Mining - setting up my rig and need recommendations for coins to mine

Hello hello cryptonation! I am starting a small mining rig with a few friends and need recommendations on coins to mine. Any recommendations to get me started?

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You will have to be more specific on what the rig will consist of before anyone can give you any advise on a coin.

As a basis just follow these rules on what ever rig you build and you should do ok…
RX cards are good at Eth hash coins
Nvidia is good at Equihash coins
Vega’s are good at Cryptonote coins.

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Thanks! Have not bought anything yet, so am open to really all kinds of suggestions.

I’m trying to find out which coins are more profitable to mine, before purchasing the gears

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Fiddle around with :slight_smile:

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took at look at that. was thinking of getting different asic miners for different coins, but seems like no other coins beat BTC. Meaning BTC is the most profitable for asic mining?

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You are correct. I have a single D3 and will probably not get another one. As a hobbyist miner which is how we all start out I think it is best to stick with GPU’s. They provide you with a pretty solid exit strategy if the needs arise as to where the ASIC’s do not.

As @Bones972 stated the different cards will in general do better at different algo’s but remember each algo typically supports more than one coin. Ethhash for example is where the RX series cards shine; you could mine ETH/ETC/UBQ not sure of any others offhand. Nvidia shines at equihash so coins like Bitcoin gold, Zen, BTC private, Komodo and I think Hush. Both brands of cards can mine all of the algo though.

I always suggest starting with Nvidia as it has the lowest learning curve allowing you to focus on the other aspects of mining more. Things like trouble shooting, learning what coins are what algos, and one that many forget or choose to ignore book keeping for tax purposes.

I have two Nvidia rigs setup on NiceHash through SMOS. For the longest time they just ran on equihash but as of recently Ethhash has become more profitable for them. I have also turned two of my gaming rigs over to mine Raven Coin just as a long shot gamble once I have a few thousand coins I will probably turn them back over to NiceHash. My mining is my DCA income so 2 weeks go directly to BTC 1 week for bills/equipment and the 4th week for DCA into alts.


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