Mining Ravencoin RVN

So this is my first attempt at mining and I’ve built a single rig with 6 GPU’s. The GPU’s I have are Aorus 1080ti’s and i’m using pool. Zealot-Enemy 1.08 is the miner that i started with.

My friend advised me to start off with +100 core and +500 memory on the OC, MSI Afterburner. Those setting would work for about 6-8 hrs and then crash.

So after reading some posts on Bitcointalk, in the Raven [ANN], I came across Wickedpigeon and JackIt posts. They spoke to what tests had been conducted by them and it was a much different approach.

So I scaled way back on my setting to 0 core and +250 memory and then ran the rig for about 2 weeks without a single problem. After taking to a friend that was also mining Raven he said that i could go more aggressive if I didn’t care much about energy consumption. After 4 weeks my current settings are +85 core and +400 memory.

Also I’m now using Zealot-Enemy 1.10 with the same setting above, with a 24hr period at the current difficulty I’ve been mining about 500 coins a day.

I hope this helps someone else.


I’ve been on RVN for a couple months now. There is no benefit to overclocking that I’ve seen. All it does is cause instability and reboots/crashes. With RVN you actually want to turn the power down to 80% for all GPUs and put barely any OC on the core and RAM. >100 on core and >400 on memory will be quite stable. You may find that reducing those to near 0 will not lose you much hashrate if at all due to how x16r algo works.
I have 5 GPUs on RVN right now, 3 x 1080TI, 1 x 1070, 1 x 960 GTX

It is the most profitable coin to mine on a pool with a GPU, however it dropped in value from .06 to .01 then came up to .02 and has been holding at .02. This makes it hard to sell to cover electrical costs because it just lost so much in value.


I use Control Panel for Ccminer for GPUs core memory and power limit for best Hash per Watt performance.

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