro,

Its got tied up at the moment. I need to figure out why and fix it.



Python is solid and has a lot of libraries, as you’ve discovered for doing complex math and AI (as in machine learning). I’ve often thought about redoing my Ruby-based code in Python as it scales a lot better than Ruby when it comes to number crunching capacity.


Hi All,
First thing is thank you for mike fishy, for the lesson and great tool also to other contributor for the great work. Been following this since the beginning and since i’m not a programmer does anyone can help me how to use this on live mode?

Been running for hours (API key is ok) but there is no transaction at all even loss or win.
Really appreciate for any helps.



Hey bud,

Seriously recommend the following,

  1. read and implement all the codes on this thread.
  2. Understand how it all works.
  3. Decide how you want to take this forward. This is a starter for 10 and is not a finished article.
  4. Consider how to back test your bot as a good starting point.

What I am doing is the following:

  1. Learning python and pandas. ( at this stage - Rome was not built in a day)
  2. Making a bot to collect data into pandas for the moment.
  3. Test various indicators.
  4. Consider how to do live trading.

So you can see I am a way off going live. You have the ability to loose a shed tonne of dosh if you dont get it right so you need to do a bit of homework.

A bot is not fire and forget. I have run the bot too and I have had results of 7 to 10 percent in a day, but it tends to get hung up with full orders. ie it get locked out with tied up capital.

Need to figure out why and fix it.

Hopefully, ihis is of help. Need to understand how it works under the bonnet I am afraid.

One day I might have a finished web based application of the Crashbot.



thank you.
i’m wondering how can i run this bot, already placed all of the parameter and try to read and read again…
currently i’m still at iteration 553 but nothing is happening…

btw, wish you for a good luck with the crashbot, hope i can have a test also :slight_smile:



Start at the beginning of this thread… it does work… this thread is a good starting point.

Come back to me as necessary…

It is not fire and forget by any means.



hi Crash101,

Could you please share the latest working script for usdt pairs? I’ve downloaded from github (examples folder: icxusdt-pairs) but nothing is happening too. Or is there any updated file instead of the btc-pairs that uploaded from mike fishy?

And btw, i read above for the minimal amount in trading is around $700, is that correct?
Can we adjust the amount? Let’s say i just want to trade for usdt pairs using 2 tickers and ignoring others pairs since i only have under $100, is that possible?

Appreciate for any helps.


I dont quite understand… nothing is happening?

Can you care to elaborate?





This what i’ve got:

Is this running?
Does anyone willing to share the latest working script?

Thanks & Regards.


@djemphol what have I advised?

  1. read the thread in its entirety.
  2. try each of the codes.
  3. understand what the code is doing.


If you can not be bothered, which appears to be the case, this area of study really is not for you.

why is your current code not looking like the snippet above?

This stuff is particularly complicated and your ability to read and try is necessary. There is not a bot out there which is fire and forget and I would strongly advise you to understand what the hell you are doing.

This has taken me not even 5 minutes to type. This is something that you could have found. Now try running this bit of code … follow the thread and you will find that it doesnt work., you will have to fix it to make it run as you want to.

Hopefully this makes sense. Try doing what I have previously recommended. Make sense?




this looks different as i took it from https://github.com/blombard/the-bitcoin-pub-bot/blob/master/examples/icxusdt-trends.php

i know that the bot is not to be set and forget, but as a common user i still want to learn in how to use it even i;m not a programmer :frowning:

but that’s ok, i will try it again (which i’ve tried it over and over in every code posted above, from mikes and mwlang)

thanks & regards.


Ok… one thing you will have to become is a programmer… I get it that you are not… however it will take you understanding some code… and the snippet above is a copy of the latest… i dont think it is on github.

the snippet is in this thread.

you have to get to grips with this… as this is only the starting point. Where do you take this? Its what comes after this that is important.

I am learning python and pandas… so i can make a more sustainable bot. There is lots of free code out there but if you dont know what you are doing with it how do you start to manipulate it into something that works? I would strongly think of understanding what steps you have to take to get a bot that works how you want it to and keep at each step until you have the necessary tools.

Keep trying and experimenting. PS by the way the bot with the code after you have it working, doesnt work as it gets locked out of trades.Why? I havent figured that out yet. I have stopped at this point and have decided to look at python and pandas after much deliberation of what to do. Maybe python and pandas is not the long term method but for me right now it is the most logical approach… and you know what… I am learning lots of stuff I didnt know before… its also about learning new skills which is all good.

I have put on this thread the steps I am taking and this is what I have decided to do. Keep at it and play with the bits of code until you understand what it is doing? This is way before you have something to trade with live.




sure i’m still in the process in learning though it takes some times for old man like me :smiley:

currently still using on gekko and enigma catalyst which i guess gekko is much more stable enough to run in a long shot.

but this thread is so attractive which made me get into it to learn and try.

wish me luck :slight_smile:


Keep at it… there are lots of other resources out there for bots too.


@Mike_Fishy can you help us with the trade cycle calculations please? We need some more hints to fully understand it or maybe just a simple programmatic example. Thanks for your great support man! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


come over to the discord channel @user93 and @Mike_Fishy

There are some useful additional resources i have found that everyone will find useful.



This is the URL to join the Discord chat @Crash101 is referring to. They have posted great resources there too. https://discord.gg/XhMbcUq


Hi All,

I’m currently not available due to a large property transaction my group is involved in.

Will get back to code and stuff as soon as we wrap it all up.


Mike Fishy


Whew, that’s a relief. When you said you were purchasing a large property and disappeared, I was afraid you “bought the farm!”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Glad you’re good!



We are actually buying a new building in Taipei for USD $520m, so as you can imagine, lots of lawyers and other people who get paid are involved. Good time to be here though, might stay for Lunar New Year and get back after that.

Stay Fishy