Mike Fishy Traders Summary


Completed a nice trade on XMR yesterday, good times :sunglasses:

For today:

Bitcoin Indicator Turns Bullish for First Time in 8 Months
Dormant $800m Bitcoin Wallet Suddenly Sees Activity

WaltonChain 2.0 Whitepaper, Full of technical details

Sunny Lu (VeChain) will be speaking at BYD’s World Wide Development Meet today
Former Director of Marketing for Twitch Joins Vechain

RAM It All: Rising Costs Are Turning EOS Into a Crypto Coder’s Nightmare
(EOS fees for memory usage is a bit insane IMHO)

Dominik Schiener (IOTA) will be speaking at Germany’s major economic summit
(”Wirtschaftsgipfel 2018”)

Monero Gains 20% This Week as Satis Report Injects Bullish Sentiment
(Yup, I got that one - woot!)

Bitcoin Cash Gains 14% as Stress Test Hits Transaction Record
The test consisted of injecting 2.1 million transactions on the BCH network within one day.
Such large blocks though would lead to a 1.6TB chain growth per year, which is probably ok.

XRP is Used to Move Funds in 50 Countries by Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group

Tron: Neo’s Failed $170 Million Bid to Buy BitTorrent Revealed (somewhat fishy)
Tron Surpasses EOS in Number of Accounts in Just 71 Days Since MainNet Launch

NEO 3.0 - NEO - Trinity launches ETH-based state channels and simple node deployment registration

Litecoin Price Nears $70 to Hit One-Month High

Credits (CS) and Lenovo are about to join forces enhancing the Internet of Things
(IBM making some serious moves and partnerships in the blockchain space and while technically Lenovo is a split company from IBM, IBM still holds a large interest - need to keep a closer eye on IBM, they seem to be gearing up for something big).

Bittrex to Delist Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Amid Compensation Dispute Over $18M Hack

NAV: NavCoin Core v.4.3.0 release today

NEO Cyberjaya Meetup, Malaysia today - surprising amount of higher profile business people attending.

Bitcoin Core v.0.17.0
There are indications that next major upgrade (to version 0.17.0) will now include a new language for crypto keys. The new version, which is currently being tested, is expected to be released on September 8th.

USD Sentiment now considered to be at extreme level (ie: FOMO) with the largest number of US Dollar bulls in 52-weeks! Dire Emerging Market headlines tend to align with a strengthening US Dollar.

USD Rally Bolstered by Highest US ISM Manufacturing Figure Since 2004.

USD/CNY – Trump Era Wakes Up a Sleeping Giant
The Yuan has historically not been a popular trading currency amongst Forex traders. There are several reasons for this. The Yuan is a managed currency, and the central bank has always tried to maintain a stable exchange rate. That means relatively little volatility (not great for trading) and uncertainty over what the central bank may do (not great for trading). Liquidity has generally been a problem for the pair. However, this may be changing. Firstly, more Forex traders now have access to platforms allowing them to trade the Yuan. Secondly, we are seeing stronger trends lasting longer.

Gold Price Bounce Over? Investors move monies out of Gold and into USD, surprise?

Crude oil is breaking resistance from July. Oil likely to go up.

Average Sentiment for today
USD - Bullish
EURO - Bearish
GBP - Bearish
JPY - finally not so bearish, could be a bounce?
XAU - Bearish
SPX500 - Bearish again

For most of the crypto market, looks to be mostly sideways action as planned :sunglasses:

Stay Fishy


Morning all,

Market going through a consolidation, which looks to be healthy so far.

Bitcoin Rapidly Gaining Popularity In Countries With Failing Currencies

VET: BYD, One of the Largest Chinese Car Brands and World’s Top Selling Plug-In Electric Car Manufacturer, Is Further Tackling Carbon Emission Imbalances by Partnering with DNV GL and VeChain, Completing Blockchain Based Proof of Concept and is Mass-Production Ready

Ethereum is being attacked with the exact same playbook used on IOTA

TransferGo introduces “TransferGo Now” which uses Ripple Solutions to move Funds from Europe to India

The IOTA Foundation has been invited to participate in a discussion panel during the annual economic summit hosted by Süddeutsche Zeitung in November

Smart Contracts are coming to Waves MainNet on 10th September

GBP/USD Roiled by Brexit Headlines: The Only Certainty is Uncertainty…

USD/CNH Stays Elevated as Markets Await Next Shots in Trade War

EUR/USD Risks Larger Advance as String of Lower-Highs Snap

Signals show:
EURO - Bearish
GBP - Bearish
JPY - Indecision
XAU - Bearish
Bitcoin - Bearish
SPX500 - Bearish

Shorts on everything! LOL

Stay Fishy


XRP at $0.01


Morning all,

Shorting done, nice 13.7% more BTC for me \o/

Looks like it should have a small recovery, then probably go flat or at least quiet over the weekend.

Love it when a plan comes together.

For today:

Bitcoin Core v.0.17.0 still on schedule for tomorrow

Goldman Sachs Caused The Markets To Drop Just Days After A Mystery 10,000 BTC Short Position Was Opened (really? lol)

Vitalik Buterin: “Every Present-Day” Blockchain sucks (even BTC and ETH). PoS is Necesary
(You know, the foundation should really distance themselves from that dolt)

BYD says Vechain will handle data for “millions of [electric] cars, buses and trains”

Ripple Reveals It Has Now Signed More Than 100 Production Contracts

Tripple Treat from Waves:
Waves set to smash blockchain throughput record
Waves announces a reward program for developers!
Waves Platform Enhances Security With Ledger Integration

NANO bounced off its 100 Day Moving Average

ENGIE Lab CRIGEN and the IOTA Foundation to drive DLT innovation in the smart energy ecosystem

Crypto Analyst Tom Lee: Bitcoin Dip Triggers ‘Tactically Positive’ Signal for Ethereum, XRP, EOS, Stellar and the Alts
(while I don’t often agree with Tom Lee, his short term insights are often right)

LogisCoin (LGS) listing on Cryptopia (will probably dump, shall see how it goes)

BTI (Bitcoin Interest) Hard Fork and YouTube live stream today

AION - Airdrop on September 10th.

AUD/USD Holds Narrow Range Despite Rising Australia Mortgage Rates
(Sell that AUD shtcoin! - lol)

USD/JPY - Traders Remain Net-Long. 51.2% of traders are net-long with the ratio of traders long to short at 1.05 to 1. The percentage of traders net-long is now its lowest since Aug 28 when USDJPY traded near 111.165.

(I really do think the USD/JPY rates affect Bitcoin prices, Japan is very active with Bitcoin and equates to around 40% of Bitcoin transactions daily - so when the Yen struggles - where do Japanese Investors look?).

S&P 500 Trader Sentiment Warns of a Reversal

Average Sentiment for today
USD - Bullish
EURO - Bearish
GBP - Bearish
JPY - Bearish again…
XAU - Bearish
SPX500 - Bearish again…

Shorts on everything again LOL

Stay Fishy


Shorts done, buying up all them Bitcoin again \o/

Stay Fishy


Morning all,

Todays items of interest:

Ethereum Falls to $185: What’s Causing ETH to Drop Harder Than Other Cryptos?

Bitcoin Superstore: Nano most use altcoin for purchases

Chinese Traders are Still Investing in Bitcoin by Exploiting Crypto Ban

EOS peaked again at 400K real daily transactions (spam muted) this week. The trend shows a nice upwards slope!

Ripple Co-founder fighting claims that XRP is centralized
Ripple’s General Counsel Leaves Company

Cardano (ADA) ATMs coming to Japan

The Monero Moon – A new curated weekly newsletter regarding all things Monero (Issue 1 available now)

Dogecoin the only one in TOP30 with significant gains in the last 7 days

Waves: Smart Contracts release is today

AION - Airdrop is today

Bitcoin Gold - Bittrex delisting of BTG on Thursday

Ontology (ONT) September 16th in Singapore and September 18th in Bali to announce all the updates being done.

Genesis Vision (GVT) Application release Beta (either late this week or next week)

Grid Platform release next week

Monero Web Site release and updated Roadmap next week

Weekly Technical Forecast: EURUSD Awaits Its Break Cue while Aussie and Equities Continue Their Slide

CAD Rate Forecast: Loonie Awaits NAFTA Outcome for Direction - Canadian Dollar Awaits NAFTA Outcome, Widening US-Canadian 2yr Spreads Pushes USDCAD to Better Levels

GBPUSD Weekly Technical Outlook: Continuing to Press Higher - Three higher lows on the daily chart gives Sterling bulls hope.

Euro Forecast: ECB Meeting Eyed, Even if Policy is on Preset Course - The Euro finished in the middle of the pack last week, with EUR/JPY, EUR/USD, and EUR/CHF leading to the downside - a sign that risk appetite is deteriorating.

Today’s Gold Rush is Looking Rather Green - As the US economy grows at the fastest pace in decades, unemployment has dropped to the lowest level since the beginning of the millennium. With growth forecast to carry on throughout next year, fuelled to some extent by a fiscal reform introduced by President Trump, the Federal Reserve has signaled that several more interest rate hikes are on the cards.

USD/JPY Weekly Technical Perspective: Dollar Bulls Poised to Take Over - Bulls resisted a break below the March trend line on Thursday and Friday despite significant fundamental developments. The trend line offers bulls an entry point to try and push higher.

Yuan Awaits China’s Retaliation on US Tariffs, PBOC’s Guidance - Chinese Retail Sales and Fixed Assets Investments may further reveal weak fundamentals. China faces a dilemma to strike back against US new tariffs attacks; uncertainties elevate. The Chinese Yuan extended losses against the U.S. Dollar for the second week, though the USD/CNH failed to break above 6.90, a key level that that both the market and Chinese regulators are watching.

Australian Dollar Still Short Of Buy Signals Despite Strong Data - There’s now a clear disconnect between strong economic numbers and interest rate expectations

US Dollar May Rise on CPI, Trade Wars and Emerging Markets Stress - US Dollar buoyed by upbeat economic data, safety-seeking demand. CPI data echoing wage growth uptick may boost Fed outlook further. Emerging market shares and currencies plunged amid worries that a US-led rise in borrowing costs may destabilise several key sovereigns, including Turkey, Brazil and Russia.

Stay Fishy


Morning all,

Crypto market mostly going sideways, which is a good sign so far, especially considering the strengthening of the $USD. So technically, Bitcoin is going up, even though the $USD price isn’t changing much.

Bitcoin: The percentage of traders net-long is now its highest since Sep 04 when Bitcoin traded near 7333.22

Bentley, Bugatti & Rolls-Royce Announced that they are now accepting BTC as a payment method

CNN Video: “People around the world are starting to trust Bitcoin more than the Central Banks”.

SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce Calls Out ‘Real Value’ in Run-up to VanEck Bitcoin ETF Decision

The Securities and Exchange Commission announced the temporary suspension, pursuant to Section 12(k) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (the “Exchange Act”), of trading in the securities Bitcoin Tracker One (“CXBTF”) and Ether Tracker One (“CETHF”).

LocalCoinSwap - Fiat / Crypto gateway is now live - Altcoins not just bitcoin, with integrated wallets and cold storage security included

Singapore crypto exchange KuCoin set to expand after $3m Bitcoin Australia deal (buying that $AUD while it’s cheap lol)

Winklevoss Brothers Launch Ethereum Token Backed By U.S. Dollars - Gemini Dollars

Dominik Schiener from IOTA speaks on Frankfurt European Banking Congress

The Skeptics Are Being Convinced About Digital Assets: XRP
Royal Bank of Canada and Ripple 46% cheaper

Lightyear buys Chain to become Interstellar. Runs on Stellar
Interstellar Arrives: Visa, Citi-Backed Chain Acquired By Stellar Startup

“Build it They’ll Come Attitude” in Crypto Doesn’t Work says, Creator of Dogecoin (really?)

Waves platform launches Smart Contracts today

VeChain Update: Mainnet v1.0.2 Released, People’s Insurance Company of China to Use VeChain with features from the new Mainnet release.

Cardano may be eliminating the need for expensive smart contract developers (you got my attention, but can you deliver?)

Rentberry (BERRY) - releases their iOS and Android Apps today.

ELF - Livestream on Youtube tomorrow - new updates

ETC - South Korea ETC Summit is tomorrow (and you know what happens after it)

Litecoin (LTC) Global Litecoin summit in San Francisco on Friday.

GBP took a small hit but then rallies after positive Job/Wage Growth numbers. Percentage of traders net-long on GBP is at its lowest since July.

Dovish European Central Bank (ECB) Forward-Guidance to Rattle EUR/USD - EURO may face range-bound conditions ahead of the ECB interest rate decision in light of the failed attempt to test the August-high (1.1734), but fresh remarks from the Governing Council may continue to sap the EURO as the central bank keeps the door open to further support the monetary union. (mini-recession on the cards)

US Dollar Reacts at Resistance: ECB, BoE Highlight This Week. The US Dollar started last week with strength, soon finding resistance around the same 95.50-95.60 area that was in play during June and July.

Edit: the summary charts are always good value, if you are trading and not looking at summary charts, you are missing out:

Stay Fishy


I might have mentioned Waves a few times in my summaries.

For the official record, I did buy it last week and sold it just a few minutes ago for a nice 32% gain :sunglasses:

Having more competition for ETH is a good thing.

Stay Fishy


I’m starting to Wonder if the $AUD is pegged to Bitcoin


Stay Fishy


Morning all,

Nice sideways trading on the markets again, still looking healthy for a potential breakout near the end of the month or the beginning of October.

For today’s items of interest:

Bitcoin Not Useful for Terrorists, Expert Tells US Congress

“IOTA is the obvious solution and standardisation will make it stronger”. "2019 will be a “breakout year” (Dr Richard Soley)

Genesis Vision Platform will go LIVE October 30th (BTFD on GVT before this date, not advice, be Fishy on your own).

Ethereum Co-Founder Joseph Lubin: Big Growth in Crypto Market Is Just Getting Started

“R3 LLC, Ripple Labs Inc. and XRP II, LLC announce that they have reached a settlement of all outstanding litigation between the parties. The terms of the agreement will remain confidential and both sides look forward to putting these disputes behind them.”

Stellar Acquires Chain to Create Interstellar, Another Major Initiative For XLM

Ted Danson’s ‘Advancements Series’ will be shining a light on VeChain - Sunday SEP 23rd on CNBC
VeChain Financial Executive Report Vol. 4 is available for your review.

ICON Partners Review the Skynet Project, Giving It the Highest Rating Ever Surpassing Hedera Hasgraph, Waltonchain, IoTex, AION, OmiseGo, and Foam

AION Trading in a Period Of Consolidation (some whale dumping?)

Elastos Browser C++ Virtual Machine showcased, looks quite good and based on Chromium to present DApps to users running within the VM. (I suspect Apple might have their eyes on these guys and if you suddenly hear it working with Safari, I smell a merger/buyout).

EOS Platform Launch and Airdrop on September 14th. EOS currently trading near its all time low, might be a bit risky to take a gamble as Airdrops tend to lead towards more dumps.

Dogecoin Continues To Rise Despite Overall Bearish Sentiment (have to love the Doge community)

Picolo Research Issues Valuation on Binance (BNB) at $22.80 (keep an eye on BNB, I suspect some short term action if there is pullbacks on BTC, again not advice, be Fishy on your own).

SYS (Syscoin) Blockmarket Desktop v.3.1.3 release today.

HPB (High Performance Blockchain) iOS and Android Wallets released today

ETC Summit in South Korea today

BTG (Bitcoin Gold delisting from Bittrex on 14th - they get an extension? thought it was last week)

Consensus Singapore is on September 19th, many high rollers there.

USD Lifted by US Yields, GBP Reverses Gains, AUD Posts Fresh 2018 Lows

AUDUSD Breach of Crucial Support to Pave Way for 2016 Lows
(that $AUD is a shtcoin, you should totally dump it!) :joy:

USD Price Action Setups Ahead of ECB, BoE

EURUSD: Retail trader data shows 44.1% of traders are net-long with the ratio of traders short to long at 1.27 to 1. In fact, traders have remained net-short since Aug 21 when EURUSD traded near 1.14371

Wait-and-See Bank of England (BoE) to Offer GBP/USD Little Relief

EURO - short term long positions for today, then likely to go back to being shorted.
GBP - highest amount of shorts since July
JPY - 50/50 - likely to go sideways
XAU (Gold) - 84% long today, which is surprising since most are betting USD outperforms Gold
Bitcoin - 77% Long today

Stay Fishy


LOL. Dumping that AUD shitcoin!!! I haven’t pumped any fresh Aussie fiat into Bitcoin in over a year. Now seems a good time.


GVT already big up today. Whats your entry target @Mike_Fishy? Thanks. Great man! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


GVT “should” have a consolidation over the weekend, check for it’s daily low on Saturday afternoon sometime.

Rest of the Market is mostly sideways with some slight uptick on a few CDAs including Bitcoin. Still looking healthy and good for bots, but I am expecting a consolidation starting early Friday and should be near lows again by Saturday afternoon, maybe Sunday morning. There still is not a lot of volume happening on the market, so it is likely to consolidate some more yet.

Today’s items:

Ethereum Co-Founder: Crypto is Seeing Huge Amount of Activity, Tremendous Growth
(I would agree, but disagree. Crypto is seeing a lot of innovative building and project changes, but volumes across many of the chains are really low compared to previous months, so adoption is really key to get that volume up)

Ethereum Downwards Spiral Continues while EOS Ecosystem Gets Stronger

CNBC to focus on VeChain in upcoming episode of advancements with Ted Danson

IOTA releases their Qubic roadmap!
IOTA is being considered for obtaining standardisation (see how much sway Fijitsu holds still)
Standardization of Iotas Tangle by OMG Consortium moving forward

Graft Network announces achieving the first INSTANT payment on a private and untraceable (CryptoNote) blockchain paving the way to enable the INSTANT and PRIVATE use of digital currencies (BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, etc) in stores worldwide.

Why has Dogecoin been so successful lately and reached 19th place?
There are over 100,000 subscribers to the Dogecoin subreddit. Its community is loyal, committed and most importantly, active. For an alt-coin, Doge is incredibly nimble. Fast, cheap and stable, it also boasts the lowest transaction fee of other major coins. Combine that with a large coin supply, ongoing code development, and an almost fanatic user base, and you’ve got the keys for success.

Crypto Titans Roger Ver & Tone Vays Debate Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash! (Coinsbank Cruise 2018)

Elastos Celebrates One Year Anniversary, Shares Project Updates
The uniqueness of Elastos is that dapps built on other blockchains (and traditional operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Android, iOS) can run on the Elastos smartweb, and Elastos applications can also run on any internet operating system (due to it’s unique virtual machine code).

Brave Browser Launches Public BAT Advertising Program Trial for MacOS

Bloom (BLT) Partnership with BMW announcement today

NIX - NIX Core V2.0.1 release today

Veros (VRS) Whitepaper release tomorrow

TokenPay (TPAY) - Partnership With Litecoin Foundation 15th Sept

GBP/USD holds above 1.3
USD/NOK showing a lot shorting in near term (92%)
USD/JPY - Japan heads to monthly lows
EURO and GBP looking to see some uptick finally

$AUD to probably dump again due to expected poor Employment Change results
(especially after Telstra announced 8000 employee layoffs)
( totally dumped that shtcoin! :rofl: )

Average US Investment Sentiment: 42.2% Bullish, 31.5% Neutral, 25.3% Bearish.
Should see more uptick on USD and possibly stocks.

Stay Fishy


Morning all,

Market had a minor consolidation, but is still on the uptick, which should slow down later and should consolidate late today or over Saturday. If it doesn’t, then we are in more bullish territory.

The Ethereum community are angry with Bitmex for apparently “Trying To Drown Their Coin”
The CEO, Arthur Hayes, used an official account linked to Bitmex to tell Bitmex’s customers subscribed to the Exchange’s newsletter to “trade only using Bitcoin” and that they “never have to touch Ether or USD.” That’s right after he announced that the perpetual swap for ETH/USD was live.

Morgan Stanley is Building a Bitcoin Swap Trading Product

Nano Node Version 16.0 Released

  • Vote by hash fixes (reduces bandwidth)
  • Code cleanup (removing unused code)
  • More CLI and debugging tools
  • RPC improvements so monitoring tools don’t break as easily during high TPS times
  • Other bug fixes

Venture capital arm of General Electric, “GE Ventures”, presents a proof of concept of IOTA for the industrial IoT on the Hannover Fairs USA :open_mouth:

Ethereum, Monero Lead Crypto Market Recovery with 17% Gains
(Doge did better)

Real world use explained for NEO and Elastos (Youtube Livestream)

TE-FOOD accepted by the UN as a partner for the Sustainable Food Systems program

ICON Yellow Paper Officially Released (Could say something about White/Yellow, but decided it would not be in good taste :joy: )

Ripple’s New MoneyTap App Could Dominate Japanese Bank Transfers

CoolBitX just announced a partnership with the Litecoin Foundation to roll out sales of the CoolWallet S in the United States

For Next Week, the two to watch are Genesis Vision (GVT) and Ontology (ONT) as they both are announcing updates, partnerships and products.

$AUD made a small bounce, outlook still bearish (dump that shtcoin! :laughing: )

EUR/USD Nudges Lower After ECB Stands Pat (mini recession is heading to Europe if things dont change)

GBP Stable as Bank of England Leaves UK Interest Rates Unchanged

USD Showing Signs of Exhaustion, Upside Limited (finally slowing down)

USD/CNH Poised to Roll Over from Lower High

Gold trying to round its way higher, 1220s targeted if the USD can break lower, watch support on the DXY
Silver’s relative weakness keeps it off the ‘buy’ list for now

Overall sentiment, everything appears to be bearish, which is unusual, especially for this time of year.

Stay Fishy


I’m on em for sure. Thanks Mike


Morning all,

Markets consolidated twice over the weekend. Once on Saturday at 14:00 with BTC setting a low of 6370, then again this morning at 03:30 setting a low of 6409. Compared to last week where is set a low of 5985.

So again, looking for more sideways trading this week and on the weekly chart, shows that a breakout to either the upside or downside will probably be last week of this month or first week of October. Given the slight upticks happening and reasonably good news lately, I suspect a breakout to the upside and hopefully BTC will start hovering in the 7000 to 8000 ranges, we shall see. At least everything seems to be moving in a semi-predictable manner, which is good.

To today’s items:

Bitcoin Severely Oversold, Various Technical Factors Suggest

EOS has backdoors that others can use to access coins in your accounts
A decentralized app on the EOS blockchain - Trybe, has recently attracted negative attention following an erroneous distribution of tokens to more than 100 EOS accounts, some received up to four times the due amount. The developers of Trybe - a blockchain based content ecosystem - chose to then access user wallets to retrieve the accidentally airdropped 8,740 TRYBE tokens (about $60) without notifying the users beforehand. This mutability feature, interestingly, is often marketed as what makes the EOS blockchain different.

Ethereum Surges 33% Within 4 Days, Will ETH be Able to Sustain Momentum?

Ripple Brings on board the $120 billion National Commercial Bank (NCB) of Saudi Arabia

You Can Now Send and Receive Litecoin Over SMS (what could go wrong?)

Blocktoken.ai releases a guide on - How Traders Use Cryptocurrency Arbitrage to Make Profits

There is a new GoChain AMA available, this time with DBCrypto

Bluzelle (BLZ) Receives Capital Injection from NEO Capital (interesting…)

Next year should give us a better idea if Cardano (ADA) is capable of “walking the walk”

Ontology meetup in Singapore today (maybe get some better information tomorrow)
Also, it is Singapore Blockchain Week this week (Consensus Singapore 2018), so could be a few announcements coming.
Then Ontology heads to Taiwan for meetup and I suspect a new business partner in Taiwan.

Enjin Coin (ENJ) announcement today (possible new product?)

Bit-Z Exchange is delisting several CDA’s including GameCredits (GAME) and Peercoin (PPC) - scaling back or underperforming?

GVT Product release is coming, market is responding in kind. Since August 14th ($3.80) to Sept 12th ($10.23), GVT has almost 3x. Be interesting to see if it holds steam even after the product release.

The Dollar Spot Index ended the week down 0.43% to $94.927. USD loosing steam - Weaker than expected U.S. consumer inflation data is helping to generate most of the activity in the markets.
Sept. Rate Hike Still On the Table, but Lower CPI Could Slow Pace of Future Fed Rate Hikes

EURO - Eurozone’s finalized August inflation figures due today - The ECB reiterated that asset purchases would halve to EUR15 billion in October from a current rate of EUR30 billion and that interest rates would be kept on hold ‘through the summer of 2019’.

AUD Boosted by Strong Domestic Job Gains, but didnt last, it is trading downwards again this morning.

China Data Improves, with Focus Shifting to the USD and Retail Sales, but looses again after Labour market number deteriorated, with the employment sub-index falling from 51.2 to 48.1, reflecting a contraction, 3 out of last 4 months where job contraction was reported.

Euro - Mixed
GBP - Bearish
JPY - Mixed
XAU - Bearish (money moving out of gold again)
Bitcoin - 61% long (3.4% more than last week)

The item of real interest this morning, the spread between spot buy and spot sell on most currencies is higher than normal. This suggest most sellers are feeling bullish.

Stay Fishy


Yes,I remember reading that they invested in Bluzelle as well as Zilliqa a while ago


Morning all,

Market appears to be consolidating again this morning, which should help continue the sideways action and so far looks to be quite healthy.

GVT seems to be holding around $8 and looks to be trading sideways which is a good sign the pre-launch hype might be consolidating a little.

Best trade of yesterday was APPC which went from $0.06 to $0.11 which provided a nice return, though volumes are still very low.

For today’s items:

It’s official! Bitcoin now processes more transaction value than Visa. With over $2.4 trillion sent and received in 2018, so far.

Ripple hints its cryptocurrency product will go live 'in the next month or so…

ETH transactions are changing. Fewer P2P transfers, more smart contract transactions.

Steemit, one of the world’s most popular dApps is currently frozen. So is their underlying blockchain, Steem.

ICON MainNet Version 3.0 Updated plus ICON Transaction Fee and SCORE Operation Policy (Part 2/3 of Yellow Paper) (Might see some more ICX action in the near term)

Elon Musk requested Dogecoin founder to help get rid of the annoying Twitter scam spammers

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is amping up its efforts on the community engagement front.

The tether blockchain has stopped working? Transactions are hanging in limbo and nothing happens. (Is Tether having technical issues, or is something else going down?)

Gemini To Introduce Litecoin Support, LTC Surges (it is consolidating now and I didnt really see this “Surge” that the new item points out, so be Fishy)

Tezos is no Longer Beta — Launches MainNet

EOS - Details regarding the first EOS privacy coin and first zero emission coin that will mimic Monero

Obsidian (ODN) - Blockchain Launch is today

United Bitcoin (UBTC) - UBTC Wallet v. released today

Aurora (AOA) Listing on KuCoin Plus (Wonder if they thought about the trademark AWS has on the Aurora name?)

Consensus Singapore 2018 starts tomorrow, all the big players are there.
Coindesk is covering it quite well here: https://www.coindesk.com/events/consensus-singapore-2018/
The smaller projects are already doing presentations in the area to attract attention of the bigger players.

HPB - High Performance Blockchain does their Mainnet Release on September 24th.

BitWhite (BTW) - Own Decentralized Exchange launch on September 30th. (Rumors of giveaways for signing up, but could not find anything official)

$AUD still a shtcoin and 58% of traders are short, still loosing ground. AUD/USD Breakout Struggles, EUR/AUD Risks Reversing to August Lows.

Some currencies Rallies, but Beware of Trump’s China Tariff Announcement. No bulls were in sight today as the U.S. dollar traded lower against all of the major currencies.

USD/JPY - Japan Yen still on a downwards trend after estimates were made on the costs of Typhoon Jebi, which caused widespread chaos on Sept 4th. Strongest Storm in 25 years has several Insurance companies under the microscope (possible bankruptcy)

EURO - 61% Short
GBP - 53% Short
JPY - 59% Short
XAU - 63% Long (money re-entering to gold again, that was quick)
Bitcoin - 58% Long
Ethereum - 77% Long
Ripple - 88% Long
AUD - 58% Short
CAD - 66% Long

Ripple seems to be in favour of Traders going long now for several weeks.

Stay Fishy


I know you’ve been told this many times, but I’d like to reiterate how much I and I’m sure a vast majority of the pub really appreciate the time you give to do these write ups.
Thanks @Mike_Fishy :fist:


I second that. I for one read 'em all. Good stuff, through and through.