Mt. Gox Trustee BTC Sales Dampening Market?

I’m sure this is nothing new to a lot of us, but, just to reiterate. It seems like the Mt. Gox trustee sales on the “open markets”, rather than other, more, “discrete” types of liquidation, may be, and, may, continue to be a “depressive force” on the price of BTC going forward.

Bad news?:

suppressed price action (longer moon waits, fewer lambos, and island paradises)

Good News?:

increased, and maybe even, eventually, “predictable”, dips and fire sales for…some time (i.e. until Mt. Gox trustee has liquidated all those “stale bags” :sob::sob::sob:)

Any thoughts or skuttlebutt anyone has and would like to contribute regarding this would be greatly appreciated. Also, if this is already being hotly debated or something, in an already existing thread, please, do point me to it.




These are blips. No worries here. The summer may be laggy, but that’s nothing new.


Just wait until people are saying “man I wish I had bought bitcoin back in the 2018 bear market”.


Roger that, just to be clear though, are we adopting the stance that Mt. Gox Trustee liquidations are, “irrelevant” to price actions? #genuinelyasking:smile:

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