My 1st Rig - Feedback welcomed

Hi all,

Just built my first rig, nothing flashy as its my first. I was more intrigued as to how it all works but to be honest… loving i and its going to be a great addition to my current portfolio… i’m fortunate enough to have moon tickets for me and the family.

Rig components
-Asrock H110 Pro BTC + MB
-3 x RX580 4Gb GPU’s
-3.5Ghz Processor
-8Gb RAM
-128 Gb SSD
-750 Watt Gold EVGA PSU

The plan is to add to the GPUs over the coming months and increase it to 6… you never know Santa may help out :slight_smile:

Had some help already from fellow cryptonaughts in a previous post so already know that the next purchase needs to be 8Gb Cards and i am running a default install of Claymore.

I’m mining just ETH at the moment as it was simple to set up, I get a hash rate per card is around 20.517 with a combined hash rate of 61.418

Is that good… i have no idea, maybe you guys can help, i do have a couple of questions

  • should i use the default pool or are there better ones
  • should i be mining ETH or something else
  • should i dual mine, if so whats another good coin

To be fair, any pointers, advice, tips etc would be greatly received… this is my first and i’d like to make the most of it.

Thanks in advance… i’m off to clean my space suit helmet visor…


Awesome. @ImaginaryPi

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I am jealous. How much did it costs you?


well… you know when you start off with the best of intentions… and then you start to find nice shiny things… the honest answer is i don’t know… but i did start off with a budget of £1000… i’m in the UK so lets find out…

example 1 - i was going to use an old SATA drive i found… but the SSD was cheap… thats what i keep telling myself anyways

PS… don’t tell the misses :rofl:

seriously… this is the first i have ever added up the bill… i appreciate thats not the right way to do it but i was more interested in how mining works… and now i know… ITS COOL…

Frame - £45 - ebay
Motherboard - £100 -
CPU - £50 -
Memory - £58 - amazon ( crucial ram )
PSU - £67 - PC World
SSD - £37 - amazon ( 128GB SSD KingSpec )
3 x RX580 GPU - Gigabyte 4Gb - £208/e - £624 - ebuyer
PCIe riser cards - £30 ( pack of 6 ) - amazon

i think thats it… so £1011… all in… plus VAT

Fortunately i run a couple of business so i don’t pay the VAT plus the rig (s) he he… will be living in my server rooms so no power costs either

so… pretty much 400 quid for a PC plus your personal flavor of GPU’s… i don’t think thats to bad to be fair… maybe i will tell the misses after all…

right… i’m off to learn about GPU clocking 'un stuff…

hope that helps…


Price isn’t so bad. Give us feedback once it’s up and running.


This is awesome! Thanks for the post, I don;t know anything about mining but this got my interest 0.0 this doesn’t look too overwhelming.

Was there a tutorial video that you watched that had similar parts?

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@rileyaok - nope… the pub gave me everything i needed to know…

I last built a PC about 20 years ago and other than knowing what components i needed to get ( cpu, ram, hdd etc ) i just googled best crypto motherboard and looked for the cheapest cards i could get that had a good review on crypto compare…

i have no idea if the rig is good, bad, expensive, to cheap… but what i do know is its on and its making me money…which is more than i can say for my ALTS at the moment… doh…

What i have done is spent some time on google looking at setup instructions for Claymore which TBF wasn’t that hard to get working… more importantly was config for the cards.

The card setup is a little more difficult as i have altered firmware settings and changed clock settings… not really sure what it all means but the video told me to do it… :slight_smile:

First time i switched the rig on i was getting a hash rate of 61.376… after the setting changes i got it up to 77.788

now i just need to see if its stable…

I’ll move it to the office tomorrow, get it setup in a cool environment and run it flat out for a few days…



ha ha… thats awesome… love the fact that you liked my rig… cheers dude… if it wasn’t for the pub it woudl of never happened…


I love your rig! I’ve never really been into building computers. I have done it once in school, so I need to do more researches before starting my own project, but god, does it look interesting. If the setup pays, I guess it’s the right one for you. Do you know how much MH/s it produces?

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Awesome job!

For that rig ETH is the way to go. You can look into dual mine with claymore. I would focus on Decred for the second coin to mine in the dual mining.

You may want to consider a HDD instead of an SSD. The additional hard drive space will come in handy when switches by over to mine other coins since you have to download the block chain Ledger.

I believe you are also going to need more power. You can buy another 750 watt power supply and get a dual power supply adapter.

You’ve already mentioned this but just to reiterate it, when you expand, get 8GB GPUs. The 4’s will phase out soon.

Let me know if you need any other help. The real fun starts when you add the 4th GPU.


why thank you very much… currently producing 77 Mh/s although i may have over done it slightly with the clock speed as i noticed it reset a couple of times. I think i’m going to rein it back a little… but not to much :slight_smile:


I intended to start my rig next year, but I have to put everything on paper and look at my ressources before. I might buy components if they go one sale during black friday and cyber monday sales in november.

thanks again for the info


awesome thanks for the feedback, means a lot. would the second PSU be needed from card 4 onwards ? presumably i’m good with just the three at the moment…

I’ll also check out the dual mining code and go for some Decred… at the moment i’m set up for nanopool… any thoughts on that… presumably most pools are the same ??

I think once its been up for a week or so and i get a good idea of what its earning me i’m going to dive in some more, max this rig out and put a new one on my letter to Santa…



When looking for a pool you are going to want to select one that has a server close by and that gets a lot of blocks. Low pool fees are important but if they get a lot of blocks then the fees aren’t that important.

750 Watts is ok for 3 GPUs. You will need more power though for more GPUs. Coolmaster has a power calculator. Google “coolmaster power calculator”. Enter in your specs and it will tell you how much power you will need.


Do you know how many Watts of electricity it’s using a month?

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Awesome man! I dont know much about this yet but inspirational to see someone get 1 up and running. Looked into picking up some hardware but not in budget at moment, all in crypto. Nice to know that when i get there though that i have a knowledgeable group of people to help guide me :smile:


I would estimate his electrical usages per month is as follows:

750 watts x 24 hours = 18,000 watts/day = 18 kWh/day
18 kWh/day x 30 days/month = 540 kWh/month


When you get there, let us know. We are more than happy to help.


Not as bad as I thought. I just looked at my power bill, and It might just be feasible on my side. :grinning::doge::heartpulse:


Remember his rig is only 3 GPUs. Do the same math but us 1350 watts. That’s closer to what is to be expected from a full 6 GPU build.


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