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You are definitely onto something…I know that a vendor I worked with to install my firms batteries did so on a lease, with a $1 buyout after 3 years. He said they take them back at the end and sell them off, but I imagine no market for 3 year old batters that might otherwise be fine for this exact use.

I think i might be tempted to do some research to see what "off-lease data server equipment’ runs for


I just got a call from our landlord about how hot the office is getting and I’ve only built out to 18 GPUs. You’ve got 6 rigs so 36 GPUs, are you dealing with massive heat loads? I see the AC in the window. We have a 15,000 BTU portable AC in the office but still dealing with heat issues.


What would the cost to go liquid cooled be and is that even a feasible option?


Liquid cooling would just move the heat from the GPUs to a radiator. We would still have the heat problem in the room.


Are you measuring the amount of watts you’re churning, yet?

If so, you can figure out if that 15,000 BTU AC is maxed out already or not.

Total wattage consumed in almost all cases for IT equipment translates almost 100% to heat produced. So converting BTUs to watts, you can compare watts consumed against your AC’s rating and as long as the AC “watt capacity” is higher, you’re winning the cooling game.

In your case, 15,000 BTU is equivalent to 4395 watts (by multiplying the BTU rating by 0.293). If you already have four 1200 watt power supplies feeding your rigs and they’re drawing near their peak, you’ve almost definitely maxed out your AC unit already.

You’re also losing a good deal of efficiency through cooling the whole room, albeit you’re also getting “help” from central HVAC as well. It’s a total volume game and it’s easier to cool smaller volumes of air than larger.

Which means, counterintuitively to the whole “open air” design of these rigs, enclosing the rigs in a rack and channelling the AC 100% into the enclosure with a fan at top pulling heated air out and channeling that out of the room will avoid “thermal waste” of cooling whole room and at least match capacity of AC to the heat generated by the rigs much more efficiently.


so we then take the radiators and drop them in a deep freezer. Think kegorator
I know its out there just moon shooting some ideas.


They could also just build some enclosure around current open racks and pipe it in. Too bad they cant stove pipe out the heat to the roof


@mwlang you are correct with your calculations of converting Watts to BTU. Based on what we have currently built out, and the size of our portable AC unit, we are at maximum capacity. I’ve spoken with some mechanical engineers specializing in HVAC and the HVAC people. We have a feasible solution. Be on the look out for a video. It will come though the FinTechGroup newsletter. If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter already, go to and sign up.


Sounds great. I’ve built a few data centers in my career, so I’ve been around this block a few times already.

I’m on the newsletter and will be on the look out for what y’all come up with as I’m always wanting new ideas to old problems.


I have HVAC as well as the 15000 BTU AC, barely keeping the heat under control. During warm days the apt goes up to 76 when the AC is set to 74. The room the cards are in is always in the upper 80’s

Cards are all coming in under 65C, most in the 40’s


My next setup will be Overclocked, under watted 1060’s

Aiming for 22Mh/s for 85 Watts per card


A little known fact about computer hardware and keeping 'em going: It’s more important to maintain constant temperature and constant humidity than it is to maintain, say, 70 degrees ambient.

Data center operators have a tendency to way overcool their equipment just because that’s what everyone has done since the 70’s.

So, when optimizing for ambient temperature, know your upper limits of the GPU’s operating temperature and aim to cool just to just under that level. I used to aim for about 25% under the ceiling.

The basic step-by-step:

  1. find the highest safe operating temperature of the hottest components of the equipment you’re running.
  2. determine the operating temperature of that component at different ambient temperatures (70, 72, 75, etc.).
  3. determine your wattage intake levels and compute your required cooling capacity and add 30%
  4. set thermostat on the AC to calculated ideal ambient temperature.
  5. bring everything online and keep it as constant as possible!

Other advances to make things efficient:
Push cold air into room (or enclosure) from below (raised floors anyone?).
Pull hot air out of room (or enclosure) from above (heat rises!).
Ensure you’re pulling as much air as you’re pushing.


Good point. We are currently operating at less than 25% under the ceiling. So we do need more ambient cooling. However, this is something to take into consideration and will reduce costs.


Another thing to point out is control where the hot air from the cards goes. Make sure one row of cards isn’t sucking the hot air from another row, the cards at the top of my rack operate 20C hotter than the ones at the bottom for that exact reason. And that’s after I’ve done everything I can to control it within reason or rebuild


Yeah, I can definitely see that with that vertical rack open aired.

Brainstormed this one: Get a hockey table from garage sale, make the holes bigger and evenly dispersed directly under the rigs. We’ll call this a vent panel in the hockey table.

Set each individual bank of cards down on one of the vent panels on the table and close the the walls off and leave top open (or seal and put a fan and tubes on it to channel that hot air straight outside).

Pull the old motor off the bottom of the hockey table and channel the portable AC’s air straight in.

Boom, you’ve just reinvented the raised floor concept of a professional data center on a small scale.



I think I’m going to try this now… Lots of great ideas here


I’ve been researching more and more…
I found this cooling Idea and though I’d share and see if anyone has something like this?
The guys does a legit walk through of his setup and it’s inspiring to see how he gets it all in a single closet.

This video shows:

  • A home setup
  • using a portable closet
  • 23 GPU setup
  • 1 AC unit
  • Window venting
  • Proper AC cabling (20 AMP cords for each power supply)

Side note: I’ve helped build server rooms in a past life…and I’ve always been taught “air-flow” is more important than air temp. Having a closet makes a better air flow and vortex to get rid of the heat faster leaving less air to cool. Restricting airflow to a single area greatly increases the overall cooling effect (not my words…that’s science)


That’s pretty cool idea!


Wanted to share Peter and I’s current setup in this topic as well.


that is a grow tent. They are used for growing weed, and gpu farming obviously. They would work great because they are already setup with the venting holes and stuff.