Mike Fishy Traders Summary


Sure is looking good for GVT, still HODLing mine!


One of the better picks, its heading to $15 for sure! :rocket:

Stay Fishy


Why have I only just seen this! Dam…


I’m glad you brought it back to my attention,I heard about it last year from the youtuber Cryptosomniac in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rUTSbsZtHM and he mentioned he planned on hodling it which he rarely does so I made a mental note but forgot about it because of all the other shiny new objects floating in front of me in the Crypto world.


Morning all,

Bit of a wild up and down over the weekend, but BTC still trading along sideways over $6500.
Sold my GVT when it hit $15 and it peaked at $15.15 before consolidating. Will buy it back when it has regained a little more sanity which should still be over $10, so still worth hodling for those that are.

For Today:

Potential Big move for Bitcoin is coming in the next days! - Alessio Rastani
(BTC has been sideways for while now, so a breakout could be due)

Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee: Bitcoin With Lightning Network Is Satoshi’s Vision

Sidechains Are Bringing ICOs to Bitcoin And That Might Change Crypto Funding

Ripple Drops 8% as Volume Drops 50% in 1 Week, Bitcoin Bear Biased
(it has had a great run, looks like normal consolidation to me)

Binance Endorses XRP as BitBank Claws to the Top 3 in XRP Related Trading Volumes

World Trade Organization Says Ripple Could Transform Global Commerce

Silicon Valley based blockchain startup “0chain” partners with Oracle

The number of TV boxes actively equipped with Elastos Carrier Service has reached 230,000 consumer owned units. (nice)

Tron schedules a big conference, Bittrex de-listing BTS, BTG, BTCP while institutional investors believe crypto will go up in case of recession

Happy 7th Birthday Łitecoin - LTC!

Ubex - Impressive Pump and dump - one of the largest seen to date.

Trade Token (TIO) - Liquidity Pool Launch tomorrow

Airswap (AST) - major update to Airswap Trading Network Oct 10th

Aphelion (APH) - DEX Launch on Oct 10th

There is a lot of de-listing scheduled for Oct 13th on Liqui - including Mysterium (MYST), WAVES, BAT and REQ.

Litecoin to be listed on Gemini Exchange on Oct 13th.

Weak Finish Suggests U.S. Dollar Decoupling from Rising Treasury Yields
(not really, the USD has been rallying for a while, looks like normal consolidation)

After rising for most of the week, the greenback’s rally lost momentum on Friday on the back of mixed labor market data. Although the USD extended its gains versus the commodity currencies, it slipped against the Japanese Yen, EURO and sterling (GBP).

This week for USD - economic data through the week includes September wholesale inflation numbers on Wednesday, September consumer inflation and the weekly jobless claims numbers on Thursday, with September import and export prices and prelim October consumer sentiment numbers due out on Friday.
(Hint: all the numbers are expected to be bullish - 10 year Treasury yields continue to make new 11 year highs)

USD/CAD could extend to 1.3000 before there’s any meaningful resistance.

AUD and NZD - economic under-performance is the main reason why AUD and NZD fail to see any rally this week. The selling pressure for both currencies are strong and there could be another cent decline before there is support in either currency.

GBP - Sterling on the other hand was the best performing currency. Investors have not given up on the hope for a Brexit deal and their optimism was reinforced by EU Chief Negotiator Barnier’s comment that they are prepared to offer the UK a “super charged” free trade deal that is more comprehensive than any agreement offered before. Unfortunately this means they will be rejecting Prime Minister May’s demand for frictionless trade so the Brits may not happy with the deal.

EURO - Mixed - 43% Short (-1%)
GBP - Bullish - 64% Long (+3%)
JPY - Bearish - 65% Short (+2%)
CAD - Bearish - 61% Long (-4%)
AUD - Bearish - 24% Short (-3%)
XAU - Bearish - Long contracts completed and new contracts start today.
Bitcoin - Bearish - 82% Long (+3%)
Ethereum - Bearish - 90% Long (no change)
Ripple - Bearish - 95% Long (no change)
Litecoin - Bearish - 90% Long (-1%)

Looking at more sideways action, but there hasn’t been the slight uptick that is needed for it to keep going, so there is a potential fro a breakout soon. Given the number of Futures Traders going Long, we should expect a breakout to the upside possibly mid to late this week.

Stay Fishy


Started up the bot after editing the exclude list.
Need to build more code into it to automatically create the exclude list…

Stay Fishy


automated exclusion list idea: The Volatility Switch Indicator:


Damnit,did not set a sell order at $15,missed that!


Wow thats amazing news!


Morning all,

Looks like BTC has a small breakout then consolidated, that was nice to see, trading around $6700 at the moment and looking at the trend it could get to $6800 before consolidating again. This is a much higher uptick than it has been for a while, so those futures traders going long are on a winner just now.

Best trade for me was Ontology, all the indicators were right for a trade, so when BTC starts a bit of a rally, look for indicators on some of the ALT’s to see if there is room for a good move. I also did well on Theta, AE and XEM with the bot, multiple trades done with an average of 7%. CMT was the one I missed, it did exceptionally well at 17.37% and is still going at the moment.

Will expect another consolidation either later today or early tomorrow as an “all green” day tends to have a day following of consolidation. Key levels to look out for is mostly with BTC, as long as it doesn’t consolidate down under $6500, we would be in more bullish territory.

For Today:

No, SEC isn’t Approving a Bitcoin ETF This Month
(it is likely to come at some point…)

World Trade Organisation report: Ripple, IOTA, Bitcoin & Ethereum are groundbreaking technologies but there are issues to be solved
(some of the issues are minor and easily fixed, some are rather more complex that banks struggle with as well, so it is not just Crypto)

The first major asset in Manhattan has been tokenized on Ethereum
(ETH still not really performing in the price targets, but is being a bit more stable)

Ripple, In Partnership With Japan Bank Consortium, Launches MoneyTap
(or - being a bank - moneytrap? lol)

EOS Hacked for $12Million
(more bad contracts, but EOS can reverse transactions)

TRON and Veridium make Forbes list of Top 9 Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Companies Set For 2019
TRON Launches Project Atlas for BitTorrent Users Worldwide
(I am still confused as to how these guys plan on making money, the business sense doesn’t seem to be there)

Ambrosus mention in Forbes for their revolutionary approach to tracking of Quality Assurance in supply chains
(There is room for more than one VeChain)

Dash Passes 3,600 Merchants 18 Months Ahead of Lightning Network 1,000 Merchants Bet
(I find this quite surprising, but the merchants are quite small)

Steem/Byteball real world use case Use-a-Thon winners announced (new Discord Bot wins first prize)
(just what we need… more chat bots… are people that lonely?)

Good Money’s Master Plan: A Stealth Bid to Get Celebs Promoting Crypto Exposed
(and we all know what happens when Celebs get paid to shill…)

Cobinhood partnership with Zeux today
(the man married to his Lambos is making moves)

Global Blockchain Policy Conference 2018 in Seoul, South Korea is on Oct 11th.

Lesser known Bulwark (BWK) is activating protocol Spork - a unique way to fork and the technology looks quite interesting on Oct 15th

Monero hard fork is not scheduled for Oct 18th

East-West Crypto Bridge in Frankfurt, Germany conference is on Oct 22nd.

GVT Trading Platform Release is now scheduled for Oct 30th - will GVT go over $30?
(looking quite bullish for GVT and appears to have a larger community ready to use the platform in production than I had anticipated).

Mainstream news reports - “Cryptocurrency Market Review: Bitcoin Consolidates Despite Major News”
(well, thats not exactly true now - is it? Where do these reporters get their data?)

EUR, GBP, AUD all tumble
Brexit, Italy continue to weigh on Euro
Nikkei -0.80% Dax -0.67%

In Europe, the concerns over Italian budget crisis have investors in a frenzy despite reassurances by deputy PM Matteo Salvini that the government has no plans on leaving the EURO.

Meanwhile in the UK the endless back and forth on Brexit appears to have exhausted investors as well and with no concrete proposals on the Irish border from the Tory conference the market is getting antsy.

With both US and Canada on bank holidays today, the calendar is barren and liquidity may be limited.

China and European Woes Weigh on Equities but Buoy the Dollar. The Shanghai and Shenzhen Composites fell almost 4%, and the yuan slid nearly 0.8%. It is an unusually large decline for the closely managed currency. The offshore yuan fell by a little more than 0.5%. There are appears to have been a jump in offshore sales of mainland shares through the stock connect facilities.

Japanese markets are closed for a national holiday, which spared, for the time being, the erosion of equities throughout the region.

So in summary, Asia Pacific doing it tough, EURO struggling and USD doing well.

EURO - Bearish - 42% Short (-1%)
GBP - Mixed - 67% Long (+3%)
JPY - Bearish - 64% Short (-1%) (Market Closed in Japan)
CAD - Bearish - 57% Long (-4%)
AUD - Mixed - 27% Short (+3%)
XAU - Bearish - 89% Long (New Contract stage)
Bitcoin - Bearish - 79% Long (-3%)
Ethereum - Bearish - 91% Long (+1%)
Ripple - Bearish - 95% Long (no change)
Litecoin - Bearish - 91% Long (+1%)

@mwlang thanks for the info, will look into it, but I think I have a method to automate it, just have not coded it in yet.

Also - Bitcoin - Bearish - 79% Long (-3%) - notice the -3% on long contracts after the BTC rally yesterday, traders are selling long contracts to buy them back when BTC consolidates, so this matches up with what I was expecting. However, Ethereum is up 1% on long contracts, so traders are not expecting ETH to consolidate but rather continue sideways. Ripple futures contract hodlers are going strong hands together with LTC, so traders sentiment is saying - more sideways action except BTC.

Stay Fishy


Set my GVT buyback at $11 as it doesn’t look like it is going to consolidate as much as I thought.
Seems everyone wants to hold on to their GVT :slight_smile:

Stay Fishy


Good lord I hope so! I was about to smash all my BNB into GVT until I remembered the BNB coin burn is coming up.


I managed to buy all my GVT back at $11.08, got lucky there, its on its way up again…
However, just on the sell at $15 and buyback, I got 26% more GVT.

Think I will probably hodl it until after the launch now, see what happens.

I do think the GVT strategy is good, the phone app looks good, simple, easy to use and the market sector is so massive, that even a 0.1% market share would be huge amounts of money for them compared to the relatively small ICO.

However, not advice, be Fishy on your own, just letting you know what I am up to and see how it pans out.


Stay Fishy



Morning all,

Nice to see BTC holding above $6600 and trading sideways again, looks quite healthy.
GVT is also trading above $11.20 which also make me happy :slight_smile:

For Today:

Binance delists CHAT, ICN, BCN, and TRIG
(Shame about TRIG, I quite liked that one)

Hedge Fund Mgr. says, Bitcoin Will see $10,000 this Year
(This could be likely by end of the year)

Bitcoin Core 0.17.0 Released
(Block size removed! and the number of contributors is at a record)

NDS, a subsidiary of Korean food producer Nongshim, has partnered with blockchain startup AMBROSUS to track and trace premium quality beef sold by food retailer Mega Mart.
(Have to love Korean BBQ on the blockchain)

Court Authorizes Crypto Firm to Reclaim 530 ETH Sent to Wrong Address “in whatsoever hands those Ether Tokens may currently be held”
(Good luck with that…)

If Vitalik Buterin Leaves Ethereum, Who Will Replace Him?
(I’m pretty sure almost anyone would be better for the foundation)

Banco Santander Will Use Ripple (XRP) For Settling All Payments

IOTA Among Gainers as Markets Revisit its Car Insurance Plans

CNBC Host Says Crypto Market Is ‘About to Explode’, Ripple Adds a New Partner, and Robinhood Crypto Expands to 24 States

TRON Odyssey to be ‘200x faster than ETH, and 100x cheaper than EOS’
(if only it was profitable for them…)

CyberMiles (CMT) Mainnet Launch on Oct 14th

eBitcoin (EBTC) App Release Oct 15th
(If only they were doing something different…)

Fortuna (FOTA) Platform Release Oct 16th
(The first blockchain platform for the Global OTC Derivatives Market)

Nexium (NXC) Beyond the Void release on Steam Oct 24th

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Labs Launch on Oct 25th

and my favourite that I’m going to add in again :stuck_out_tongue:
GVT Platform Launch Oct 30th
(go GVT!! lol)

It was a rollercoaster ride in the foreign exchange market yesterday, with currencies rebounding strongly after hitting fresh lows at the start of the NY session.

With US yields reversing lower after hitting 9-year highs, USD/JPY took another trip below 113.

After hitting 6 week lows, the EURO ended the day unchanged against the U.S. dollar.

The strongest currency yesterday was the British pound, which is trading purely on Brexit speculation.
(and you thought speculation was just in Crypto lol)

The Australian and New Zealand dollars rebounded. While AUD was supported by slightly better Australian business confidence, these deeply oversold currencies benefitted from low USD sentiment while the recovery in stocks helped to boost risk appetite.

The downtrend in EURO and the commodity currencies remain intact until there are real improvements in Italy and US-China trade relations.

US yields hit a 9 year high with benchmark 10 year rising to 3.23%. The move failed to move USDJPY much but continued to put downward pressure on EURO.

EURO - Bearish - 44% Short (+2%)
GBP - Mixed - 64% Long (-3%)
JPY - Bearish - 62% Short (-2%)
CAD - Bullish - 35% Long (-22%) (Large move after the US/Mexico/Canada trade negotiation!)
AUD - Bullish - 26% Short (-1%)
XAU - Bearish - 89% Long (no change)
Bitcoin - Bearish - 80% Long (+1%)
Ethereum - Bearish - 91% Long (no change)
Ripple - Bearish - 95% Long (no change)
Litecoin - Bearish - 91% Long (no change)

With little change in the Crypto futures, we should expect more sideways trading.

Stay Fishy


What’s good about GVT, does it have any long term potential?


That’s major news for XRP hodlers!

Funny this news when I just posted this: Rosy Outlook for IOTA/Bitcoin

Just read an article about this one that said in summary:

If you believe in the long-term utility that is presented by the e-commerce industry, and that CyberMiles has a part to play, then it seems like a no brainer to buy CyberMiles while things are trading at such a low. Especially when there’s a catalyst like a mainnet migration coming up in the near future.


Dallas Mavericks to Make Basketball Tickets and Merchandise Available with CyberMiles Tokens (CMT)



Thanks for that @AmorFati - got to love Ivan’s reviews, I think he does a good job at them asking all the right questions.

Stay Fishy


Morning all,

BTC still sideways trading with volatility between $6530 and $6670, which is good and above the long futures contracts amount.

ICON is showing very positive on the market trading between $0.62 and $0.72, along with QTUM looking like the winner of yesterday from $3.70 to $4.14. I still think QTUM has a bigger role to play along side NEO in China.

GVT is doing well, trading up to $12.85, so I’m also quite happy about that :slight_smile:
Plus: Genesis Vision announces its partnership with OKEx!

Very nice to see my favourites doing well.

For Today:

A new study shows China controls 74% of BTC.
(you know they love to HODL and accumulate when it is low)

Mastercard Making Moves Toward Potentially Enabling Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Transactions
(I always get nervous when I see JP Morgan doing things… it never goes well for the smaller players)

A recent study shows Ripple owns about 60 billion of the 100 billion XRP created
(I’m not finding this very surprising)

Reputable wallets start supporting Lightning Network: Electrum about to integrate LN payments
(Lightning Network is growing faster each time I look, very positive with a large amount of code contributors)

Bytecoin [BCN] bites the dust with a 22% loss after Binance delisting (TRIG lost over 45%)
(Delisting from Binance really does hurt the project)

VeChain Foundation - Introducing the VeChain Technical Deep Dive Series
(Some light reading to do)

IOTA (MIOTA) Qubic Project Takes Giant Leaps: IOTA Becomes a Car Insurance Game changer
(Don’t forget your insurance on all your Lambos!)

DAOstack is now being used by “Liberland” a small cryptocurrency nation that received 500,000 applications for residency

Sentinel Chain CEO and Founder Awarded Entrepreneur of the Year Award (EYA 2018)

ARK Core v2 Testing: Dynamic Fees today

Analysis Reveals Nano, Stellar, XRP, EOS, NEO and IOTA Are Among the Fastest Growing Cryptocurrencies on Binance
(You missed GVT Mr News Reporter!)

EOS Voter Collusion Scandal Highlights Issues Of Trust And Governance

Lisk (LSK): Lack of roadmap updates is a worry for the community as new detailed roadmap is in the workings according to the team
(all good things take time, but LSK is struggling to find it’s niche)

Devery (EVE) partners with Nuggets

Finally, the project I am contracted to work on (Block.Loan) is coming along, but due to changes in the way an ICO may be done, some very last minute changes are being done. ICO’s are becoming more difficult to do and the rules are changing while companies are in mid-stream of their fund raising. This is going to cause a bit of turmoil for these new projects, but we persevere.

Market Drivers October 10, 2018

Brexit news dominates Asia trade
Nikkei 0.16% Dax -0.36%

GBP UK GDP 0.0% vs. 0.1% eyed, GBP UK Trade -11B
UK newspapers reported that negotiators were working on the idea of a customs union which would protect trade between UK and EU after Brexit and that there was a possibility that some sort of deal can be done by Monday ahead of the EU summit next week.
The Brexit drama has seen more ups and downs than a telenovela, but the latest round of news suggests that officials from both sides are serious about negotiating some sort of workable arrangement and cable is responding accordingly.

US Dollar Pullback may Continue in North America. The counter-trend move began in the foreign exchange market on Tuesday and continued into Asia today. In the current context, this meant a dollar pullback. Although move seemed to falter early European activity, we expect the dollar to move modestly lower in North America today. Asian stocks snapped a seven-day slide, with the help of small gains broadly in the region, including Japan, China, and India.

The stock markets take a pause in the decline after a few days of increasing pressure, but the yield’s growth of American bonds allows sentiment around maintaining a negative trend.

EURO - Mixed - 45% Short (+1%)
GBP - Mixed - 60% Long (-4%)
JPY - Mixed - 60% Short (-2%)
CAD - Bearish - 38% Long (+3%)
AUD - Bearish - 27% Short (+1%)
XAU - Bearish - 89% Long (no change)
Bitcoin - Bearish - 81% Long (+1%)
Ethereum - Bearish - 91% Long (no change)
Ripple - Bearish - 95% Long (no change)
Litecoin - Bearish - 91% Long (no change)

If you traded CAD after that massive move yesterday, you would be up 1.9%, which is a lot for Forex. I would expect at least another 0.5% before it starts consolidating due to the USD sliding a little.
(Remember, with Forex trading, traders use hundreds of millions, so small percentages is still a large sum)

Again very little to no change in Futures for the Crypto big 4. So we should expect more sideways trading.

Stay Fishy


Hi all,

BTC took a big dump and looks like it is about to bounce back, but it did drop below the Long Contracts amount, which might be a little concerning.

GVT is still doing well though lol

Stay Fishy