Mining Rig Pictures



Here’s my setup. I have a 6th rig off to the side that doesn’t fit in the rack… too hot.

35 cards in frame, 3 of them 1080’s and the other 32 are 1070’s

Post Your Mining Rig Pictures!
Mining Pics - I want to see what everyone's mining with!


Well, that will keep you warm through a Chicago winter!!


What are you mining?


My fault for being hamfisted and using mobile. Link corrected*


Ethereum for now, dual mining sia and decred


its pictures like this that make me wish I had tones of money to build rigs.


How are you managing the heat generated? Is this in your house?


If you don’t have enough to buy a rig, I would recommend getting into day trading on the crypto markets. Once you get enough to buy a rig, make sure you focus the most on ROI. Getting your money back as quickly as possible, no matter how much the rig actually profits, allows you to expand faster.

You can do it! That’s how I got started.


Notice the massive window AC right behind them? It’s a 15,000 BTU LG window AC and it’s BARELY keeping up with the heat. Yes this is my office in my house.


I see it now! HAHA.

Awesome setup man! Thanks for sharing!

Did you do any electrical upgrades?


No I just have massive extension cords running from all the 20 amp circuits in the house haha. My girlfriend has been very tolerant. We’re moving it out of the house very soon so she’s willing to put up with it.


proper circuits in the new house?



Be safe my friend. Extension cords are not designed for loads like this and could cause an electrical fire. I’m sure you have heard this all before.

All in all, I love the setup and glad you shared it with all of us.


while I look at some of the day trading stuff I stay away from it and focus on buying and hodling for the long run. when I get a few other things worked out I may look into doing more day trading things.


I’m going to a warehouse environment and yes there will be a proper electrician setting everything up. That having been said, there’s been nothing improper about my setup at home. I paid extra for 14 AWG, properly rated extension cords. I have a laser thermometer that I check temps on everything daily (circuits, power supplies, surge protectors, cords etc…)

I haven’t blown a single circuit since the first one… :slight_smile:


man…it’s too bad rigs can’t get enough power from a solar farm…mining would get really interesting then!


Just looked it up, that would double your ROI but… you may be on to something.


A suggestion: You may get a lot more cooling efficiency if you totally enclose your rack and feed the AC air into bottom and with just one large fan at top pulling air out and funnel that hot air straight out the window.



I was going to do exactly that but it’s not staying in my house long-term so I didn’t bother. Really solid tip though, you’re absolutely correct!


Speaking of that…Texas has a plan that I’m currently on where the juice is free 9PM to 6AM. I seriously thought to find an auction where a datacenter style “whole rack of batteries” is being liquidated and pick one of those up.

Charge the batteries at night, run servers on grid at night and on batteries in daytime.

A fully loaded liquidated UPS (look up Galaxy 3500 for example) goes for about $10k, while you might get lucky at a gov’t auction to find one around $3k ~ $5k fully loaded with batteries, so ROI is rather steep…

…but first, I just want to put together my very first rig that is not my laptop. My 8 core CPU macbook pro churns 56 Kh/s. While impressive by my own standards, ain’t gonna cut it in a real world mining effort. :smiley: