Minimum Limit Order Size on GDAX

With the price of BTC going up, so does the minimum limit order on GDAX, which is .01 BTC. My bi-weekly DCA is less than .01 BTC (BTC is $9692 right now). In fact I’ll have to wait 3 cycles…if I can even keep up with that requirement. Should I buy ETH or LTC (also .01 ETH or .01 LTC minimum limit order) and stuff it in my exodus wallet to exchange it for BTC right away, or just do a market order for BTC and pay the fees? Fees, fees, fees. I’m still working on my ticket, so I’m all about just getting my BTC right now.

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If you can buy on GDAX you should be able to buy on Coinbase and Coinbase doesn’t have a limit that I am aware of but you do have the 4% fee.


I would say use coinbase on the weekly auto pay. The fees will be insignificant with the growth.

We hate fees, but you’ll hate missing profits even more.

Also, if you want extra justification, since you can predict prices anyway… Buying at $9700 with a $20 fee and buying at $9720 are relatively the same thing right?

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