Miner issue, card recognition by system

After some swapping around of parts, swapping power cables, swapping cards around etc etc Ive determined that one of my risers just went out on me randomly.

my question is, is this something that happens fairly commonly?

I guess Ill be ordering a set of risers to keep around in case this happens again. Thought it might help someone else to see this post if they are also trying to figure out why one of their cards isnt being seen by the system


yeah apparently this is very common don’t sweat it.


Not a riser, i swapped the risers and the other card worked fine with it… Im still getting down to it. gonna swap a few more parts but the system isnt seeing my 6th card…

All 6 cards have fans spinning, but this last card on the end is still cold. not hashing… maybe if i swap the connector by the motherboard with a known working card I will be able to tell if its the piece of the riser that connects to the MOBO



Sata power cable had a pulled out wire… Cant tell if its fried at the end or the fact that it was probably barely connected was causing the heat that makes it look that way… either way im swapping it for a 4 pin to sata power cable. might take some load off the cable and keep everything running better…

if its ur fault corsair… damn you!


I’d try testing just that one card that might not be working on the board with no riser just to make sure everything is good with the card and work backwards from that.

Then check the riser with a working card, if that doesn’t work, try what you were saying swapping out the part that connects to the motherboard with one you know works, if still no luck try different riser with same motherboard connection.

If you test everything and each part works but it still won’t detect the card this is where I start assuming a driver issue.


were good now! sata power cables are wimpy things! atleast it was the end one! and now I know why they have so many extra connections :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Word, good to hear! I saw you responded with an update right as I hit reply :smile:

Risers can really suck, and so puny sata cables. it’s good to have backups and backup cables :metal:


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