Motherboards - What's your favorite motherboard for mining and why

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to share the motherboard @peter and I are using for our mining rigs. I really like this motherboard.

The bios setup and update is super easy.

What motherboard do you guys really enjoy and let me know why.


I’m going to be using ASICs. Why are you guys using the old GPU tech? I want to build ASIC miners. Do you have any experience with that?

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We do not have any experience with building our own ASIC. A friend of mine got one and after 3 months the chip itself blistered. He studied the motherboard to see if he could duplicate and he could, however there are still a lot of unknowns. This kind of development is suited more for Computer Engineers, not IT.


Okay, thanks so much for this info in a swift reply. I have seen youtube videos of the Bitmain farm and they have technicians regularly inspecting and repairing their rigs so that makes sense. I hope that you friend could replace his chip, I would imagine its like shutting down the mining rig, opening with a screwdriver, unclipping a chip, then snapping a new one in. That may be naive and overly optimistic, though. I’ve seen ASIC chips going for pennies on Alibaba but those may be the cheap ones thay blister easily because they are so cheap and I’ve heard mixed reviews from Alibaba customers on quality of products. Ok, sure, I’ll try to discuss this with my engineering buddies then. Happy mining :smiley: hehehe

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Can you please elaborate on “unknowns”?

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I love this board for a simple reason, it allows me to add more GPU when I have the extra cash, and it is an Asus MB!


19 slots!!! Can you send a picture of the motherboard out of the box?


Honestly I like the ASRock and BIostar motherboards. They are half the cost of the ASUS and provide everything that is needed. This is coming from an ASUS fanboy. All my gaming machines that I build for myself and friends have at minimum ASUS MB and ASUS GPU. But for mining its not cost effective.


Here it is, what a beautiful board. It actually have 3 individual power molex point each supports up to 6 gpu. I am building it to 12 gpu currently and planning to add another 6 later.


I am a bit cautious in using this board as it tie’s too many GPU’s to one platform. for example if you have 3 rigs with 6 cards each if a CPU or something goes wrong you only lose 30% of your hashing power. With this board you would lose 100%. Sure ROI will be faster on paper as less infrastructure is needed but if something goes wrong you lose a lot of hashing power.

Just my thoughts. I love new hardware.


Great point @Nekko! I didn’t really think about that.


That is my day job thinking there @ImaginaryPi. I have to constantly think about up time and risk management for the data center. I am currently working on availability zones to mimic or come up with a similar model to AWS.

From a budget stand point it is great on paper but long term if you are not maintaining say a 5 9 up time I think you lose out.

Maybe i need to define 5 9 up time. Its 99.99999% up time its a bit of an exaggeration but just making a point.


This is a great video with Boxmining and the peeps from Decred. They talk a lot about ASIC and why Decred why will be building their own ASIC miners for the community… That’s the way they will keep the community engaged in their view.


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Perfect time to ask this while all the mining Gurus are around :slight_smile:

I have a motherboard and cpu lying around and was wondering if it was worth using it as a first rig build ???

MSI P45T-C51 with an Intel E7500 2.93GHz

Could i use this board to start something out ?

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Thank you so much, Flamingo!

I had a brief chat with my electrical engineering friend on Facebook a few weeks ago and he is too busy with his first electrical engineering job. However, my D3 ASIC’s should arrive in December and I hope that they run well.

I’ll check out this video and I hope to make a GPU mining rig and ASIC miner ASAP.

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Talking about power…
Make sure your circuity is good to not have any kind of electrical issues.

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Yes sir, thanks for this info too.

The house is less than 15 years old and I think they will go in the theater room that never gets used >< If anything I think the circuit breaker will just flip and then I will know I have to put one in another room, right?

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You should be fine with just one machine. I don’t know the math to calculate, but yes, don’t burn your house :wink:

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I only have two miners so it should be fine, hehe.

Have you ever plugged in a lot of lights in one room? hehehe. It didn’t burn down.

Oh WOW… maybe that is where the real money is at… lol

Yes you can start with that. My experience with MSI is that I have never been able to get it to accept more than 3 GPUs. Maybe this board will be different, don’t know.


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