Million Dollar Portfolio

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I got to thinking about a portfolio’s total value with respect to the 1BTC backbone required for the SpaceTicket. While many of us are waiting for BTC to reach $1mm/coin, what are your thoughts on amassing 10,000 shares over 10 coins and waiting for the cumulative value of those 10 coins to reach $100?

In NO WAY am I advocating anyone depart from Big Momma Bitcoin.

I only want to bolster discussion in this very intelligent community. It’s sorta like dollar cost averaging for total number of shares, not dollar cost averaging into one singular Big Position. Because as of today:
1 share in each of the TOP 10 mkt cap currencies would cost you $6460. and
1 share in each of the 2nd 10 mkt cap currencies would cost you $557.

So while they’re 2nd tier in mkt cap… you can afford more shares and the cumulative value is what matters. Does that make sense? Or do I just need to step away for the long holiday weekend?
Please remember: this hypothetical is less about Top 10 vs 2nd 10. It’s more toward the question of whether or not #more shares allows for mid-range delta on gains to reach $1mm.

Nice Talkin!

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