Mike Fishy Traders Summary


:grinning: Glad I got on the GVT train in the early stages.


Love the sideways trading and bounces today, the Bot is doing well :slight_smile:

20 BTC has been turned into 33.78 BTC in 23.8 hours.
Hoping it can 2x before dinner time :stuck_out_tongue:

GVT peaked at $11.95 before tracing back to $11.49, but on its way up again…

Been a good day!

Stay Fishy :fish:


Where can i educate myself on how to set up and run these bots? Any suggestions/ tips for someone that has no programming skills? Not afraid to put in the time to learn if you’re doing that damn good with a bot!


You made 75k da fuq am I doing wrong lol


Mike do us a favour mate!
How long did it take to setting up your bot, and what are the implications of running it?

I don’t care if i have to kick my whole room out with equipment…it’s obviously worth it by the look of things!

Any thoughts on this current break in BTC? Could be some kind of fakeout?


haha well done mate. Crushing it.


Whalewatch just alerted me that someone is buying up large quantities of 0x (ZRX)


Sorry i’ll stop now!



Is that an app? Wonder how they determine the buy/sell is from one person/wallet?


Morning all,

Firstly, the bot I wrote has taken a long time and is still a work in progress, there is still many things it needs done to take care of the unusual nature of the Crypto trading market. I modify the code almost daily and keep finding more things it needs to be reliable. So while it can run for relatively short periods, it needs constant attention and changes to stop it from crashing or doing bad things. It consists of over 810Mb of source code at the moment, but still needs a lot of work to switch strategies and be more error resilient.

I see BTC has been quite bearish, which was to be expected at this time, but I did not expect it to drop below the $6400 mark, which is where the futures contracts would need traders to go short. The futures traders are all mostly going long, so if it doesn’t bounce back up over the threshold, we might see further consolidation back to where we were in August at around $5800. So, hoping it has a good bounce and we get back on track to stable growth, otherwise we could see some further turmoil in the market.

GVT has traded down to $10.82, which is below my buyback, but going to hodl it until we reach the launch on Oct 30th. I believe we may see more bullish action as we enter the last week of October as many projects are also doing releases and updates. So, I am going to hodl and wait to see what happens.

For Today:

Bitfinex Suspends all Fiat Deposits as Bitcoin Premium Surges Over $100

Vitalik Buterin Reveals How Much Ethereum (ETH) He Owns in Response to Dr. Doom
(but did anyone actually care?)

0x gets listed on Coinbase
(watch for the volatility on this one, could be fun to play)

CZ announces Ravencoin listing on Binance

There is currently a Petition to Make XRP the Official Cryptocurrency of Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
(would be pretty awesome for any Crypto to sponsor Olympic things)

Yobit publicly calls for a blatant pump and dump, Ripple CEO spinning the centralization narrative while GVT gets listed on another exchange

Attn Dapp Developers - ICON Announces No Transaction Fees for First 100 Dapps Built on the ICON Platform
(this is pretty awesome!)

North Queensland BCash Tsunami Continues - Now Medical Professionals Begin Accepting BCash
(it appears more professions are open to accepting CDA’s as payment, not just BCash either)

Crypto Firm Pundi X Introduces Blockchain-Powered XPhone

Binance Coin ($BNB) can now be used to buy real estate online from around the world - including US, EU, China
(Go CZ!!)

Fun for the Day: https://www.cmtgenesis.com/
Get your own Message on the Cybermiles Genesis Block for their Mainnet launch

XMR - releases a Quick Primer on Privacy and Fungibility (after Charlie Lee mentions his love for Monero)

Shufti Pro has recently signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with Ontology to work together for KYC and AML integration

Crypto Flash Crash, VeChain Launches Web Series, NEO’s New Gaming Platform, and the Ethereum Address Monitor

(The consolidation is primarily due to the futures traders who all went long and have to stop loss, its a big problem with futures trading and can be 10’s of millions - as long as it bounces and get above the original $6400, they buy em all back and then we rally again back to where we were or possibly higher as FOMO kicks in. Read a post I did a bit earlier which explains the futures traders so you can see what to expect and look for).

Why the Sell-off in Stocks Only Hurt the U.S. Dollar - It was another rocky day in the foreign exchange market with currencies taking their cue from equities. At the start of the NY session, the greenback traded lower against all of the major currencies but as the day progressed and stocks came off their lows, so did the U.S. dollar. In the past few days, the Dow lost what it earned over a 2-month period and given the magnitude of the moves seen this week, there’s no doubt that sentiment is shifting.

(Given the stock market also had a big sell off and the USD consolidated back, it is not surprising that the Crypto market also followed suit - this would suggest more commercial traders are involved in Crypto than we are lead to believe - the institutions are already there)

Causes and Effects: There does not seem to be an obvious trigger for equity rout. Most narratives link it to US rates, trade tensions, and/or positioning around earnings. While any of these could be the spark, many investors also realize that none is needed. Moreover, none seem compelling, and it is precisely because of this, that the market’s fever may burn itself out. At the Market open in Asia and again at the Market open in Europe, both regions have suffered losses and European equities are down less than Asia, which speaks to technology’s leadership in the EURO.

(So basically, all the markets are down and no one really knows what truly triggered it)

EURO - Mixed - 47% Short (+2%)
GBP - Mixed - 58% Long (-2%)
JPY - Mixed - 56% Short (-4%) (JPY positioned well today on the TA with short contracts sold)
CAD - Bearish - 32% Long (-2%) (CAD also positioned well on the TA with short contracts sold)
AUD - Bearish - 31% Short (+8%) (More Shorters on the #shtcoin lol)
XAU - Bearish - 82% Long (-7%) (Long contracts sold even on Gold - Global pullback in progress!)
Bitcoin - Bearish - 77% Long (-5%) (Long contracts sold on BTC as expected)
Ethereum - Bearish - 90% Long (-1%) (Same as BTC but not as much sell off)
Ripple - Bearish - 95% Long (no change) (Traders love their Ripple and hold on tightly to their contracts)
Litecoin - Bearish - 93% Long (+2%) (LTC goes in opposite direction to BTC, this is surprising!)

So, given all the data today, we should expect a bounce, followed by more consolidation and as long as we can get back above $6400 on BTC and hold above it, we should be good. Otherwise expect us to go back to August prices much like the Stock market did.

Stay Fishy


Hi Mike, have you used Yoroi wallet? Is it any good?



They send out alerts about ERC20 tokens. Just got these two

1,645,997.00 ZRX ($1,250,957.72 USD) transferred from Binance

499,999.00 ZRX ($379,999.24 USD) transferred from Bitfinex to Unknown wallet


When did it happen? I started getting Whalewatch notices yesterday about huge ZRX movements

In the last hour 6610 BTC have been transferred from exchanges to wallets,one transfer was for $18 million


I believe 0x got listed late yesterday on Coinbase.

You playing with the whales?



Edit: before checking out for the weekend and heading to the Saki bar, BTC has not bounced yet, just going sideways a little under $6300. If this continues, we might see it dump again to the August lows.

Stay Fishy :fish:


Morning all,

Looks like BTC is creeping above $6400 again this morning which is a good sign, the consolidation down to $6200 was a little worrying, I thought the futures contractors would sell for sure, but it appears to not have gone that way.

Best trade for me was GoChain on Sunday evening my time, it surged a nice 60%.

Bot is still running, has done quite well even over the rather quiet weekend:

So looking good all around. Went clay pigeon shooting, so my shoulder is rekt from the recoil, so bit slow at typing today lol

For Today:

BTC $155 spread between Binance and Kraken causing a 2.5 % premium
(Arbitrage trading is on the rise as the spread between Binance and others gets wider)

Tether ranks equal 4th for Most Stable Coin in the top 10
(other stable coins seem to be winning the game!)

“EOS will die in a horrible dumpster fire in the next five years” says Bitcoin Developer Jimmy Song
(only put it in summary cause that statement is funny and is true for a lot of projects)

Ripple Reveals XRP Discussions With the Trump Administration, Says White House Is Focused on Crypto

Bitcoin Bull Tom Lee Says It’s ‘Early Days’ for Crypto, VeChain Gets a New Supply Chain Partner, and Litecoin Celebrates Seven Years
(Happy Birthday LTC!)

Roger Ver Weekly News Update - ‘Bitcoin BTC’ Supporters Choose Credit Cards Over BTC?! Bitcoin BCH ICO Raises $30 Million
(Credit Card is still the most convenient way to transact, which needs to change)

DocuSign Ethereum Integration Fall '18
(This is good news and a good use scenario for smart contracts, DocuSign has ALOT of customers)

How Tron (TRX) Is On the Cusp of Changing the Game - Crypto Crimson
(While I am not a TRON supporter, some of the innovation is pretty cool)

Binance: BNB Falls Back Below $10 as BTC Takes a Nosedive But Strong Support is in Sight
(The TA today shows we should see some upside action for a while)

Ethereum ETH Hard Fork is today

Bethereum (BETHER) Platform Beta Test scheduled for today

Cybermiles (CMT) Mainnet launch today

Litecoin (LTC) will be listed on Gemini tomorrow

EOS - EOSISH Airdrop for EOS Hodlers tomorrow
(so expect an EOS dump shortly after)

Cryptrust (CTRT) Mobile dApp Launch Oct 17th

Monero (XMR) hard fork on Oct 18th and trading challenge ends on Oct 19th

East-West Crypto Bridge in Frankfurt, Germany - large conference on Oct 22nd, so should hear some interesting updates afterwards.

ZCash (ZEC) - Zcash Platform v. 2.0.0 Release - Oct 28th

Overall, lots of releases and updates and no de-listings mentioned that I could find, so looking fairly positive this month.

Is the Big Short comming?

It’s been a particularly interesting few weeks that culminated in some particularly newsworthy events over the last week with the choppy waters being the beginnings of a storm that has been brewing since Trump’s November 2016 Presidential Election victory. For the market, analysts looking for key drivers over the near-term that will ultimately decide the fate of a number of currencies, economies and ultimately whether a new crisis dawns.
10-year Treasury yields have hit their highest level since 2011
Economic indicators out of China has suggested that the ongoing trade war with the U.S has begun to bite
Rumblings from corporate America, over the effects of the U.S tariffs on Chinese goods and China tariffs on U.S goods
President Trump’s decision to add the FED to his ‘Blacklist’ is another cause for concern as the influence from the Oval Office reflective of just how bad things could get as the cost of borrowing rises and profit margins shrink. It’s not surprising that the U.S President wants the FED to hit the brakes.

Over in Europe: Italy: Its judgement day for the Italian coalition government, with the deadline for budget plans to the European Commission being this Monday. Immediate focus will be on whether the European Commission announces its intention to reject the budget, which would rile the markets.

EURO - Bullish - 46% Short (-1%)
GBP - Mixed - 38% Short (+6%)
JPY - Mixed - 50% Short (-6%)
CAD - Bullish - 61% Short (-1%) (CAD performed well late last week)
AUD - Bearish - 30% Short (-1%)
XAU - Mixed - (No data)
Bitcoin - Bearish - 22% Short (+1%)
Ethereum - Bearish - 10% Short (no change)
Ripple - Bearish - 5% Short (no change) (Traders love their Ripple and hold on tightly to their contracts)
Litecoin - Bearish - 8% Short (+1%)

For the Crypto sentiment, I am taking a contrarian view to the traders and will go long.
(not advice, be Fishy on your own)

Stay Fishy


Was just looking at the charts and I noticed BTC had what looked to be a pump and dump, but surely that isnt possible…

The daily volume on Binance is double what it has been for many weeks.
Literally went from 230mil to 432mil in the space of 4 hours.

Something strange is happening, BTC went from $6300 to $7680 and then retraced back to $6720 in that 4 hours and now is back up to $6890. That is a ton of money to be pump and dumping with - LOL

Paused the bot for a while till things look sane again.

Stay Fishy


Morning all,

Bit of a wild ride yesterday and looking like some unusual movements in the market is still going on.

I actually let the bot run afterall, just to see what would happen and it did extremely well :slight_smile:


Love the volatility in the market after something strange happens.

For Today:

Bitcoin Surges to $7,500 on Bitfinex as Tether Implodes, Real Price $6,700

Fidelity Launches Institutional Platform For Bitcoin And Ethereum

Hong Kong rejects China Crypto ban and says it will support Crypto and make new regulations to help Enterprises investing in Crypto Technology while helping protect investors.

2 out of 10 winning finalists at ETH San Francisco built their platforms using Kyber protocol

Dogecoin (DOGE) Prepares For Potential Coinbase Listing :doge:
DOGE also being listed on Lescovex today

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP ATMs Launch In India To Bypass RBI Ban

So apparently sources suggest Justin Sun’s big Tron partnership with Baidu is about cloud computing!

IOTA’s Tangle Powers IAMPASS Biometric Palm Vein Authentication For Digital Identity

Payfair lists NANO to over 35 FIAT pairs

Quantum Computing Concerns Put to Rest by XTRABYTES™
(some are starting to implement the Quantum Resistant encryption protocols)

Product Releases and new platforms for DAN, REBL, CyberMiles (CMT), EBTC, BWK, METM, SUB, BETHER and Nebula AI (NBAI)
(Nebula AI is a trading platform for AI Bots for anyone interested in Bot programming)

Crypto Week In Review : Bitcoin Gains Below Ichimoku, Coinbase Kills Index Fund, Adds 0x

Three Reasons Why US Dollar is Garbage Today
Risk off flows push USDJPY towards 111.50
Brexit talks stall
Nikkei -1.87% Dax -0.05%
USD Retail Sales 8.30
Dollar took a beating in Asian and early European trade as risk-off flows sent the buck reeling with USDJPY trading to lows of 111.62 while euro, cable, and Aussie all set fresh session highs as outflows continued. Secondly, the rising spectre of twin deficits (trade and budget) - something that hasn’t dogged the dollar in years may be coming back in vogue. The Trump Administration’s massive bet that trillion dollar US deficits would result in supercharged growth could have misfired. Lastly, the sharp decline in financial assets and the concomitant falloff in investor sentiment could force a halt in Fed’s relentless rate hiking cycle.

Blues For The Forex Markets
Despite the pre-weekend gains that lifted the S&P 500 above its 200-day moving average, global equities are moving lower today. The main news over the weekend included the US renewing its threat to impose more tariffs on China and Saudi Arabia threatening retaliation for any sanctions relating to the disappearance of the journalist Khashoggi, and the lack of a breakthrough in UK-EU negotiations.

EURO - Bullish - 47% Short (+1%)
GBP - Mixed - 42% Short (+4%)
JPY - Mixed - 48% Short (-2%)
XAU - Mixed - 17% Short (Money heading into Gold)
CAD - Bullish - 62% Short (+1%) (CAD performing well)
AUD - Bearish - 33% Short (+3%) (AUD having a little reprieve)
Bitcoin - Bearish - 16% Short (-6%)
Ethereum - Bearish - 8% Short (-2%)
Ripple - Bearish - 4% Short (-1%) (Forex Traders love their Ripple)
Litecoin - Bearish - 7% Short (-1%)

Some of the Crypto turmoil has enticed traders to buy up on long contracts.
It would be pretty cool if Tether did completely implode lol

Stay Fishy


Wonder how this will change with the coin burn upcoming,you invest in BNB Mike?


I do have a ton of BNB, its the main one my bot uses for trading.
It switches BTC to BNB to ALTs and back constantly, thats how it does so well.

The BNB burn generally doesn’t make a huge difference as the price spikes then goes back to normal again afterwards. When it spikes, the bot simply trades it to BTC and waits…

Stay Fishy