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Cant thank you enough for your Priceless Knowledge Oldmate…


Hi Scraggy,

Yes I know what you mean with trailing stops, that would be an awesome feature.
However, looking at job postings they have done, suggests they may be doing algorithmic trading at some point in the future. Hopefully it might be equivalent to:

FXPro is actually a good platform for trading Forex, if you get into it (don’t mean to advertise them and there is plenty of others that are equally as good, but their tool sets are pretty awesome for programmers).

You can get Volume charts for almost any trading pair on Forex platforms.

Not sure about anyone having to buy BTC just to attract anything, but have noticed several Forex platforms are now offering BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH and XRP if you look around. I’m sure they are CFD’s though, which is not so great for Crypto in my humble opinion, but you go with the flow… for now.

As the “old boys” fade to old school, the newer generations that grow up with Crypto as being normal, will be the change that likely yet to come (and CFD’s might fade to old school as well), which would be awesome.

Time will tell… in the mean time, we must…

Stay Fishy


I looked quickly at Product#3 that Substratum is announcing very shortly, also looked at the price action on Binance, I think I might miss the action as it will be when I’m asleep as there is no action right now.

Will see if I can re-cap it in the morning and see if anything came of it, the marketing hasn’t been that great from them. If I wake up and it’s 4x though, I’d be very surprised, but also a little upset I’m too old to stay up all night :joy:

Stay Fishy


Well Morning all,

Substratum announcement in 45mins, will be interesting.

SUB is up 6-7% on the BTC trading pair, so there is a small amount of hype, but not a 4x, so I feel better about it :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, todays items:

IOTA: Fujitsu officially states intention to “roll out IOTA as the new protocol standard [for IOT]”

LTC: Litecoin creator Charlie Lee says he will never buy back his Litecoins (yeah… right…)

Ripple Not Included: New Morgan Creek Fund Excludes Pre-Mined Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin.com CEO: Bitcoin Cash is a Better Investment Than Bitcoin (of course he has to say that lol, doesn’t mean he is right)

ETH: Elon Musk FOMO’ing on ETH - Twitter quote: “At this point, I want ETH even if it is a scam”

EOS: EOS gets slammed with RAM error, apps go offline!?

XTRABYTES: XBY Update From CEO - Patent Near Completion

Dash partners with Kripto Mobile, price rises by over 20% - Dash still has issues though.

GVT: Genesis Vision - A Decentralized Platform for Trust Management. Genesis Vision CEO Ruslan Kamenskiy posts new marketing material and the GVT position and target markets. The niche they are after is large, I wish them well.

VeChain (VET) - National Level Partnership in China update
(Translation wasn’t the best, but gives you an idea of what is going on)

Kucoin Shares Official Announcement - Extending lock up period for additional year

Reflex: FLC Group and Relex exploring construction of joint yacht port in Vietnam
(Can’t build a good blockchain project? Use your ICO funds to make a berth instead!)

Lastly, since I know many here HODL ICON, be aware of the Iconclassic scam: https://iconclassic.net/
This really looks scammy at all levels, not good for ICON’s image, but also means ICON is big enough now that they are getting more attention, even if it is not wanted attention.

EURO/USD - weak volume puts EURO at risk of further drops

USD Price Action Setups as USD Tests Through Support. The USD is forming a very strong pattern of continued bullish action on the horizon.

USD/JPY - mixed sentiment and weak volumes point to more downside for Japan.

USD/CAD - the stock market action in Canada out-performed Wall St which drove the CAD up a few points, but sentiment on the Canadian economic outlook is very mixed and trade has lower volume than normal. Could go either way, but likely to hold until end of month.

Not much else today, shorts on JPY, GBP and EURO.

However, now I finished writing this, Substratum is on a bullish run! Announcement in 15mins, going to go watch it.

Edit: 5 mins to announcement, SUB is now up 15%

Edit 2: during the announcement, SUB totally dumped on the market (now at a -10% ish)
The product suite is interesting, the fiat/crypto bridge looks good. Maybe more a long term HODL for now and lacks partnerships to be honest. But the market spoke up, it had a large volume dump.


Stay Fishy


Morning all,

Futures end date tomorrow and BTC hovering at $7k. So either there is going to be a fairly large dump to get the price below the Shorters bet, or there is going to be a breakout. Could go either way, so shall be yet another interesting weekend.

Bitcoin Accepted [Everyw]here: Square Wins Patent for Cryptocurrency Payment Network
Bitcoin Climbs Up Over $7,000! Are We Breaking Out Of The Crypto Bear Market Of 2018?
Bitcoin Crosses $7000 In A Bullish Run, Hashrate Increases 35% In 2 Days

Given this news, the Shorters could be on the loosing team as the retail investors jump in. I do believe we could be looking at a breakout.

You can now buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin on Yahoo Finance!

Billions Worth of XRP Transferred in Seconds, Fees Less Than a Penny – Is Ripple the Big Fish?

Monero is the Sort of Coin Satoshi Visualized

Going to say, Monero surprises me often, it has good volatility without being dumped as much as others.
It’s still one of the easier CDA’s to trade with easy gains to be made.

EOS dapps have bigger transaction volumes than ETH dapps

Nano is now being advertised on YouTube (may attract more retail investors)

New Crypto Index Fund Leaves out XRP, IOTA and Other High Value Assets - BTCWires

Bittrex plans to add Cardano (ADA) and Zcash (ZEC) USD trading pairs

UTRUM: Why did we choose Komodo over Ethereum and Neo?
(Utrum is a new platform that rewards members for Crypto Reviews, Analysis and Market Predictions)

Lisk Core 1.0 goes live to Mainnet!
(Good news for Lisk, but price action hasn’t matched, volume still very low)


EUR/USD Resilience Accompanied by Shift in Retail Sentiment
GBP/USD Jumps 1% - Is 1.32 Next? (Yeah, I lost money on shorting GBP yesterday, can never tell which way things can go)
USD/CAD Rate Risks Larger Rebound as Bearish Sequence Snaps (surprisingly, all indicators were looking like a longer bearish market on CAD, but again, surprises happen)
USD/JPY Four-Hour Price Chart is showing a reversal finally. Japan has had the raw end of the stick this month, so hopefully there will be a recovery.

OIL: First Delivery Through China’s Oil Futures Set For September, suspect Oil will go up.
Gold: Mean-Reversion In Gold To Boost Prices To Nearly $1,400 (estimated) - bears have lost their grip and Gold is looking Bullish again.

And finally on CNN (Charlie!)

Stay Fishy


I knew you would finally include my beloved KMD… :joy:
I reckon Im the only fella left holding the stuff!
Thanks…made my day!


Nice, KMD went from $1.24 to $1.33 before pulling back to $1.30, might be more interesting next week on this one.

Todays Items:

D-Day on CME Futures, will BTC rally or will the Shorters push the price down? BTC hovering around the $7k mark still, so today will be crunch day with $89,145,000 in Shorters on the line with a potential 10% loss on the plate. Possibly one of pivotal points of the year and there is a 63% increase in chatter on Bitcoin.

Stellar: IBM Blockchain World Wire - Redefining access to money for people and businesses everywhere. IBM Blockchain World Wire can change the payments landscape.
" With annual growth expected to average 7%, the payments industry is expected to be a $2-trillion-dollar industry by 2020."

Yahoo Finance starts crypto trading with BTC, ETH and LTC (Yahoo Finance marketing is up a significant amount with Crypto in the highlights, which is most interesting as it will bring in more retail investors)

NANO: Community outreach effort to Venezuela project.

LTC: Litecoin (linked w/ Bitcoin) Used as Currency SOON! (Bix Weir)

IOTA: Coordinator-less IOTA? Conceptual work for Nelson 2.0 (better security, clustering + many other improvements) and Coo-less consensus in a low-hashed network is done. Next step: finishing PoC, simulations, tests.

Enigma Announces Eight Launch Partners using “Secret Contracts”

LSK: Lisk successfully completes the Lisk Core 1.0 Mainnet migration

XRP: Jed MacCaleb XRP Liquidation Open Doors for Massive Institutional Investment in Ripple Net and XRP

SWARM: BitTorrent app will soon be paying its users directly in cryptocurrency to seed files, lending bandwidth to the swarm in exchange for cryptocurrency.

Satis Group Crypto Valuation: Predict BTC at $96K, XMR at $18K, XRP at $0.01 and BCH at $268 over the next 5 years - aww poor XRP lolz

NULS: NULS Modular Infrastructure Advantages - was there for a moment, then the news item was removed, I believe it could be going through some editing.

IoTeX releases Testnet Beta (Epik) – Code batch includes Roll-DPoS consensus, candidate voting, smart contract management and more.

DOGE: Dogecoin developers to release Dogethereum bridge on Sep 5 :tada:

ICON: Jeju Governor meets with ICON Council, ICON Accelerator Deblock, and ICON Dapp Projects

Elastos 1 Year Anniversary Video: Cyber Republic Community Gets 16.5 Million $ELA To Build dAPPS (CR100), Token Burn, Smartweb Alpha and more.

EOS dApps see $10m more transaction volume than Ethereum in last 7 days

DAI: Delisting DAI/ETH Traiding Pair From DDEX (is the DAI going full Llama?)

EMC2: Lightning Network on EMC2 Mainnet today

ClearPoll (POLL) https://clearpoll.com/ launch in 5 hrs.

US Dollar Price Action Setups as End of Summer Trading Nears
NZD/USD Outlook Mired by Failure to Break Channel Resistance
GBP/USD: 4-Month Extreme in Long Positions Prompt a Bullish Bias
USD/CAD Rebounds From Channel Support as Canada GDP Disappoints
EUR/CHF Price Dropping Towards Critical Support Level
EUR, CAD and NZD Suffer while USD Gains

Gold: Change in Net Long positions puts bullish action on Gold. Retail trader data shows 81.6% of traders are net-long.

Looks like most of Europe is potentially heading into a mini-recession, hence the moves into Gold.

Stay Fishy


I’m not sure the futures is gunna hit that level… we shall see…


Have to love the Dogetherum though :explopants:


Stay Fishy


Undervalued Cryptocurrencies: Ontology, ICON, Monero, NEO Gas, Enigma, Binance Coin.

I agree and would add 0x and Nano to the list,by the way,where do you suggest storing ONT?


I believe Ledger supports it:

But I’m just using the O3 Wallet atm.


Stay Fishy


@Mike_Fishy do offer a course on trading crypto ? Are you on twitter ?


He should if he doesn’t


He has enough to do already… I dont know if he even gets time for the sake tasting on an evening…
One of the pubs greatest assets for sure…


Forget the trading course. Just get them bots running as a service so we can all get to the business of filling and setting aside trezors like Pez candy dispensers.


Even better! I second that motion


Definitely one of the pubs greatest assets. Although it would be nice to hear from him as to what he can handle…


RELEASE the Bots…!!!


Monday Morning here, nice to see the weekend went as planned.

I do not offer courses on Crypto, Peter’s B90x is more than sufficient and there is plenty of other resources for Forex trading which is quite similar. You may also like to read my Bot post on How you can Trade like a bot. I mostly just show you habits and practises of long time traders to help you form the right habits. Bots have their place, but to be honest, a human trader can outperform most bots anyway.

The first important part of today is Futures:

The totals for Reportable contracts this month is:
1,981 long
2,510 short

Non-Reportable is
859 Long
330 short

This gives us a complete total of:
2840 Long
2840 Short

I found this to be quite unusual, normally there will be a difference, this month is a “cancel out” as it is exactly 50/50. The number of small positions is very bullish on long, which suggests the smaller investors believe Bitcoin will rally, while larger Commercial investors are still mostly going short. I suspect there will be some sideways trading action on Bitcoin, which is good for traders and also good for the Crypto market, as some small amount of stability will peak the attention of those on the side lines.

All in all, this looks positive, but as always, could go either way, we shall see how it plays out over the next two weeks.

Bitcoin Cash hits record 2 million transactions in last 24 hours
(I suspect the BCH hodlers might be doing some pumping due to last weeks news of how dead the volume was)

The IOTA project, which has for some time now been associated with the automobile industry, is set to launch its first working product in collaboration with Volkswagen in Q1 2019. The product, called Digital CarPass

People’s Insurance Company of China (PICC), one of the largest insurers globally with $126 billion total assets is opting to embrace blockchain technology with the help of DNV GL and VeChain

IoTeX’s Charity Program has already funded the likes of the Ethereum Foundation

It’s Official: Dogecoin Has Just Kicked off Altcoin Season. Doge somehow managed to post gains of more than +175% in the past three days alone and now has a market cap of more than $684 million placing it 21st in overall market cap. Wow!

Vertcoin community get’s it’s own fully compliant USD exchange.

New USD Crypto Futures Bring Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, XRP and Litecoin to Institutional Investors. Crypto Facilities first started dealing in crypto derivatives back in 2016, and is regulated by the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority.

Lisk Core v.1.0.2 deployment September 2nd, brings a bunch of fixes, looks good.

VIT: Vice Industry Token Platform Launch September 5th.

SUB: Substratum still hitting lows even after the product#3 launch. I watched the launch, the 3 products are basically Node, CryptoPay and Amplify. Time will tell, but if things don’t start progressing faster, their ICO funds will run out.

This is actually a good conversation piece. Were many of the “smaller” ICO’s done too soon? Will they run out of money and fade to dust before they can achieve mass adoption?

US Dollar Aims Higher on Haven Demand, Yield Appeal. (You know, there is only so long anything can rally for, at some point there will be a correction).

USD/JPY more bearish sentiment on Japan. The Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) for Japan is due today, traders seem to think numbers will be not so great.

Euro Holds Monthly Support But Deeper Losses Likely Ahead

Yuan Under Pressure on Resumed Trade War, Eyes on PBOC for Key Level

Argentine Peso and Turkish Lira Frighten the Markets. The central bank of Argentina raised the interest rate from appalling 45% to unimaginable 60% :zipper_mouth_face:

The Company Gross Operating Profits released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics could bring more pressure to the already falling AUD. (I might live here, doesn’t mean I HODL it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Korean CPI: Consumer Price Index released by the National Statistical Office is also due today… The purchase power of the Won may be dragged down by inflation.

The CPI is a key indicator to measure inflation and changes in purchasing trends. Generally speaking, a high reading is seen as positive (or bullish), while a low reading is seen as negative (or bearish).

The Caixin China Manufacturing PMI also due today, will probably be “doctored” (though we can’t say that out loud) and will likely bring more trading pressure on the Yuan as normal.

Just remember, predicable things can be used to your advantage.

Stay Fishy


Morning all,

Things still going to plan so far with Bitcoin up, but next week will be the interesting part, will it continue to hold this level, or will the Commercial shorters bring it back down to curb insurance claims?

Moving on to today’s items of interest.

Bitcoin Rises 9% in a Week touching $7,300, Rampant Shorts Might take it even Higher
During the weekend, Saturday shows the Bitcoin short positions amount to ₿10,000. The shorts keep on rising and hitting a new high. On Sunday, this further rose to ₿12,000 in a few hours. However, the possibility is as Bitcoin nears the resistance line, traders are anticipating a dump. Though it remains to be seen if these shorts will win, this can turn out to be in favour of bitcoin price as well. As traders close short positions meaning buy Bitcoin, the price can also take a hike.

Walmart selling Bitcoin candy - looks yummy. Good marketing though.

Verge: XVG spiked 30% then had a correction, rumors of new partnerships other than MindGeek and Pronhub.

Vechain CEO, Sunny Lu, to speak at BYD Conference about blockchain technology in smart car applications on September 5th

Holo has a volume of 44k eth double from yesterday. Mainnet live this fall. This project isn’t run on blockchain but they believe they will replace it (will they? - Rule #1 - What goes up …)

40,000,000 USDT just got sent from Tether reserve to Bitfinex (again…)

Bittrex Delists Bitcoin Gold, BTC-BTG, ETH-BTG And USDT-BTG To Be Removed On September 14th, 2018 (oh the rise and fall of the clones)

IOTA’s Partnership with Volkswagen steps up a notch as the pair announce they will launch blockchain cars by 2019!

Ripple Accelerates Network Expansion and XRP Adoption

First million transactions, customers live on Factom Mainnet with more to come

IBMs MOBI adds another blockchain project to its ecosystem of partners. Constellations new white paper has just now outlined it’s acceptance into the consortium of MOBI.

Change.org Petition Wants to See Dogecoin Accepted on Amazon - much wow!

Metal: MTL is launching their iPhone app “Metal Pay” this month in 39 US states. CEO drops plans for suite of financial/crypto apps.

World Blockchain Forum in London, United Kingdom - today, should be some interesting news to come out later.

Global Blockchain Conference - Berlin - September 6th https://www.dezentral.io/
(even more interesting news to come later this week)

AUD testing short term resistance level, bears are winning AUD to probably dump more. (again, I might live here, but I dumped that shtcoin) - Reserve Bank of Australia will announce interest rate decision at 2:30pm today. Likely to not change due to AUD falls.

GBP plunges, more shorting GBP to make my loss back :slight_smile:
UK Week Ahead: Renewed Brexit Fears Weigh on Sterling

Markets Under Pressure on Fears of US-China Trade War Escalation, A Busy Week Ahead

Most Asian Stocks Sink Again, Trade Headlines Still Drive Action

ASEAN Weekly Outlook - Rupiah, Asia Financial Crisis, Trade Wars, US Tariffs, Philippine CPI - Asia Financial Crisis Lows, Emerging Markets May Lift USD

USD holding it’s new found high, looks very strong once again and likely to break through resistance levels. Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) due today at 1:45pm East US. A value over 50 will continue to push the USD higher and is likely.

Todays Shorters: 58% EURO and 72% SPX500. JPY and Gold also displaying bearish sentiment.

Stay Fishy