Mining Noob x6 1080ti Rig


Hi guys,

I have finally made the move and invested in a rig. All the hardware arrived this week and the excitement to get this up and running is unreal :slight_smile:. Felt like a kid at Christmas again… However the novelty is quickly wearing off. The physical build was straight forward and quickly executed (with some novice mistakes of course), however the software side of this thing is slowly causing me to haemorrhage…lol

So, here’s the hardware I’m working with:

Mobo - Asus B250
CPU - i5 7500 @ 3.40GHZ
RAM - 32 GB
GPU - GTX 1080ti x6
PSU - EVGA 1600 T2

The software aspect is where it’s proving difficult.
I initially installed Win 10 and installed 2 GPU’s and drivers just as a test. Windows recognised and installed these drivers with no problem. :white_check_mark:
After a long process of troubleshooting I managed to boot SMOS from a USB flash drive. This displayed the GPU’s and after going through the SMOS setup and inputting my wallet addresses the test seemed to be a success. :white_check_mark:
I then wired up the remaining 4 GPU’s and began the same process. :slight_smile:
Of the 6 cards 1 refused to install the driver. :frowning:
I ignored this for a moment to test the working 5 cards in SMOS.
When booting (I now have to manually boot through BIOS as it will not save my boot settings. Another issue unresolved) SMOS fires up and searches for the GPU’s and returns the below.

After another round of troubleshooting I learned that Linux was a better OS to use with this rig as I have another further 6 GPU’s to be installed totalling 12. Apparently Win losses it’s mind when trying to run 12 1080ti’s. Also duplicating this rig if all goes well. (going in hard in losing my mining virginity :wink:)

I have now downloaded and installed Ubuntu and installed all updated drivers. However the error message continues…

So, this is the hurdle i’m currently stuck at and I really don’t let another day pass without putting this rig to work! Trying to stack that COIN! lol

I’m currently downloading Cuda Toolkit. After some more rooting around it seems there maybe a problem with the Kernels and some other techy words that I’m learning on this software journey… lol

Everyday I’m learning something new within this Crypto space and it’s fascinating, I started investing 1 year ago almost to the day and believe I may have been one of the first to join the pub (maybe top 100 :wink:). Between this and @peter daily vids the education has been DOPE!

I digress, if anyone would be so kind as to help me with the below issues I would be truly grateful.

If you need any more info, happy to share.

Thanks all. Looking forward to contributing to the community! :smile:



You can try the following to address the issue of the extra GPUs not showing or running unreliably:

  1. ensure 4G decode is enabled in the BIOS;
  2. ensure all PCIe slots are set to Gen2 mode;
  3. test the PCIe riser boards out to confirm that they are all in working order;
  4. ensure that you spread out the power (either SATA, 6-pin or 4-pin MOLEX) cables to run no more than 2 PCIe riser boards;
  5. ensure that each power cable (2x8pin) from the PSU to the GPUs do not share power with the PCIe riser board (I assume you need an adapter to convert either 2xMOLEX to another 6 or 8-pin connector for the GPU), I have the same PSU and ran out of 8-pin power connectors to power all the GPUs, resorting to an adapter.

Alternatively, if you’re using two PSU then most of the above power concerns will probably not apply.

P.S. - 32GB RAM is severely overkill for a mining rig, IMO you only need 8Gb when running Linux or SMOS, I suggest you salvage this RAM for more mining rigs, or a killer gaming rig.


You can also consider returning the excessive RAM and the overkill CPU for 2 SSDs (one as a standby) , a Celeron grade CPU and one more GPU.


Thanks man,

I had already been through all the bios settings to ensure they were running as you suggested. Only difference you mentioned that I have now changed is PCIe speed from gen 1 to gen 2.

I have 2 PSU’s but understand I could run all 6 through 1 PSU.

Do you think it’s a power issue and not a driver issue??

I think I will downgrade the RAM and utilise elsewhere. Was an impulse buy as a store was closing down… :man_facepalming:t4:



Power related issues are very common , particularly with 1080ti builds. The stock power requirement for the 1080ti is 250W. I usually undervolt my rigs to between 180-190W while mining Equihash, I find the Ethereum Classic mining needs around 210W for best results.

6x1080ti at stock settings is 1500W, not including the power draw of your i5 CPU, RAM and hardisk. Your 1600W power supply will not be in a happy place operating close to the limit 24/7. If you have that extra power supply try powering the motherboard, peripherals and one of the GPUs off it to distribute the power draw. There are vids online showing how to synchronize switching both power supplies from the motherboard.


You were absolutely right, the power was the issue. Needed to connect an additional VGA cable to get them all running on Simplemining.

Now after your tip i’m now going to get some of this switched over. This will obviously mean that I will need an additional PSU for the remaining 6 1080ti’s right?

Or given that only one PSU will power x6 GPU, Mobo, RAM and HD, will this allow me to power the remaining 6/7 (config dependant) form the other PSU?



You always should connect all pwer cables. I would have never thought someone would try and do it with out all the power connectors connected.


You really need to have two 1600w Power supplies for this build with 6 1080ti’s on each. For me that is still too much strain on the power supplies. I do not like to take the power supplies over 60% which for me means I could never do this build. I have dropped back to just 6 x GPU builds they are just more stable and less problems overall.


You might want to hold off buying more GPUs for now, as the market is changing drastically due to the influx of ASIC miners on the Equihash algorithm. Monitor the situation for a couple of weeks before expanding the rig. The ROI for the 1080TI rig isn’t looking good at the moment.


Oooooo sounds ominous :confused:

I finally got it all 6 up and running and mining Zcash through SMOS. Planning to install additional 6 tonight.

Thanks for the tip on holding off as I was about to put in another order :hushed:. Do you think it would be worth while investing in a couple of S9 Miners instead?

Diversification is the way forward in all things right? :slight_smile:



If you have the space for them and the power then sure. Those ASICs are freaking loud meaning it can be across your house and at night you can hear it echo through your duct work. There are some BIOS mods for some of the ASIC and reduce power draw and fan speeds but you will need to look that up once you decide on an ASIC.

I personally probably will never order another ASIC as they are boat anchors once they are done. Now if you are scaling as a business then by all means they are the fastest way to scale a mining farm.


If you’re building 12x1080Ti rigs to mine ZCash or other Equihash coins, you will find it hard to compete with the Bitmain Z9 mini and Innosilicon A9 ZMaster ASIC machines.

Here’s a quick comparison table:

In the end it depends if you’re doing it for a hobby, learning about mining and little bit for the money, or if you plan on scaling the mining operation as a significant income stream as mentioned by @Nekko

There is a risk that ZCash will fork end of the year or next year, or it might not at all. While, Bitcoin Private indicate they will look at the possibility of changing the algo from Equihash to something else next year in Q1.

The advantage of using the GPU over the ASIC comes with the possibility of mining a larger range of shitcoins and speculating on the price of those shitcoins. I prefer to sell all my shitcoins for BTC regularly, so for me to stay profitable I plan on upgrading and replacing my equipment regularly.


I agree with this and should add even though it is mentioned through many different threads is that the major advantage to GPU’s is that they still have their primary use case for gaming PC’s so can be sold. I have gotten near retail prices up to this point for used GPU’s, but typically count on regaining half your costs of the card if replacing regularly like @seikin stated.


Hey guys,

It makes perfect sense. :ok_hand:t4:

I am hoping to scale this operation and hopefully build out a farm or two one day. So I guess right now it’s a hobby and learning as much as I can as quickly as I can. Tbh I haven’t spent nearly as much time researching mining as I did with investing/trading. But I love learning and you guys are def kicking me some knowledge. :grin:

I understand your position on ‘shitcoins’ and banking on bitcoin, but I’m very intrigued by some of the shitcoin projects. My main objective now is to accumulate as many coins as possible in those projects I’m intrigued by and HODL. Whatever the most profitable coin is at any time will be mined and traded for those I wish to accumulate.

The 1080’s may provide that avenue to do this as you said, GPU’s allows for diversification.

However, I do not want to throw all my eggs in one basket… My initial plan was 24 GPU’s but that quickly changed after thinking about it and all of your tips.

Maybe I should invest in ASICS for the 2nd rig…? I know I have to know what I want to mine, but I just want the hardware config in a place where what I mine isn’t a huge issue when we need to switch.

That table was a good comparison for me to understand what I’m up against.

Any more advice you guys can offer I’m here to receive.

Thanks again and my research will continue.



While you are still on this small scale definitely stick with GPU’s they are your diversification. 24 GPU’s really isn’t that much. When I talk scale we are talking much much larger. This is where the time it takes you to setup and maintain a rig eats into your profits. That is what I am referring to when I state scaleing up.

@8of10 - can help you in that area as I think he is still strictly GPU’s, but to get to my point he doesn’t optimized every single card. He a set of conservative values that he uses when building new rigs so that he is not wasting time getting them up and running. ASIC’s help solve this issue but have their draw backs. @nathan - might be able to provide some information here as he used to or still does run a nice size ASIC farm.

So there is a ton of information about this. If your plan was for 24GPU’s I would stick with that as that is still a small hobbyist setup.


Hi guys,

I have ran into another problem I could do with some advice on…

I’m running SMOS and mining Zcash via Everything seems to working well except the most important part. I am only able to generate 60sol/s on each card. Surely that cannot be right… :thinking:

I have left them at factory settings and don’t want to look at overclocking until I’m more educated in this game.

I have found that I should be getting between 500-700 sol/s.

Has anyone come across this?





Which miner are you using? and what are your power settings?


I’m using ewbf-v0.2 miner. Haven’t touched the power settings but from what I just saw it’s only running at 6w… :thinking: Core and Mem have no inputs.


I’ve not used ewbf-v0.2 miner before, only the older version ewbf-0.3.4b. The older version used to report between 680-750 Sol/s on my 1080ti. However, according to the developer’s information, the reported Sols looks about right.

Have you tried checking your pool dashboard to confirm if it really is 56-60 Sol/s?

You should also try other miners, I normally use dstm-v0.6.1 for Equihash.