Mining Pics - I want to see what everyone's mining with!


i use for mining ethereum on dwarfpool, how about you?


This is my Ethereum Rig , its not the most recent picture but at the moment i have 24 x 1060 8 x 1070 2 x rx480 and one 1080ti


8of10 that’s beautiful, what does your hottest card run at?


hey JimmyMartin , thanks for the coment , the hottest card is around the 60 celsius , or 140 F.
But the problem at the moment is that they are running in my living room and at the moment the tempertur in the room is 40C , but soon i will be moving everything in to a ware house .


I like your frame, so spacious.


the frames where built to handle 9 cards but , that was a mistake on my side , in the future they will be spaced out to handle MAX 8 cards


I’ve converted to nothing but wireframe racks and zip ties. You can easily fit 12 card setups and the airflow is really open/easy to control.


For the VEGAs the cards temp seems to really effect the hashrate… so we wanted as much airspace as possible


Wow I LOVE IT! It’s so SHINY!


3 Dollars in spray paint goes a long way :slight_smile:


when i move in to my new ware house mid october , there will be more shiny stuff :sweat_smile::joy: now i cant expand, the power in my apartment does not alow it :neutral_face:


Hey JasonMasterNET
how is it going with mining on the VEGAs ?? Can i ask you some things ? what are you mining,hashrate and power ?
Are they profitable ? witch vega are you using.


A sorry Already found your post , Duuuuuuuuu .


Were are still in the testing phase but so far we have achieved the following (at stable sustainable levels):

43 MH/s per card @ 250W per card


38 Mh/s per card @ 160W per card

the 43 MH/s with higher power consumption calculates at a profit of $415/Mo. (1.77 ETH per month).

the 38 MH/s with lower power consumption calculates at a profit of $393/Mo.

we have looked into getting lower power but the cash difference is no negligble that even if ti was a bit more profitable we’d go with higher hashing power to generate more coins early on for the compounded dinterest/growth.

We keep looking to get more MH/s but everything over 43 MH/s has shown a huge spike in power, as to wear running the fans/that heat or stress level makes us nervous.

Right now its basically has vs. durability. 38 MH/s @ 160W the cards barely blow warm air let alone hot.


Check out my posts about BSBC/FinTech office. Might give you some insight for selecting the right place for you.


Whats the outside temp where you live?


How many inches would you recommend for spacing purposes between each card?


At the moment we have around 15 C , I live here in Switzerland, but in the sommer we had 30+ C


well that really depends what kind of card you will be using , and how much room you have ? if you are using additional fans like how i am doing it , you can get away with 1 inch but if you go for the solution of only using the provided fans then 2 or more inches.


Ill be using 1070s. Was planning on using a box fan. Its about 85F degrees here.