Mike Fishy Traders Summary


Morning all,

Nice to see that BTC rallied a bit and managed to break through the $6700 mark, even if only for a short while. Better late than never I guess :slight_smile:

Many of the Alts did well, with TRIG leading the charge and almost 2x over the last two days. Consolidating now leading up to the weekend, so all looking healthy for the markets today.

GVT reached $9.66, which considering it came from $3.89 last week, is quite bullish on their new beta product release due on Sunday. It is now hovering at $9.33 and looks fairly steady, so next week will be the real story.

Talking of next week, since most of the Alts are doing announcements, product releases, upgrades and things, all being announced on Sunday, we could be in for some interesting volatility in the market. I would guess that some project may remain bullish, while others get dumped, we are in for an interesting first week of the quarter to say the least.

If BTC manages to hold above $6700, then the next resistance level appears to be around $7100. So those whales that accumulated at $6400, this might be their exit range as it is about 10%.

Ripple could make announcements during SWELL, but don’t expect anything major.
Ripple’s been silently forming partnerships throughout the year.

Z-Pop Dream, which is founded by Korean entertainment industry veteran Jun Kang, will be brought to fans of K-pop via the power of the Ethereum Network and the firm’s digital token, ZPOP coin.
(you knew it had to happen)

Update on the progress of technical application of TRON - live stream at 10:00am, September 29 (SGT)

EOS - Michael giving a speech at London EOS Event, cohosted and sponsored by eosdac, EOS42io, EOSauthority, atticlab_it, sheos_org, eosamsterdam, EosSweden. eosDAC will begin the custodian election process shortly.

Noah Coin Big Airdrop - 30000 NOAC ($30) to join and 15000 NOAC ($15) for every referral.
(Buy your way to adoption is one way… tends to lead to a large dump)

Universal Wallet Becomes the ‘First’ to Support Cardano’s ADA on Mobile
(ADA has rallied a bit these last two days, but given it’s history, can it hold on or will it continue to downtrend?)

StellarX (Decentralized Exchange) opens up to the public. StellarX, a marketplace for fiat, cryptos, stock, and all others assets is now open for all. Previously, it was by invitation only.

DragonChain - Chief Technology Officer Paul Sonier understands the importance of consistently improving the Dragonchain platform and ecosystem. Decentralized Level 1 capabilities are now available with NEO

Institute of Blockchain 区块链学院 to utilise NEM blockchain to issue their electronic certificates. NEM and Institute of Blockchain™️ are partnering to co-organise blockchain community events and workshops in the near future.

Binance CEO backs VeChain after being added to the platform’s Trust Wallet.
(interesting, Binance doesn’t back just any project…)

Safe Haven is proud to announce ThorBlock, the first communal funding turnkey solution on the VeChainThor Blockchain.

USD - Fed Hikes Rates, Dollar Pops, Yields Drop; US Stocks Open Higher. Dollar bulls are back in control thanks to strong US data and a recovery in yields. According to the latest GDP report, the US economy expanded at its fastest pace in nearly 4 years.

EURO - ECB’s President Draghi Signals A Shift in Policy Focus. In testimony before the EU Parliament Tuesday, the ECB’s Draghi indicated the thrust of policy would focus on a relatively vigorous pick-up in underlying inflation. The markets zeroed in on this new emphasis immediately.

EURO - Mixed - 55% Short (-3% on yesterday)
GBP - Mixed - 58% Long (-1% on yesterday)
JPY - Mixed - 64% Short (+5% on yesterday)
CAD - Bearish - 63% Long (no change)
AUD - Bearish (again) - 43% Short (-3% on yesterday)
XAU - Bearish - 88% Long (+4% on yesterday)
Bitcoin - Bearish - 80% Long (+1% on yesterday)
Ethereum - Bearish - 92% Long (+1% on yesterday)
Ripple - Bearish - 95% Long (no change)

Spot Silver is near its lowest this year, could be good grab some while its cheap. If the USD starts to have a correction from its rallies the last few weeks, then silver can rally quite well. Checking the charts, there is a potential of 17.64% if the USD starts to crumble from it’s highs.

As always, not advice, be fishy on your own :slight_smile:

Finally, yesterday I was pampered at a certain VIP club that I won’t name, I just want to thank Yan Da for the lovely time and feel quite bullish on life today! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Stay Fishy


That’s very interesting! As is this story from back in April related to VeChain


Is VeChain an Ethereum ERC20 token?


VeChain launched its mainnet a while back:

Jun 30, 2018 - Business-focused blockchain project VeChain succeeded in launching its Thor mainnet, with the VeChain blockchain going live at midnight

I’m fairly sure it is native now.

Edit: looks like BTC might do a breakout today, it is looking quite bullish on trading, so might get to that next resistance level.

Stay Fishy


Morning all,

Was a public holiday here yesterday and I spent time with friends rather than looking at the markets for a change.

Not a lot happening market wise, BTC trading between $6500 to $6800, which is good as there hasn’t been any major dumps now for a while. This is looking quite healthy considering the rest of the year has been in a long downward trend, going sideways is likely bullish for the rest of the year, so the bots should do well.

The end of quarter has seen many new products, updates and releases. So, shall try and keep it short.

Ripple’s XRP (xRapid) Now Live and Commercially Available

Bloomberg: Chart Suggests the Next Bitcoin Bull Run On the Horizon
(not sure if I agree, we should see a longer period of sideways with a slight uptick from what I see)

First of it’s kind “reverse ico” successfully done on the Ethereum mainnet by GET protocol
(looked to be mostly a buy back for GET)

Blockport’s Biftinex and KuCoin integration officially announced for next week, XRP available for purchase, EOS and IOTA coming very soon.

Lawsuit against Nano Foundation closed due to lack of merit in the case
( Brola v Nano - the legal complaint against members of the Nano Foundation has been withdrawn by the plaintiff )
Also, V16.1 of the Nano Node software has been released - Vote by Hash feature looks interesting, lazy bootstrapping is coming in V17

EOS Huobi Collusion Rumors Spread More Controversy
(mutual voting is what is being suggested)

Monero Launches Initiative to Combat Cryptocurrency Mining Malware
(had to happen, all that malware mining Monero on your TV, Phone, Cameras…)

Stellar (XLM) Launches World’s First Zero-Fee Decentralized Exchange “StellarX” with Fiat Deposits
(nothing is free - they make money on spread and arbitrage, read the fine print)

ICON Council Chair KJ Eee was just invited to be the President of the ICO Committee of the Korea Blockchain Association
(Best looking guy in Crypto! LOL - sorry Peter)

ETN - Electroneum still going up and marketing is about to start.

Waves Stateful Smart Accounts - this is really good technology, but not much use yet?

CEO of BAT, Brendan Eich, writes letter to US Senate: “We need a GDPR for the United States.” BAT to be a new GDPR-compliant blockchain-based advertising solution
(I tend to agree, the GDPR should be globally accepted with some modifications around data retention)

One of the lesser known ones: Daneel (DAN) - Mobile App Release 15th Oct.

Traders should check that one out, see what you think.

Also, for the traders, site of the week is: https://whalewatch.io/
Get real-time, custom alerts of large volume crypto transactions.

US and Canada reach deal on NAFTA (didn’t want to be left out LOL)

UK PMI beats expectations - GBP might see some gains but - Johnson has stepped up his criticism of the Prime Minister’s plan, and this may be a prelude to a leadership challenge.

Nikkei 0.52% Dax 0.68% - JPY hopefully getting some recovery

Italy formally presents its draft budget to the EU on October 15th - after the League-Five-Star government was formed, some put a price tax on the campaign promises of 6.5%-7.5% of GDP.

EURO - held above the pre-weekend low (~$1.1570) and has moved higher in the European morning to return to the $1.1620 area, as Italian markets stage a modest recovery

EURO - Mixed - 50% Short (-5%)
GBP - Mixed - 64% Long (+6%)
JPY - Mixed - 66% Short (+2%)
CAD - Bullish - 61% Long (-2%)
AUD - Mixed - 43% Short (no change)
XAU - Bearish - 85% Long (-3%)
Bitcoin - Bearish - 79% Long (-6%)
Ethereum - Bearish - 90% Long (-2%)
Ripple - Bearish - 95% Long (no change)

Spot Silver up 3.4%, knew that was coming and is looking bullish :slight_smile:

Also, Copper prices have corrected nearly 20% since the trade wars have heated up. Elliott Wave analysis hints this copper correction may be temporary. More bullish action on spot copper prices suggests higher than normal manufacturing - possibly leading up to Xmas. Copper is loosing ground today, lets see where it bottoms out to look if it is worth a punt.

Anyway, as always, not advice, be fishy on your own.

Stay Fishy


Dumb question, why 95% long is Bearish?
If 95% short that is Bearish.


Just to explain sentiment.
(which is based off the Futures Contracts)

The first Bearish, Mixed or Bullish is for Today.
The % Long or Short is for the contract term
(ie: the term of the contract which is usually 2 weeks or a month)

So Bearish means the “Long” contracts are being sold, while Bullish means the “Short” contracts are being sold. Traders will buy/sell the contracts each day based on their current price, which is based on the estimate return at the end of the contract period.

The last part of the sentiment is the % change in the last 24 hours.
So if you see a positive % going for Long, means traders are buying the Long contracts, whereas a negative value means traders are selling the contracts.

EG: Bitcoin - Bearish - 79% Long (-6%)

So Today, sentiment suggests that traders will sell some of the Long contracts, but over the contract period, 79% of traders believe Bitcoin will end the period with an increase in price. However, the -6% means in the last 24 hours, Traders have been selling the long contracts as the expected return in the contract is diminishing.

Best by example.

Lets say the contract period started when Bitcoin was at $6400 (which is fairly close).

The price went up to $6800 over the weekend, which if it holds to the end of the contract period, would be a 5.88% gain. However, as the price drops, the percentage gain diminishes for the contract period, so it is common for some of the contracts to be sold when they are near their high point, then bought again near their low point as long as the low point is still more than the original price at the start of the contract. So, contracts are traded much like shares due to the volatility of the price on the market. The problem is, with so many going long, if the price drops below that $6400 threshold, it induces panic and this sell off on the contracts can cause BTC to dump.

This is probably one of the most reliable ways of finding out if BTC (or any of the others) is going to dump before it actually does dump. Knowing that threshold and rate of change, is a good way to “look ahead” by a short period.

Conversely, if BTC makes gains and traders buy up all the long contracts, it would be common to see a rally on BTC, pushing it above resistance points. This is both good and bad, because if BTC futures contracts end when BTC is at a peak, it will be likely all the traders will go short on the next cycle and we would see another large dump and the more it dumps, the more the futures traders will make.

Thus, sideways with a slight uptick in the volatility is healthy, anything else is not really good for the market or BTC (or any of the others).

So sideways with a slight uptick is the best way to keep stability and growth and is what most traders like to see and aim for.

Hope this helps.

Stay Fishy


Your Knowledge is priceless Brother…



Morning all,

Just a bit more on yesterday’s sentiment which I highlighted above.

The site I use for the sentiment is: https://www.dailyfx.com/bitcoin

So, yesterday at 8am my time, I said that BTC has a sentiment of bearish.
At that time, BTC was trading at $6616.50
If you had sold BTC to USDT and then waited until 8am my time this morning (now), BTC is trading at $6521.32

So as an example, if I had 1 BTC and sold it to USDT, then bought it back this morning, I would have:
6616.50 / 6521.32 = ~1.0146 BTC (about 1.4% more BTC)
Taking into account the Binance fees at 0.1% for the sell and again for the buy = ~1.0143 BTC.

This is basically how the sentiment is used and as most traders use the same resources and act in a similar manner, it is a reasonable method to trade by - as long as all the other indications, news and technical chart analysis point to a consolidation on BTC, which was the case.

While you look at that and see such a small percentage, remember, if you do this type of trading each day and set your rules on how much you are willing to risk, the amount compounds daily. In Feb this year, it did not take me very long to turn 1 BTC into 5 BTC as the volatility was much higher at that time.

I also noted yesterday that Ripple was bearish, it has consolidated 6.39%. Ethereum consolidated by 2%

For the futures markets, BTC, ETH, XRP and LTC are considered the “Big 4” at this time.
I do not generally trade LTC, but if you would like it added to the list, I can.

So on the sentiment, if you see “Mixed” then it is not time to perform a trade, this is the “wait and see” stage.

For today’s items:

Coke Machine Accepts Bitcoin Through Lightning Network (nice!)

The Must-Have for HODLers: Hublot Launches Luxury Bitcoin Watch (who wears a watch anymore?)

Ripple says 3 clients are putting xRapid into full commercial use

Red Flags concerning DBET on the VeChain Platform

Project Atlas: TRON (TRX) wants to reward torrent seeders and create token economy in Bittorrent ecosystem

IOTA Ends September With Steepest Decline Among Top Crypto Assets
(yes, it also had a large run-up prior and has now consolidated back to sanity)

Ethereum smart contracts to be implemented within Docusign
(This is actually big news, digital signitures on smart contracts is awesome)

Cardano (ADA) Wallet Yoroi Launched on The Crypto’s MainNet

Dogecoin (DOGE) may overtake VeChain (VET) in terms of market capitalization
(it’s true, Doge is doing quite well of late)

BlockV (VEE) Platform launch is today
Eximchain (EXC) mainnet launch on Oct 5th
Airswap (AST) updated platform release on Oct 10th

Italy remained defiant in its attempt to expand its budget deficit beyond the 2.0% level, ignoring EU’s rejection of the plan and risking a downgrade by the rating agencies. Matteo Salvini stated that he “doesn’t care if EU rejects his budget.” Adding, “No one in Brussels can tell me it is not time.”

Vibrant US Economy and Optimism Around NAFTA Motivate Crude Oil Rally; European Stocks Lower on Italy’s Debt Crisis

EURO/USD tumbles. Mostly because USD is on a bullish run again.
Greenback Advances Against Most Major And Emerging Market Currencies

EURO - Mixed - 46% Short (-4%)
GBP - Mixed - 64% Long (no change)
JPY - Mixed - 66% Short (no change)
CAD - Bearish - 63% Long (+2%)
AUD - Mixed - 42% Short (-1%)
XAU - Bearish - 81% Long (-4%) (more money leaving Gold two days in a row)
Bitcoin - Bearish - 79% Long (no change)
Ethereum - Bearish - 90% Long (no change)
Ripple - Bearish - 95% Long (no change)

Looking at the charts on Binance, the 24hr Moving Average for BTC is showing a slight downtrend and has upper resistance levels similar to yesterday, while the RSI hovers at 50 and trade is mostly sideways between the $6500 and $6650 ranges.

If I were to pick it, I suspect BTC might hit around $6600 today, then consolidate down to just under $6500, but as long at it doesn’t go below $6400, things are still healthy.

As always, not advice, be fishy on your own :slight_smile:

Stay Fishy


LTC yes please…



It has been a year almost, the bears are probably exhausted, anything they can sell has been sold.
All the bad news are already out, EFT rejected, is there anything else that push the market lower?
If people have been hodling thru this bear market, they are not going to sell near the end of the market cycle.


No problem, shall include LTC from tomorrow.

However for today.

Litecoin - Bearish - 91% Long (unknown change)

So lets see what change it has tomorrow for indications of how to trade it.

I do wish these sites had historical daily change data, it would make it easier on daily summaries.
Having historical data for even one week would be pretty awesome, which is why I have the daily routine of making myself a summary, so I can refer back and use this knowledge to make trades.

Edit for @virtualguy
There is no bear or bull market, this is just a perception. Just like red candles and green candles, they too are just a perception. If you trade on the cycles, there is only green and thus only bulls.

Stay Fishy


Well, BTC hit the $6430 mark and has bounced and is on its way back up now.
So if everything goes well, should see $6600 mark sometime before tomorrow.

Up and Down it goes, where it stops - no one knows!

Stay Fishy


source: https://coinmarketcal.com/event/altcointrader-listing-16802


Binance Coin

05 October 2018

Paycent Listing



Morning all,

So was close to picking it yesterday.

BTC consolidated to $6430, then traded up to $6545, now has consolidated down again to $6450.
So, usual volatility with a slight uptick, looking good.

For today:

Ripple’s Cory Johnson Says ‘We’re on the Tipping Point’ for Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrency

Kite payments will have a payment processor for NANO!

Bill Clinton Calls For Supportive Blockchain Regulation as Brad Garlinghouse Thrash Bitcoin
(Bill is a Hodler?)

Block.one Vows to Use its EOS Tokens to Prevent Voting Cartels

Declarations by EOS CEO indicate that the company is failing to ‘Decentralize Everything’

The amount of work that goes into Ethereum is mind blowing. That doesn’t even include all the projects that built on top of it.

Elastos (ELA) Explained - How does it really work? (Boxmining Youtube video - quite good)

Tron (TRX) to redefine gaming industry and has a first game live on its blockchain

Waves Decentralized Platform Implemented The New Smart Account Solution Based On Smart Contracts

Telecom giant Telefonica with 300 million customers partners with Mainframe to enter the blockchain industry

Stipend (SPD) Platform release is today

NEM partnership with OATH protocol announced today

GoChain (GO) partnership with MBYS today

Eximchain (EXIM) mainnet launch tomorrow (good luck guys!)

Inside ICON:

Had to add the ICON video, it is good and I know a lot of people like their ICON.

Manufacturing PMIs Raise a Red Flag For EUR Vs. USD. PMI Survey results fall into the category of “soft” data, as they are not the “hard” data usually released by governmental agencies. The EZ manufacturing PMI has fallen from 60.5 to about 53, while the U.S. reading has held close to 60. In general these diverging PMIs should be USD positive.

U.S. September 2018 Employment Data Slated For Friday October 5th. On Friday of this week, all eyes will be on the latest U.S. Jobs report for September. Street estimates are for the unemployment rate to fall to 3.9% which should be bullish for the USD (again - how long can it keep rallying?)

Ripple’s (XRP) Outlook In The Aftermath Of XRapid Announcement. Ripple’s XRP was the main buzz in the market in the past couple of weeks when Ripple’s CEO announced three companies are now making commercial use of the digital asset. XRP saw major fluctuations, testing as high as $0.79 on September 21st, and then floating back to a range around $0.52. Starting with the buzz itself, xRapid is Ripple’s product which uses the XRP to carry out international transactions in “a matter of minutes. The three companies who will be using xRapid for cross-border payments are MercuryFX, Cuallix, and Catalyst Corporate Credit Union. Ripple (the company) remains the biggest holder the XRP tokens in existence and keeps on selling them through its subsidiary XRP II.

The US dollar is narrowly mixed against the major currencies. The dollar-bloc currencies are softer, with the Australian ($AUD shtcoin) and New Zealand dollars pushed lower by poor data. The EURO is posting corrective upticks after the $1.15 area held yesterday, and Italy may cut the budget deficit projected for 2021. The dollar eased to a three-day low against the YEN, but ranges are tight. Sterling is recovering back to $1.30. Among emerging market currencies, the central and east European currencies are being helped by the EURO’s recovery, while poor CPI is weighing on the Turkish lira. The Indian rupee has yet to stabilise and fell to new record lows today. Singapore’s poor Nikkei PMI fell to 49.6 from 51.1 in August. It is the first sub-50 reading in two years, and as a regional hub, Singapore’s contract likely is a poor omen.

EURO - Mixed - 41% Short (-5%)
GBP - Mixed - 65% Long (+1%)
JPY - Mixed - 66% Short (no change)
CAD - Bearish - 65% Long (+2%)
AUD - Mixed - 31% Short (-11%) (shtcoin - definitely dump it! :stuck_out_tongue: )
XAU - Bearish - 85% Long (+4%) (money moving into gold again)
Bitcoin - Bearish - 79% Long (no change) (looks fairly bullish to me today, so I don’t agree)
Ethereum - Bearish - 90% Long (no change)
Ripple - Bearish - 95% Long (no change)
Litecoin - Bearish - 91% Long (no change)

I looked over the charts and indicators and the “Big 4” cryptos above all look to be more bullish than bearish to me. So today, I personally do not agree with the “market experts” on their sentiment rating. The problem is, many traders will follow it like sheep, so you need to be Fishy and check things yourself before making any decisions on what to do. In which case, I would probably rate it as “Mixed” - wait and see today.

Lets see if the “Market experts” or the little Fishy was right tomorrow :slight_smile:

Stay Fishy


Hooray “Market Experts!” LOL

Little Fishy didnt go short, made a killing :slight_smile:

Stay Fishy


This is pretty big for NANO

I notice there are more than a few fans of Elastos in the pub,I totally missed the boat on this one

Waves Decentralized Platform Implemented The New Smart Account Solution Based On Smart Contracts

Waves may turn out to be a hidden gem


Morning all,

So, pretty happy I didn’t go short on BTC yesterday, it has a good run and seems to be trading sideways over $6500. Might expect the usual weekend consolidation, but everything still looking healthy.

For today:

Wallstreet WANTS to get more bullish on bitcoin by the sounds of it
(will the ETF eventually come? Maybe…)

Over 1,500 Bitcoin ATMs to Be Deployed in Argentina in Response to Rampant Inflation

Bitcoin Price Continues Sideways Stroll…How Much Longer?

MCO cards on display at DELTA conference
You can do banking/crypto transfers from tomorrow in MCO app

2 New Tokens in NEO Ecosystem, NEO-CLI 2.9.0 Core Update

Ethereum to Hit $1,900 by End of 2018, Says Tom Lee
(not likely says Mike fishy :stuck_out_tongue: )

$30M NYC Real Estate Property Tokenized on Ethereum

Ripple - The “X Protocol” will allow exchanges between EOS and Ethereum tokens. Will all future blockchains be stringed together by one inter-operable protocol?
(did someone say ICON?)

Phillip Nunn Changes Position on Ripple (XRP), They Will be the “Microsoft of Crypto”
(and no one says Microsoft is evil… ever…)

Bitcoin Cash is getting adopted faster than any other cryptocurrency. Why? Because people are using it for payments, not only as a store of value.

Staking enabled on Ontology Network making it one of the best coins to stake.

Siacoin Surging on ASIC Limiting Hard Fork

Waves Stateful Smart Accounts, part 2: Implementing ERC-20 and NFT(ERC-721) step by step guide available now.

The Lite Podcast and Cryptomonsters World: Why Litecoin, non-fungible tokens, and AI?

Almost no other project has accomplished what Cardano has in the same timeframe. (o’rly?)
(Note: Cardano roadmap update is due today, so we shall see…)

Fun site for the day:
Battle of the Alt Coins: https://www.battlebracketz.com/
Round 2 of BattleBracketz is open for voting! Only 8 alt-coins remain in the cryptocurrency contest: (DASH, IOTA, NEO, NANO, DOGE, MONERO, CYBERMILES & VECHAIN)

Also, NEO - creative design competition end on Oct 14th.
(Check the @neo_blockchain twitter for some extra fun)

Competitions tend to entice retail investors into buying CDA’s for projects they like and have fun with, it is a very good marketing strategy. Good competitions are ones that go over a period of 2 weeks maximum and have simple tasks that anyone can complete, with daily activities that should take no longer than 15 minutes. I have been quite successful with these in the past.

USD - Dollar Consolidates Gains while Yields Continue to Rise. (ie: long term bulls)

USDJPY stalls at 114.50
VP Pence speech against China weighs on Yuan
Nikkei -0.41% Dax -0.56%

FX markets consolidated after a massive dollar rally yesterday with most of the majors seeing minor 20 pip bounces amidst little news flow ahead of Friday’s NFPs. The latest spate of economic data has provided the greenback with an unambiguous boost as yields on the 10 year have spiked to 3.21% now trading firmly above the 3.00% level.

(Newtons law, what goes up…)

Cryptocurrencies Drop Despite TD Ameritrade’s Partnership With Crypto-Related Exchange
“Majority of cryptocurrencies in top 50 dropped in value on Wednesday”
(Looked like normal sideways trading consolidation to me, followed by a good run back up again - so why do the mainstream news focus on what is objectively not a negative thing? Expect commercial investors to start looking to accumulate again - the “old boys” are probably making moves)

Aussie Record Trade Surplus Does Little to Slow the AUD/USD decline. #shtcoin!

EURO - Mixed - 44% Short (+4%)
GBP - Mixed - 61% Long (-4%)
JPY - Mixed - 63% Short (-3%)
CAD - Bearish - 65% Long (no change)
AUD - Mixed - 27% Short (-4%) (#shtcoin - everyone is dumping it :stuck_out_tongue: )
XAU - Bearish - 85% Long (no change) (gold stabilising)
Bitcoin - Bearish - 79% Long (no change)
Ethereum - Bearish - 90% Long (no change)
Ripple - Bearish - 95% Long (no change)
Litecoin - Bearish - 91% Long (no change)

I should mention that I live in Australia and the AUD dump all year is causing some real issues here. So while I may joke that it is a #shtcoin and I hold mostly USD, the problems and inflation here is starting to create problems, but is good for exports. So even though there was record exports, the value of the AUD makes it less then the previous year, which is why it is still dumping. If the USD continues to be strong and rally, expect other countries to also show higher than normal inflation and dumping of their currencies - which can lead to a stock market correction - so be Fishy.

As for the Crypto market, it has been the most stable I have seen it in quite some time and has been very good for trading, I hope it continues, but I am expecting that it will not last.

Given the good run on BTC yesterday, I am expecting some consolidation today, but the support at the $6527 mark is impressive, seems some people want to accumulate at this level.

Stay Fishy

Investing in Bitcoin ATMs

No idea how Cybermiles is in there with the others. But definitely a fun contest.


How about that GVT Mike,looking pretty good!