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Hi all,

Starting a new thread to include things that I track, insights and items of interest to do with the Market and Crypto in general across many facets which influence trading.

Will keep this updated as much as possible as it will be easier for me to track this stuff as well :slight_smile:
As Always, not any financial advise, be Fishy on your own.


  • August 18th the CBOE Bitcoin Futures closes and Bitcoin betters that are going short (63%) appear to be celebrating early. Starting to wonder just how much longer the old boys can keep playing shortsies.

  • Next CBOE Bitcoin Futures is set to close on August 31st, so hold on to yer butts :slight_smile: (33% long, 67% short) - you can see where this is headed…

  • Sergey Ivancheglo joins IOTA Foundation Board of Directors. Will be interesting as the guy knows his stuff. So going to keep an eye on IOTA.

  • Kucoin is deleting posts noting that they still haven’t completed the VeChain swap or opened withdrawals, complete with a “not safe for brand” tag. Poor form Kucoin :frowning:

  • American Express (AXP) Is Officially Using Ripple’s xCurrent - the old boys are making their moves.

  • Bitrefill Continues Expansion and Dash Integration, Including 10% Off Orders Paid with Dash. Go Bitrefill! Some real use cases for crypto!

  • PRiVCY @PRiVCY_COIN MEGA AIRDROP on 18th August.

  • August 21st BGX Airdrop for ELA Holders for those who trade on Huobi, coupled with: 453,415.6905 ELA will be burned in August 2018. This ELA burn will be part of our One Year Anniversary Event in Thailand August 24-27, 2018. Watch out for any girls over 6 foot tall with ELA QR codes on their arms, they may not be girls :stuck_out_tongue:

  • BlockTek University (Previously NTWK Token) - Token Swap on August 27th.

  • Substratum (SUB) - New Product Annoucement on August 28th

  • Coinbase Ethereum Classic Blue App Launch - sometime next week.

Stay Fishy


Picking up several strategy will help to move on wards.


Addition: Since Forex is also my game.

AUD/USD at 20 month low - RIP Aussie Dollar
JPY/USD at 8 month low
EUR/USD at 13 month low
GBP/USD at 14 month low

Seems the USD is doing well while the rest of the world’s fiat is tanking like Bitcoin :slight_smile:

China’s Market data dump showed very poor results. Awful Chinese macro numbers intensified China slowdown fears and paused the corrective bounce in many fiat pairs.

Stay Fishy


This is awesome man! What is your favorite coin to dca/ accumulate now? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Lisk Core 1.0 Mainnet release will happen at block height 6,901,027 at the end of round 68327. It is expected this milestone arrive on Wednesday, August 29, no sooner than 11:00 AM CEST.

IOTA Ecosystem Development Fund - get paid to develop on IOTA! Application process now open.

Ternio releases updated “blockcard” - a Visa Card that can be used like any normal Visa Card at any outlet that accepts Visa and uses the TERN token. You can now send BTC, ETH and XLM to the “blockcard” (akin to a debit card) which is converted to TERN and available for use.

Bytecoin (BCN) Public Testnet Release August 17th may have been re-scheduled.

Ontology (Mainnet Launch) v.1.0 - August 18th meetup in Seoul - if you are there, I hear the party will be great.

ZenCash is rebranding, new name/logo ect - August 22nd.

Forex: USD up, everything else still down. Highlights when many Cryptos loose ground at the same time other countries fiat is tanking, that Crypto is global currency, not a US one.
Forex: Trade Sentiment: 36.4% Bullish, 32.6% Neutral, 31% Bearish. Indecision dojis abound, several fiats may not bounce back yet.

Tether at -0.03% today - shows traders are moving from Tether back into BTC ect.

September 9th - A “co-fork” will occur using BTC and ZCL, to attain the new forked coin, Anonymous Bitcoin. Hodlers of either BTC or ZCL will get BTCA. The BTCA Testnet launched on August 10th.

Stay Fishy


Made 28% from LSK yesterday :sunglasses:

VeChain Announces Blockchain Vaccine Tracing Solution for China (this is big for China as there has been counterfeit vaccines which has caused deaths in Children - so this will get a lot of scrutiny/attention in China)

Ethereum transaction fees are at their lowest in 10 months. Should expect some large Ethereum transfers.

Nano beta hit 200 TPS today - a larger stress test is planned for tomorrow at 10 am EDT

Doge vs BCH

Ethereum Classic enters top 10, coin of the year!

Distributed Credit Chain - DCC - Trading Campaign on Kucoin Friday 24th August.

Linker Coin - LNC - Coin Burn Thursday August 30th.

Zeepin Chain - ZPT - Mainnet will be will be launching on Aug 31st.

Forex Market Sentiment: 36.2% Bullish, 34.8% Neutral, 29.1% Bearish. Bears loosing ground.
USD rallies, rest of the world tanks, Canadian Dollar expected to tank over the weekend.
AUD made a slight comeback, expected to tank again next week due to an expected poor exports report.
JPY had a small rally, but costs of the last cyclone from insurers has caused some concern.
Turkey political issues may cause hyper-inflation in Turkey
Dow Jones extends support to 25k, is the retracement complete?

Stay Fishy


Early Monday BTC spike, good to see.

To the interesting stuff:

Kraken, Ripple, Nasdaq invited to ICO discussion at Capitol Hill

IOTA team launches IOTA Hub for easier exchange integration, MIOTA token gets listed on UpBit

Binance pays 90% of its employees in BNB, says TechCrunch founder

EOS, Ethereum and Komodo - the top 3 CDAs according to Chinese Gov
EOS, Ethereum, NEO, and Stellar Lock Down New Crypto Ratings List

https://alagoria.com/ 10% off anything on Amazon if you pay with BCash…

New Trading Pair XRP/ USDT on Bittrex
New Trading Pair ETC/USD on Bittrex

LOCTrip (LOC) Credit Card payments support (Fiat-to-LOC as a background process through API connectivity with exchanges) - Launch on August 30th.

BTCQ18 - 3 Month CFD Last Trade date August 31st - settlement September 6th.

Turkish Lira at all time low (20 month) against USD
Indian Rupee at all time low (14 month) against USD
AUD down more, job rate expectation falls short with higher unemployment figures
JPY down more due to lowered treasury yields and higher inflation
USD up due to U.S. Core Retail Sales rose 0.6% in July, beating the 0.3% estimate
GBP is dropping due to poor CBI Industrial Trend and Brexit shenanigans
NZD (New Zealand) up and is winning large contracts from China
EURO ECB monetary policy meeting minutes are due Thursday 24th

USD Trade Sentiment: 36.2% Bullish, 34.8% Neutral, 29.1% Bearish

Keep an eye on US/China talks this week and the imposed Zero import of Oil from Iran mandate, it could get interesting for several currencies. If traditional fiat becomes unstable, investors look for alternative investment vehicles, which is similar to what happened in September last year.

Stay Fishy


Absolutely awesome thread and contributions.

Hearing all the upcoming stuff, like that LSK tip before the green candles, was great. I appreciate all your input, but this sort of stuff the most! Netted a little myself from it.

Thanks for always sharing, and I will keep a keen eye on this thread!


Brilliant thread man.


Early Tuesday here, market is having a mini-dump again, taking us back to where we were on the weekend.

Items of Interest:

Ethereum: Kin (still in beta) surpasses daily active users of all Ethereum Dapps combined

Nano: Developments in the NANO ecosystem: BrainBlocks (founded by Daniel Brain, Principal Software Engineer at PayPal) announces new logo, BrainBlocks as a corporation, implementation of a PayPal button

Constellation: CEO of Hello kitty joined Constellation as key advisor

TokenPay: (TPAY) Caught Cheating on Social Media Vote - Cryptovest

TenX: TenX Revealed Final Design of Its Debit Card to Spend Your Crypto Anywhere

I am seeing more bridges between Crypto and Debit Cards popping up, this is a good thing as it facilitates on/off ramps where people can spend their Crypto anywhere with ease. I expect the phone makers to be doing something soon, which will be ground breaking.

AChain: HUT Airdrop for ACT Hodlers August 22nd.

REBL: iOS Wallet Release - August 25th

Futures Suggest the Yen May be the Best Play Against a Strong Dollar (JPY Yen about to bounce from lows)
GBP/USD: Oversold condition - Begins Bounce From Fibonacci Support
EUR/USD Bounce in Focus as USD Struggles at Yearly Highs

So basically the USD has hit an all time high and is struggling to hold the position. Punters are moving to Yen, Euro and GBP to ride the wave. When a lot of funds move out of USD, it is not surprising to see Crytpo have a bit of a pull back, but suspecting it to bounce again later today.

Stay Fishy


Think I’m goin start calling you Mike Sharky not Fishy… :wink:


Some might say I have the elegance of a beached Whale.

Stay Fishy


Rode the Nano Wave yesterday for 10% :sunglasses:

Items of interest for today:

Bitcoin: Australians Can Now Pay Bills Using Bitcoin With Cointree And Gobbill Partnership

Nano: Andy Woolmer Joins the Nano Foundation

Stellar: Coinbase adding Stellar to exchange

Pundi: Pundi X plans to roll out 100,000 POS devices in the next three years to shops

Ripple Nipple: Ripple Plans on Merging xVia, xRapid and xCurrent into One Solution, Convergence

Elastos: BGX Airdrop for ELA Hodlers is today

ICON: Partnership with Deblock

Vexanium: VEX new trading pair VEX/USDT on Tokenomy

Turkish Lira dumped, investors go short. Cascading effect on France, Italy and Spain who have the most outstanding debts in Turkish Lira, which is causing turmoil on the Euro.

Chinese Renminbi holding ground and investors are moving away from Euro to Renminbi for its stability during this turmoil, placing even greater pressure on the Euro and also will have flow on effect to exports from China into Europe.

EUR/USD: Short Positions Increase 30% This Week (that’s more than even Bitcoin!)

USD had a minor retreat from it’s all time high, but so far, seems the market is still very bullish on the USD. Coupled with the repeated stabs at the EU and China for being currency manipulators (Trump! you go girl!) investors are shying away from the Euro, but still giving China some love. Hedge Funds Push DXY Longs By Most In 18-Months Ahead of Trump’s Comments. What was missed by most news services and a few analysts were the midday comments from Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank President Raphael Bostic. He said on Monday he is maintaining his expectation for one more interest rate hike this year, as trade tensions and international events add some downside risk to an otherwise strong U.S. outlook.

Bearish USD/JPY Sequence Keeps Downside Targets on Radar. Even though the interest rate hikes in Japan slowed the downside, it is still setting lower lows and lower highs.

Dow Jones Breakout Pushes Up to Fresh Six-Month Highs.

AAII Sentiment Survey: Pessimism dipped back below its historical average after having been above average for two consecutive weeks. Bearish sentiment has not been above its historical average for a span of more than three weeks for approximately the past 52 weeks.

Stay Fishy


Nano just geting started by the looks!
Everything can change in a Nano Second Indi Crypto Space…


Yes, I rode the Nano wave again today for a cool 14.28% :sunglasses:

Here is a slightly older article, but shows why NANO is doing good things:

Another major development of the Nano (NANO) project, is that the popular crypto-exchange known as Binance, is now a Nano representative.

Stay Fishy


Today’d items of interest:

Bitcoin Jumps $400 As Bitmex Goes Into Maintenance, Bitcoin Shorts Reached All-Time High (79%)
Please remember the Futures last trade date is August 31st, where the price needs to be below $6435 for those going short to win. If the price is above this, then the purchase of Bitcoin is necessary, which can cause a price surge. At the moment, I think it can be below this amount by end of month as there is still a high amount of sell pressure on the market.

MARKET Protocol and ChainLink Team Up to Enable Off-Chain Asset Trading on the Ethereum Network

IOTA load testing completed, promising results with 95% of transactions confirmed in one minute.

Elastos: Elastos (ELA) Interview: What is Smartweb powered by Blockchain?

Nano Listed As #1 in the Top 5 Most Disruptive Blockchain Projects Rated by Uber Researcher

Metal (MTL): Revolut Launches Metal Debit Card With Cashback in Cryptocurrency

Lisk (LSK): CryptoCandor update on Lisk! Rebranding, Mainnet and SDK

Basic Attention Token (BAT): Being listed on Poloniex today

World Blockchain Marvels in Hong Kong, China: WBM is organizing a digital asset event in Asia on 23-24 August 2018 in Hong Kong. Andrea, Founder of Genaro, will deliver a speech.

Goodomy (GOOD): Goodomy version 1.0 is coming August 24. We’re building a mass consumer app, powered by cryptocurrency!

S&P 500 Posts Longest Recorded Bull Run After Returning to All-Time High
USD a little low after all time highs, but traders still Bullish on USD
USD/CAD - Canadian dollar slipping, setting lower lows month on month, investors move funds out
JPY - Japan YEN makes a small bounce back from its lows, but not looking at any recovery any time soon
EUR/USD Rate Carves Bullish Series Ahead of Fed Symposium

Over-all, the interest rate hikes look to be on the table for most countries now, which might stabilise some of the countries that are struggling to keep their currency strong. China, of course, wants their currency to drop, so expect more “doctored” numbers to come out of China before month-end.

Gold: Net-Long Positions Dip Amidst Lowest Yearly Prices.
It is interesting that Gold has dipped so much, this signals that money is on the move.

Stay Fishy


Mike I love these posts, it’s quickly becoming one of my favourite reads!



Riding the LSK wave atm, 16% so far :sunglasses:

VeChain: Official and Working - Pictures of a Tamper Proof VeChain NFC Chip

Vitalik Buterin / BCH / Craig Wright, I dont know what to say…

MONERO vs PIVX: The First Scheduled Privacy Coin Debate Thread - could be interesting.

More bad news for Tron - BitTorrent inventor and employees quit in protest

280 ETH and $15k worth of tokens lost due to a Ledger Wallet “bug” - AMLT report

Intro to CryptoGladiator, the first blockchain-based game on NEO [NEO News Today]
(looks a lot like Pokemon but with a Gladiator anime type card game on the Phone)

Zcash releases their v2.0.0 upgrade

USD/CHF - Mostly long positions at this time, but not likely to hold
USD/EURO - Euro making a small comeback, but not likely to last
USD/JPY responded to a major support confluence this week at 109.91 with price now approaching the 2015 trendline resistance yet again…
Gold: 25% Jump in Overnight Short Positions - Short Positions Hit a 2-month High - Gold prices may continue to fall
USD Presses Higher Despite Disappointing August PMI - USD Bounces From Support!
US and China conduct low-level talks in Washington on Thursday - didn’t produce anything, no surprise :slight_smile:
GBP/USD: Decrease in Net-Longs Triggers Bullish Outlook - data shows 67.5% of traders are net-long with the ratio of traders long to short at 2.08 to 1

Shorts are on the following:

  • USD/NOK: United States / Norway
  • USD/DKK: United States / Denmark
  • USD/SEK: United States / Sweden
  • USD/MXN: United States / Mexico
  • USD/ZAR: United States / South Africa
  • USD/THB: United States / Thailand
  • USD/HKD: United States / Hong Kong
  • USD/SGD: United States / Singapore

Stay Fishy


Good stuff @Mike_Fishy! Keep 'em coming bro :sunglasses::rocket:


Mike is defo the Messi of the Pub crypto team…his trading link up play is on point…
Favourite thread for me…great stuff. Thank you!