Mining Difficulty for DASH

What do people think will happen with the mining difficulty with DASH?

The first D3 minuters will ship in september, the next in october, then november.

right now im look at buying one for the November batch for about $3000.

With current difficulty, profits should be $3000-$5000 in one month…

my plan was to buy one on a 12-month on interest credit card and just make the minimum payments until the D3 gets me the ROI. which should be by January or so at the current difficulties.

My fear is with all the D3 mininig in Sept/October that by the time i get my D3 the profits will be slashed and my ROI will be closer to 12-20 months. that’s the risk.

but if it sticks at the same difficulty i get my ROI in 30-45 days and then im making $3000-$5000 profit monthly

and with 12 months no financing i dont even have to put up the capital



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3000 a month. .seriously? Order me 2 and I’ll quit full time work

Do these miners ship internationally? Link?

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Bitmain L3+ had also a ROI of 20/30 days at his launch and also during the 2-3 month following.

But you can see LTC’s difficulty here :
It has grown a lot… But it’s still worth to have one !

Expect the same thing here, the difficulty will rise (a lot?) but making a ROI in 2-3 month is still insane so do what you want with that :slight_smile:

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where do you order your D3?

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Where to buy miners? How does it work? I’m interested, please tell a bit about how it works.

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You have to wait for Bitmain to release a new batch here :

But you have to follow them here to know when they will release a new batch :
(the batch is always sold out within 5 minutes so be quick ^^)

And guys please ! Don’t invest money in something you don’t know ! Do your researches before investing in mining ! You have to store the miner, there is the electricity bills, it heats a lot, it does a lot of noise, etc. And pay attention to mining profitability ! :slight_smile:

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Yea… difficulty is just such an unknown for me and alot can happen in 3 months.

the D3 miner wouldnt come til late november. im going to wait and see how this september batch effects the difficulty first.

but i like the idea of 0 interest financing for 12 months on something that gets ROI in less then 12 months.

I need to raise some capital. trying to find as many avenues as I can. My overall invesment protfolio is $3500 or so. id like to be able to double that and Sink $3500 between BTC and NEO. $300 a month will take awhile to do that on my current monthly deposits

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