Mining Noob x6 1080ti Rig


Ahhhh ok. Thanks for that link, makes sense now.

Gonna look into different miners now and see what we can get. I think I’ll start with your suggestion and see how we get on with dstm-v0.61.

Thanks again and I’m sure I’ll be back in a few hours with the next issue.

Speak shortly.



First in SMOS set it to 190 on the power. This is more than likely your entire issue.

Just go to your rig groups and make a new group DSTM is in the drop down menu and for nicehash your pool info should look like this.

–server --port 3357 --user YourBTCADDRESS.$rigName --pass x

This is just as an example as I had it pulled up when looking at this thread.


Yeah, I kinda figured that when I saw 6w in the Power Limit field. I set it to 120w but may increase as you suggested. It seems, as @seikin pointed out, that we can only achieve around 55 sols/s on this miner.


I will switch it over to another miner this evening and experiment a little.

I’m thinking about switching back to Win 10 too. Do you think this will be ok? Given that we will be installing an additional 6 GPU’s.

I feel a lot more comfortable with Windows but understand there maybe a difference in h/s beween the two…

Any advice on this one?




I am not a fan of windows for my mining rigs I have always had major issues above 8 cards even after the supposed patch that they did to fix it.

I am also not a fan of the larger than 6-8 card rigs. I just feel you are putting too many eggs in one basket. For a small miner if you lose a single rig due to a failed part or what not in your scenario you would lose 100% of your hash power as to where if you had it split into two rigs you only lose 50%. Also through out these forums there are just numerous post of people having issues with these larger rigs. I just do not see how it is worth the risk or headaches.


Why not use attach a PSU VGA cable (EVGA brand) to a PCI-E splitter to connect both the GPU and PCI-E Riser? I have a splitter connected to my VGA cable form the PSU to reach the same riser and GPU and its working fine so far. Is this dangerous?