Mining Pics - I want to see what everyone's mining with!


Epic rigs! they get the job done! :rocket:


This thread needs love. You sir. Got pinned.


This thread rocks! I need to take a few pics I guess


Our own personal ATMs!


4x RX580 and 2 RX570 (all 4 gbs)


I’m a fan of the wooden rig myself. Cheapest build that is sturdy and still looks nice.



Someone bust out the milk crate rigs!


They only kick on above 58C, the one’s I have sitting nearest the AC only have 1 of the 2 fans spinning.


Oh cool, I didn’t know that. I’ve got mine running around 62-64C, haven’t really been able to get my cards running lower than that consistently.






This is my first one running a little bit more than a month It is still fresh . I start to build a second one but still waiting those GPU 2 weaks already…


This is great! Thanks for posting


Someone should start building frames and selling them in Bazaar section.


KKKKKKKK this is a grow tent no? drop that og kush!


Yep… lol. Works great as a mining cave. Window A/C unit feeding cold air to a vent in the bottom, exhaust fan on the top pulling hot air out, and now my garage stays at a tolerable temperature and noise level.


My first open air frame for our rig… before it was just strapped to some 1 x1 pieces of wood resembling a shoe rack.

needed to give these VEGA’s a permenant home:


Hi everyone,

this is my first mining rig:

My second rig:

My third mining rig:

My BURST Mining Rig: