MSI Z270 Gaming M3 Motherboard for GPU Mining

So this week I was setting up 4 more gpu mining rigs at our office and let me just say, the MSI Z270 Gaming Motherboard doesn’t work over 3 GPUs. I tried everything. I updated the bios, enabled 4g, switch speeds to Gen1/Gen2, and increase PCI latency. Nothing worked. Thankfully microcenter let me exchange these motherboards out for the trusted ASUS Z270-AR Prime. Fellow miners, I really can’t say how much I love the ASUS motherboard. Updating the bios is a breeze and everything just works. There’s some upfront setup but after it’s setup, it works!

Anyone else run into motherboards that just don’t work for 4 GPUs or more?


did you patch the drivers?
What GPUs are you using?
I found when you try to update the bios throgt internet, the version its not the same if you download from the website.

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Downloaded bios through the website.

Using Nvidia GPUs (most current drivers)

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I’ve always just bought the motherboards that gpushack sells in their bundles. Never had a problem with those. My first rig I just ordered one of their bundles, then after I knew what was in it, I just pieced it out from Amazon for the additional rigs

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I use Asus. Plug n play.


I dont know if you have to patch the drivers with NVIDIA. But in AMD after the Bios Mod you have to patch it. I think this is not necesary for NVIDIA.

I stop use MSI after 3 MB and 1 GPU damage, Big name, but in my case not so good products.



I’m with you. MSI products just aren’t that great.



Step by step instructions to patch the drivers. Skip to 18 min mark

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Thanks for the video.

They are using ASUS motherboards as well. The issue is with the MSI motherboards. All of our ASUS MBs work fine. It’s just the MSI motherboards that are giving us fits.

It’s a non-issue now that we’ve returned the MSI motherboards and gotten ASUS motherboards.

If anyone comes across a specific fix for MSI Z270 Gaming M3 motherboard please post it here.

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Hello , I have also a MSI z270 gaming M3, and i feel bad because this MOBO is a loss money , only it allows to use 3 slots PCI, and It is not possible for a company as recognized as MSI to launch products that do not comply with what they say.



Even worse, the BIOS says, “Enable 4g - Allows for 4 or more GPUs for mining”

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When i ran into this problem i had to patch drivers as others have mentioned…

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I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one with the MSi Z270 problem. 3 to the max.

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Im just jumping in here in absolute SHOCK at GPU prices.

Bought a GPU for my Master Race PC rig…about 2yrs ago…32GB of RAM etc and got a GTX 1080 ACX and heard a rumor prices were going up and WOW.

Cant Believe the cost nowadays!


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