Mining crypto in your college dorm! - Security Risk?

Free electricity? Campus Wi-fi? Liquid capital thanks to my crushing student loans? You better believing I’d be mining that Bitcoin.

A far better investment than a piece of paper (diploma).

Maybe this is the new business model. Pay for a 4 year degree and use most of the student loan money to mine bitcoin with free electricity in campus housing haha.

My biggest problem with using the campus wifi was all the spyware and keyloggers and BS I had to install just to access it.


This post reminded me of my college years. I was mining bitcoin too. Almost got caught. All this hiding and chasing ate a lot of my time. I was even forced to buy essays at in order to complete my study. Answering your question - it’s kind of risky. It will be better for you if you won’t do that. Just find a normal job instead of it; Okay, you will be tired as f**k, but you won’t have any problems with college at all.

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