Mining Rig Idea Gone Wild!



So I was wondering if anyone else out there was taking this rig building phenom way too far, or am I the only one tired of looking at mine the way it is. So yea I got bored one day, surfing the web when it just hit me (…ok it was the coffee table I saw on Amazon). But either way, I had no idea how this was gonna turn out, but I just knew It had to look better than it was looking then.

So I built a CoffeeTableMiner…and its ALIVE!!!

So, anyone else out there getting lost in the sauce of building monsters that eat electricity, breath hot air in the room, and sucks the fat out ya body everyday?

see stats


I love it!! Not sure I’d want my kids eating their cornflakes over my rig while watching TV.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: …I’m too scared to set my coffee cup on it. :chicken::chicken:


I really like your website. Are those rig stats linked to your rig monitoring, that’s a really nice touch if it is? IMO, 78C as a running temperature 24/7 is a bit toasty for my liking.


Super cool project



Hey thanks seikin, I don’t have it linked automatically yet, but working on it. Still working the kinks out, like air flow. That 78C does worry me as well, but fortunately its only one gpu that is that hot. The rest range from 68 to 73. Trying not to make anymore fan holes, to keep the sound level low, but I think my 3 fans in the rear - to exit heat - is too close to that 1 hot gpu…which is causing it to get hotter…I think.


In my experience I have found that sometimes re-seating the heatsink/fan shroud, cleaning and reapplying thermal compound works for some of the GPU cards that appear to run hotter than others for no apparent reason, this might bring it to a temperature closer to the other GPUs.


Actually adding fan’s can increase your air flow and reduce the noise because you can then lower your fan speeds just slightly but maintain a higher CFM.