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One Blueberry Farmer is Still Growing Despite Her Statistical Odds

When anyone asks how I’ve defeated the odds so far, my response is to always stay positive. No matter what life throws at you. I promise it will throw some nasty obstacles in your direction.

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Farms in Mississippi are nothing new. It’s a way of life here. From the mom and pop roadside stands jam packed with homegrown produce to the large scale national producers.

Our state’s number one industry is agriculture. Mostly cotton, soybeans, and rice.

Over 11 million acres collectively. A massive amount of Mississippians work in the farming industry in some way. Almost 30% of us to be exact.

While these numbers seem substantial on a state level, the national levels are raising concerns.

Especially with young farmers like myself.

As of the latest USDA census (2012) the average farmer is 58 years old. Which means the majority of U.S. farmers are nearing retirement.

In an industry that is predominately male, female operators fell almost 6%. There was also a 23% plummet in farmers who had been in business for less than five years, another alarming statistic.

This will be my 5th year and I refuse to be a statistic.

One Women Overcoming All the Odds

While all of these numbers seem depressing, here I am, overcoming all of the odds as co-owner/operator of Blue Barn Farms in Lucedale, MS.

Our farm has had its share of obstacles and bad seasons just like all others do.

When anyone asks how I’ve defeated the odds so far, my response is - I always stay positive no matter what life throws at me.

I promise it will throw some nasty obstacles in your direction. You have to keep a positive attitude.

The key to success is experimentation, optimism and showing up to work everyday no matter what. Loving your job also helps. A ton.

That sounds like something a farmer would say doesn’t it?

A New Leaf
Every year we try new things.

You have to experiment with new ideas.

Otherwise things become stale and you get stuck in a rut. Experimenting keeps things fresh and bold. Your customers are always wondering, interested, and returning.

We try new varieties of crops, add new items to our product line, and this year we are planning to have our first ever CSA.

Community Supported Agriculture is a growing business in the area.

You pretty much pay in advance for a share of the farm production and get those items delivered to you on a weekly basis.

It’s always about making changes. In this industry, things are constantly evolving.

You just have to learn to at least keep up. Or if you’re good, get ahead of the curve.

Find out what products your competitors are offering, then plant the opposite. Stay one step ahead. But always, always, always listen to your customers’ needs.


Last year we added a couple of bee hives to the farm and we are going to get a few more in the coming weeks. We also added a couple of new products to our blueberry line that can be purchased online or at the farm.

My goal is to provide as many people as we possibly can with the cleanest, healthiest, fresh produce and goods around.

Check out our products online at www.bluebarnfarms.net. We have a variety of blueberry products such as jam, jelly, pie filling, blueberry lemonade, even a blueberry barbeque sauce!

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Thank you sooo much everyone!

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