Mike Fishy Traders Summary


Morning all,

Another fun day of trading ahead, BTC still hovering over $6700, but looks like it might consolidate down a bit based on the charts.

Best trade for me yesterday was RavenCoin which surged a nice 22% before I jumped out, looks like it can still do more though.

For Today:

Bitcoin Will Hit ‘New Highs’ In Q1-Q2 2019 says Mike Novogratz
(right up until Chinese New Year, then maybe not…)

Tether currently hold negative shareholder equity according to their own website, 1 USDT = 0.927 USD
(More tether shenanigans ahead?)

DNV GL is using VeChain across their entire business. VeChain now has partnerships (which have been CONFIRMED) with PwC and Deloitte - 2 of the Big 4 accounting firms. Chinese President (Emperor?) Xi JingPing was also at the Norway China Business Summit where VeChain presented.
(Is China starting to take more notice of Brockchain?)

Legendary hacker turned CEO George Hotz shares his thoughts on dApps, Lightning Network, Ethereum, and forked coins
(Lightning Network is making great strides lately)

Nasdaq planning to use Ravencoin to launch a security token platform?
(We shall see, but rumors abound)

Introducing the IOT-CT03 UHF RFID Ceramic Antenna, developed by Waltonchain technical subsidiary IOT Technology
(RFID technology improves each time I look at it)

MinerGate is going to support Monero (XMR) hard fork
(another hard fork for XMR soon, get ready for updates!)

Over $11 million in ERC 20 Tokens was stolen in the recent Bancor hack.

Weekly Nano Update: Epoch Blocks, the Boulton release and more
(Epoch Blocks are an interesting idea)

Tether traded down to $0.92, and TrueUSD up to $1.10. Meanwhile DAI stayed at $1.
(Volatility in the “stable” coins? who’d have thunk it!)

Request Network Project Update (October 16th, 2018) — Technical Releases, Joining Delta Direct

Spacebit will use IOTA for an IoT network of multiple space vehicles and Qubic for AI and outsourced heavy computing
(would probably work too if there was enough incentive to run nodes)

USDC being listed on OKex and GUSD (Gemini Dollar) - yet more stable coins for USD, what about currencies from other countries?
(Maybe I should create a AUDC so people can but the stable #shtcoin LOL)

TeslaCoin (TES) - TeslaStarter Launch release is due Oct 17th

Not to forget GVT Platform Release is Oct 30th and GVT still trading above $11.85 which is nice and peaked at $12.20 yesterday. I still think it has more room to grow.

Forex Markets: Semblance of Stability Returns
Although the S&P 500 was unable to sustain early gains yesterday, the largely consolidative session was part of the stabilisation of equities after last week’s jump in volatility. Asia and European stocks are also cautiously steadying. Most Asia equity markets advanced with the Nikkei’s 1.25% advance most bourses higher. China was a notable exception, The Shanghai Composite recorded new lows for the year and finished uninspiringly on its lows. Europe equities are mostly firmer, led by Italy and Spain. The Dow Jones Stoxx 600 is almost 0.5% in late morning turnover, with most sectors participating save energy and consumer staples. Core bonds yields are one-to-two basis points higher, while peripheral European 10-year benchmark bond yields are two-to-five basis points lower, led by Italy and Greece. The dollar is mostly softer, and the softness of the Swiss franc and Japanese yen also reflect the easing of investor anxiety.

EURO - Bullish - 45% Short (-2%)
GBP - Mixed - 44% Short (+2%)
JPY - Mixed - 45% Short (-3%)
XAU - Bearish - 19% Short (+2%) (Money heading out of Gold again)
CAD - Bullish - 57% Short (-5%)
AUD - Bearish - 32% Short (-1%) (AUD reprieve has dissipated)
Bitcoin - Bearish - 15% Short (-1%)
Ethereum - Bearish - 8% Short (no change)
Ripple - Bearish - 4% Short (no change)
Litecoin - Bearish - 6% Short (-1%)

For those like me who went long on CAD yesterday, was around 0.6%. I was expecting a bit more, but Forex decided it is time to go sideways for a while.

Traders all still going long on Crypto with little change, so we shoudl expect some sideways trading in the Crypto market unless Tether decides to implode :stuck_out_tongue:

Stay Fishy


Looks like I was wrong, BTC is on its way up…

Did someone implode Tether again?

Stay Fishy


CBOE Options close 2marrow. :chart_with_downwards_trend: then :arrow_backward:


Yeah I’m my opinion it’s coming, some people are going to buy here and get rekt :slightly_frowning_face:


Whalewatch just this morning

52,144,696.00 AION ($22,943,666.24 USD) transferred from Binance

Not to mention an insane number of BTC and ZRX buys. 2000 - 3000 BTC at a time on some of the alerts!


Is Nano one of your Hodl protocols like GVT and BNB?


Morning all,

Yes, I hodl a bit of NANO, I think the project has potential later on.

BTC hovering between $6680 and $6800, so futures traders that went long are probably going to win, will be interesting to see how many go short on the next cycle.

GVT surged to $13.35 and still looking good for end the end of month release.

QTUM also up 10%, another one of my longer term hodl’s as I think it is the main competitor to NEO and could take a good chunk of the market if NEO gets too expensive.

Best trade for me yesterday was again RavenCoin for 25%. I’m fairly sure it needs to consolidate now after these surges.

For Today:

Next Bitcoin Bull Run Will See Crypto Market Rise ‘10x’: Pantera CIO
(while that would be nice, I can’t see that it would be likely)

Tether’s Market Cap Falls by $250 Million as Investors Switch to Other Stable Coins
(Still think I should create one called AUDC just for the fun of it)

Bitfinex appears to be banking with a Hong Kong-based bank of Communications through a private account of ‘PROSPERITY REVENUE MERCHANDISING LIMITED’.
(now that doesn’t sound shady or tax dodging…)

Scheduled Hard Fork for Monero: Beryllium Bullet now available, transaction size reduced by 80%
(will expect to see a bit of volatility on XMR for a bit)

Binance Uganda to Begin Accepting Deposits in Ugandan Shilling, BTC and ETH
(when I see companies with exponential growth, sometimes I think they are biting off more than they can chew)

Ox (ZRX) Up 24% today since listing on Coinbase

Looks like the end of Trinity (TNC)

The “VeChain Tech Deep Dive Series - Session 1, Episode 2: Embedded System Introduction” is now released.

His Majesty King Harald V and Her Majesty Queen Sonja of Norway witnessed the signing ceremony of “DNV GL — VeChain Digital Low Carbon Ecosystem” in Beijing.
(the Royal Blockchain?)

DENT wireless plan on becoming world wide telco Q1 of 2019?

Cointext’s Bitcoin Cash via SMS Wallet Launched in Argentina and Turkey

Not BTC. Dash and Litecoin Are Seen As Major Competitors by Bitcoin Cash Community

New releases for UTRUST, CryptoTrust, TeslaCoin today

Cobinhood is listing XRP and NEM tomorrow

So, few to keep an eye on for a day trade, but otherwise business as usual in the Crypto space.

No Signs Of Brexit Fading As A Market Factor
Brexit Talks Stalled? Headlines from the EU Brexit Summit are suggesting that negotiations between the U.K. and EU are stalled. U.K. Prime Minister May has nothing new to offer Brussels and in fact might have already offered more than she can deliver, and the EU negotiating strategy now appears to be to let talks drag on indefinitely until the U.K. reconsiders and holds a new referendum that the EU feels would not be approved.

Greenback is Little Changed While Stocks Recover
Led by a dramatic recovery in US stocks, global equities are moving higher today. Before last weeks decline, the US stock market lacked breadth, but not only did the S&P 500 and NASDAQ post their biggest advance in several months, but the small-cap stocks in the Russell 2000 had their best day in a couple of years. Asian equities followed suit, with the main equity market in Japan, Australia, Korea, and Singapore rising more than one percent. The MSCI Asia Pacific Index rose in back-to-back sessions for the first time in nearly three weeks. Although the Shanghai Composite gains were not particularly large (~0.6%), the recovery from new four-year lows may have signaled a reversal.

EURO - Bullish - 43% Short (-2%)
GBP - Mixed - 42% Short (-2%)
JPY - Mixed - 42% Short (-3%)
XAU - Bearish - 19% Short (no change)
CAD - Bullish - 62% Short (+5%)
AUD - Bearish - 33% Short (+1%)
Bitcoin - Bearish - 16% Short (+1%)
Ethereum - Bearish - 8% Short (no change)
Ripple - Bearish - 4% Short (no change)
Litecoin - Bearish - 7% Short (+1%)

All the signals point to more sideways trading with a potential small downtick today.

We have a running joke here, Traders only work 4 days a week :stuck_out_tongue:

Stay Fishy


Any idea what time the futures contracts expire?


Fairly sure CBOE closes at 3pm Chicago time.

Stay Fishy


Morning all,

Seems we are sideways trading with the downtick as expected leading into the weekend.
BTC hovering over $6600 without too much volatility or shenanigans going on.

GVT still trading over $13.00, so still looking good for end of month.

Best trade for me yesterday was PIVX, which was sitting really quiet at its low, so I grabbed some, then in the afternoon, decided to surge over 20% when it got listed on Bithumb. I knew it was going to be listed and would likely have some uptick, didn’t expect that it would be so popular.

For Today:

U.S. Marshals to Auction $4.3 Million in Bitcoin Next Month

VERGE (A top 40 coin) has very low development updates and most updates are trivial stuff like documentation.
(but you can still use it on Pornhub, so is deserves to be in the Top 40 :stuck_out_tongue: )

Monero Hard Fork is now LIVE - Don’t forget to update your wallets & nodes!
(Also transactions are now 80% smaller due to the new tech)

Tron partners with Baidu (actually they didn’t, people are spreading rumors)

Waves Ecosystem Comes To Your Browser – Waves Platform
(the new updates look quite interesting)

VeChain was invited to present a Prototype to BMW in the ReadyGo programme

CyberMile’s new Mainnet is specifically tailored for e-commerce applications and has launched with 5miles, a popular peer-to-peer marketplace with more than 15 million existing users, committing to becoming the network’s first decentralized app

OMG Plasma Update #5: Team “Closest” To Completing Plasma Integration.

Ethereum is the 5th fastest growing open source project in all of Github

MakerDAO and POA Network Stealth Launch xDai Ethereum Sidechain

Happy Birthday NEO - 2 years now! time flies.

Margin Trading will be available on Oct 19th on Cobinhood

ICON (ICX) Reveals Its Close Relationship With the South Korean Government
(conspiracy anyone?)

RavenCoin. Welcome into the top 100.

ZCash (ZEC) overtakes Dogecoin (DOGE) to claim the 20th spot

Amazon Web Services Partners Up with QTUM in China

Yes, you heard that right, Amazon chose QTUM over NEO!
(and you all thought I was crazy that I was calling QTUM the major competitor to NEO)

Brextention? Cable Bides its Time
Cable continued to hug the 1.3100 mark as the wrangling in Brussels persisted. PM May suggested that the transition period to Brexit could be extended by a few months in order to negotiate a deal, but so far parties appear far apart on key issues of Irish border and customs union. On the eco front, UK Retail Sales missed badly coming in at -0.8% versus -0.4% as the consumer ardor post World Cup died down.

Meanwhile, in Australia, the employment data continued to show underlying strength. Full-time jobs rose by 21K while the unemployment rate dipped to 5.0%.

Asian equities were lower, led by a nearly 3% drop in Shanghai, while European shares shrugged it off and the Dow Jones Stoxx 600 is up about 0.4% in late morning turnover. The S&P 500 is off by about 0.25%. Global bond yields were dragged higher by US Treasuries where the 10-year yield is straddling 3.20% after rising four basis points yesterday. The dollar is narrowly mixed (sideways).

The US did not cite China as a currency manipulator in the Treasury’s semi-annual report. Although much ink was spilled as nearly all observers agreed that China’s currency management did not reach the threshold of manipulation. Take a step back and consider macro-developments for China in recent years. The current account surplus has been dramatically reduced and in fact, China recorded a current account deficit in H1 18. The currency has appreciated by nearly a third in real terms. In recent years, its reserves have fallen by a trillion dollars. China’s economy has definitely slowed.

EURO - Bearish - 42% Short (-1%) (3 days in a row EURO goes long, a reversal is due)
GBP - Mixed - 35% Short (-7%) (looking bullish on GBP)
JPY - Mixed - 44% Short (+2%)
XAU - Bearish - 19% Short (no change)
CAD - Bullish - 64% Short (+2%)
AUD - Bearish - 35% Short (+2%) (employment data good, AUD still dropping)
Bitcoin - Bearish - 16% Short (no change)
Ethereum - Bearish - 8% Short (no change)
Ripple - Bearish - 4% Short (no change)
Litecoin - Bearish - 6% Short (-1%)

All the signals point to more sideways trading with a potential small downtick today.

Stay Fishy


How about that MakerDAO (MKR) Mike,hodl any? BAT is looking good as a long term Hodl,I’m adding it to my positions.


Wonder if Petah has the scoop on this? Or maybe Petah is Korean Government too?



Mike, any particular reason you believed TNC is done for ?? Or do you mean TNC has hit bottom ?? (Asking for a friend)


For the comments.

MRK - I dont hold any, but it seems to be holding out ok compared to other projects. Being able to weather to storms is half the battle. I do hold some BAT, not a lot, but I like the project and if it can hang in there, could be a good one later on.

ICON - I was joking about the conspiracy part, they are working with the Korean Govt on regulation stuff mostly for tokens which could be integrated with ICON or possible launch on ICON.

TNC has really hit the lows, if they don’t pull out some magic soon, could be another one on the list at deadcoins.com

It has been an especially trying year for all the projects, the ones that can get through this and are still around afterwards, have some serious experience under the belts to go forward in the future.

Stay Fishy


Morning all,

BTC had a nice consolidation over the weekend to around $6500 and looks like it will likely trade between $6600 and $6800 this week unless some shenanigans goes on or we have a nice breakout. Though, I would not expect a breakout until next week when Futures for CME are due.

Looking at the contracts for the Futures, it is really 50/50 at the moment, so shall need to keep an eye on how many shorts are bought or sold.

QTUM performing quite well since last Friday, I am happy about that.
GVT is now at $14.12 and still looking good for end of month.
And how about that RavenCoin? is keeps on going up and has been great trades for me along its path so far. I’m kinda of wondering how long it can keep it up, but I bet all the miners are happy.

Talking of which, since Monero hard forked and all the miners needed to update, the hash rate has fallen a bit so the rewards are up. Compiling the new code was a bit of a pain, had to upgrade to gcc-8 to get it to compile right.

Lets get into it, for Today:

$184 million ETH transfer for $0.06 cents
(how’s that for efficient transfer of value, plus it was completed in minutes)

First Payment for a meal through MAN Token in Kurdistan
(not quite what Matrix AI Network was intended for…)

XRP can now be used as collateral for $2 million instant loans

“The reasons I started investing in Bitcoin in 2011 are the exact same reasons I’m investing in Bitcoin Cash today.” - Roger Ver
(to be honest, there is room for both if there was efficient means of switching between them, maybe something they could build and make the project have some real merit)

Dogecoin Adoption Continues - DOGE (The Most Valuable Joke Of All Times) Added to Salt Lending Platform
(I didn’t know the inventor of DOGE is a guy I have met and works for Adobe in Australia)

Cardano’s Project Icarus Passes Security Audit, Development as Usual Despite Split from Cardano Foundation

Stellar Lumens (XLM) ecosystem keeps growing - new FDIC insured stablecoin TokenX launched on Stellar network

Some Positive NEO ICO News: Spotcoin Hits Soft Cap Ahead of Tokensale

BAT Surges Over 11% On Announcement of Updated Brave Browser Which is Up to 22% Faster

Should expect things to be reasonably quiet this week, all the releases, announcements of partnerships, conferences and so on are all next week for End of Month.

On to Forex:
Week ahead:
USD: stats for the week ahead include prelim October private sector PMI and September new home sales figures on Wednesday, September durable goods, trade data and pending home sales figures on Thursday, ahead of finalized October consumer sentiment numbers and the all-important 3 rd quarter GDP numbers on Friday
EURO: stats are on the heavier side and include consumer confidence figures on Tuesday, prelim October private sector PMI numbers on Wednesday and consumer and business confidence figures on Thursday, with the stats likely to have a material impact on the EUR ahead of Thursday’s ECB monetary policy decision and all-important press conference.
GBP: stats are on the lighter side, October CBI Industrial Trend Orders on Tuesday likely to have some influence, though it will ultimately boil down to Brexit chatter through the week, UK gross mortgage approval numbers on Wednesday unlikely to impact.
CAD: economic data is limited to August wholesale sales figures that will provide some direction, though focus will be on Wednesday’s BoC policy decision and press conference.
AUD: with no material stats scheduled for release through the week, the RBA’s Debelle, Boulton and Bullock are scheduled to speak in the early part of the week, any policy chatter to provide direction. The Aussie Dollar will ultimately be in the hands of market sentiment.
JPY: key stats through the week are limited to October’s Tokyo inflation numbers that are unlikely to have a material influence on the Yen on Friday, with market risk sentiment to provide direction, geo-politics continuing to plague the markets as the U.S mid-terms approach.
China Yuan: there are no material stats scheduled for release to influence the markets through the week, leaving the ongoing trade war with the U.S and the direction of the Yuan to play a hand in market risk appetite.

EURO - Mixed - 44% Short (+2%) (the expected reversal is today)
GBP - Bearish - 32% Short (-3%)
JPY - Mixed - 47% Short (+3%)
XAU - Bearish - (no data as contracts finished)
CAD - Bullish - 66% Short (+2%)
AUD - Bearish - 35% Short (no change)
Bitcoin - Bearish - 17% Short (+1%)
Ethereum - Bearish - 8% Short (no change)
Ripple - Bearish - 4% Short (no change)
Litecoin - Bearish -7% Short (+1%)

Only this week and half of next week for the contracts, not much change, so we should expect more sideways trading. Given how quiet it is, it would be expected to see reasonably low volume as well, so I’m suggesting we might see some uptick until Thursday, then consolidation again Friday and over the weekend provided no shenanigans like Tether re-appear.

Stay Fishy


This is a new long term Hodl of mine,gotta love the steady development and real world use and adoption.

XRP seems to be getting adopted much faster than the price reflects.

Isn’t Stellar Lumens inherently inflationary?


Yes. It’s a “feature”.


What about RVN?
Want to hear professional opinion about this coin and recent pump.

  • Owner of Overstock put some funding behind it.
  • Minable.
  • Downloadable wallet.
  • Binance listing.
  • Mainnet launch Oct 31st

Worth a look at. (always do your own research).


Morning all,

BTC is sideways trading between $6500 and $6700, which is actually less than I expected. Was hoping it could hold over $6600 until at least late Wednesday, but that may not be the case due to the low volume being traded lately.

QTUM consolidated a little, but is still looking good.
GVT is now $15.01 and still performing well.
RavenCoin still seems to be holding its own for now, but given it has almost 3x, it really is due for some consolidation.
ICX is down and seems to struggle with volume lately, so currently $0.69, but struggles to maintain more than $0.65, really needs more volume, but it is indeed quiet as I expected.

For those trading the alts, keep an eye on volume, this is you main signal during a quiet period.

For Today:
Monero Fees Fall to Almost Zero After ‘Bulletproofs’ Upgrade

The “VeChain Tech Deep Dive Series - Session 1, Episode 4: Introduction to Sensor and Smart Chips” is now released.

Ravencoin Spikes Again Ahead Mainnet for Assets Launch, (RVN) 300% Up In One Month

MCO Visa Cards to Begin Shipping in Singapore

Litecoin [LTC] Fees Will Be Slashed by Up to 90% With Upcoming Core Update

$183 Million in Ethereum Moved With $0.06 Fee Instantaneously, Better Than Banks

Ambrosus joins united nations sponsored ‘One Planet Network’ and establishes partnerships with Blendhub and Flatev to drive sustainability and transparency in the food supply chain

Tether Dominance Demolished By New Stablecoins, Now At 3-Year Low

Bitmain enables the controversial “Overt AsicBoost” feature in it’s latest firmware for the Antminer S9. Allegedly can save 13% in power making merged mining BTC/ELA more profitable

ChainLink and Web3 Foundation announce partnership to create an implementation for the Polkadot project.

Linda and NulleX has now entered into a new partnership

Binance raffles off 37,000 BNB tokens for the best trading strategy

So for the Crypto market, due to how quiet the trading has been and the low volumes, probably more sideways trading without much hope of any breakout unless something unusual happens.

Chinese Equities Pop, Global Markets Brace For Earnings
The developing trade war between the US and China has created turmoil in emerging markets, most noticeably in the form of a sell-off of the Chinese stock market and currency. The longer it lasts the more damage will be done, and that will have longer-term implications. A longer trade war may also trigger a domino effect through other parts of the global economy.

USD - US yields have rocketed higher in early October, with the whole yield curve pushing to new multi-year highs. The 10-year yield flew to fresh 7-year highs, while the 30-year yield was at levels last seen in September 2014. The economic momentum in the US seems to be accelerating further, despite some missing data and the latest ISM surveys, which show that managers are still overly optimistic about future economic prospects. Moreover, the Federal Reserve appears ready to hike rates in December and to continue to raise the rates at least three times in 2019.

EURO - Mixed - 39% Short (-5%) (reversal in progress)
GBP - Bearish - 29% Short (-3%)
JPY - Mixed - 46% Short (-1%)
XAU - Bearish - 16% Short (new contracts going long on Gold due to trade war)
CAD - Bullish - 66% Short (no change)
AUD - Bearish - 33% Short (-2%) (AUD might see a little more reprieve from the lows)
Bitcoin - Bearish - 17% Short (no change)
Ethereum - Bearish - 8% Short (no change)
Ripple - Bearish - 4% Short (no change)
Litecoin - Bearish -7% Short (no change)

No change on the crypto futures, so more sideways trading. With the low volume though, we may still see some more downtick.

Also, the final key indicator for me is my Bot :stuck_out_tongue:

With low volume and low volatility, the bot struggles to pull in the revenue LOL

Stay Fishy