Music for the CryptoNation!


Hey everyone!
Been putting this together all yesterday, but these songs have been in production since early 2004… I didnt make this music to fit to any type of style or form, I made it to make my happy and express shit in my mind that i couldnt rly put to words :smiley: And that being said: Its for sale by means of CRYPTO ONLY!!

Being a believer in crypto since 2014 Ive been taking this stance in most of the work i do. Crypto is the future, and i believe in it.

I have clipped down a few of my over 100 tracks (only posted a few so far will be posting more as i have time to do so) and posted them to soundcloud, each track has its own unique QR code and Bitcoin address. I will accept most ERC20 tokens (ADX, TENX, OMG, EDG, CVC, BTM, WINGS) I Will accept ETP, NEO, QTUM, SAFEX, OK CASH, ODN, SMARTCASH, XMR, LTC, ETH, ETC, and MORE!

You can contact me any time through the site to make an order or ask questions, and i would be happy to help. Ive always wanted to get my music to the masses, its been my true passion since i was a young lad! Thanks for your time! And let me kno what you think of the site thanks!!

Also repping the BITCOINPUB thanks for everything!


Also a note, If anyone needs CUSTOM MUSIC for Youtube videos/marketing etc feel free to ask! I will be posting more videos and blog updates on the site as i build :slight_smile: Thanks guys!


This is most excellent. I cannot wait to go thru some of the songs!


Thank you sir! im just clipping a bunch more to upload today! I Just put a crypto miner on the site, but only set to start at 2 threads, pretty minimal but it will help the website afford a proper domain soon :smiley: thanks for the support!


dude, “adjusted” has an addictive beat, what software do/did you use? sick stuff


Thank you :smiley: i use Reason digital studio, so its basically everything a real studio has to offer but digital version so i can run samplers through pc or mac etc. Amazing prog i recommend anyone into making music learn :slight_smile: Thank you for checking them out! im just uploading some more right now :smiley:

Also forgot to mention i will be offering SPECIAL PRICING of $1 per song to the Bitcoin Pub members!! Just mention the pub! i accept most cryptos so just msg through the site!


i will go shooping soon after i made the first step in investing into my portfolio :wink:


awesome! Congrats and welcome!


Heyy, we’d love to include you in Decentralized Art Shows galleries! Some of our sponsors have graciously donated some tokens and crypto to tip new participants - - have you heard of ArtBytes??


this is actually rally good! nice!