My 1st Rig - Follow up on how its doing... which is pretty good by the way

So, this is really a follow on from my first post when i built my first rig last weekend. Its been running for a week now and i thought i would share my experiences and how its doing.

Link to first post

So, as i mentioned the rig has been running now for a week and other than when i have either moved it physically or made software tweaks its been on 24 hours a day. The build components are listed in my first post along with costs so no need to cover them again.

Importantly, the rig is sitting pretty much at around 570 / 575 watts constantly so that gives you an indications of power usage. Fortunately for me i personally have no power costs as the rig is sat in my server room so anything the rig makes goes straight back to me.

I’m also keen to note this is a hobby… its never going to make serious money and to be completely honest even at £1000 cost with no ongoing costs such as power at its current rate of hash power its still going to take around 10 months for pay back… so those looking to get into mining please take note.

But… IT IS COOL… having a rig sat there churning away making money is a great feeling and i have learnt massively from the project… at this point i have to say big up to the pub… there are allot of people here willing to offer help, advice and assistance… i last built a PC around 20 years ago… had no experience of mining or rig building… in fact i struggle to use windows these days… so without the pubs help and all the info floating around this would of NEVER happened…

gushing over… lets move on…

This image shows my current gains, bearing in mind its been up a week i’m pretty chuffed

I am only mining ETH as thats the advice given to me from the pub… seems to be working too. So based on that info the estimated income per month is around $150 … this does change daily and sometimes goes down to around $125… not sure why… it just does.

This is a screen shot of the rigs settings as far as GPU’s

The tweeks i have made for the GPS’s are where i have REALLY started to make the monies and anyone looking to get into mining needs to pay particular attention.

Out of the box my 4Gb RX580s were producing around 20 Mhs each… after the tweaks i am up to +27.5 … again this varies and sometimes i note very low 28’s other times its low 27… but whats important is with the 3 combined cards i’m constantly averaging +80 Mhs… … based on out of the box 20 Mhs… i have managed to squeeze enough juice of of these cards to represent another card… :grin:

These are my settings… again i run Gigabyte RX580 @ 4Gb ( using Hynix RAM ) so i’m not sure if these would work on others

The scary bit is to BIOS update your cards… i changed the 1700 & 2000 memory strap speeds to use the following


then in afterburner i run the following settings for all three cards… as shown in the screenshot above

Core Voltage - “-093”, note the minus figure
Power limit - +6
Core Clock Speed - “1400”
Memory Clock - “2050”

My cards are running very happily at this, i did set things a little higher such as power limit +8 & core clock 1450 but the screen started to pixelate and Clayminer crashed occasionally so i decided stability was more important than speed.

So whats next… well as i mentioned its a hobby… but when you are making free monies you cant help yourself… right… :rofl:

@ImaginaryPi advised me that rigs get interesting when you go 4 cards and above… sounds like a challenge… and i like challenges… :wink:

I have just ordered myself a 1200 watt HP Server Titanium ( 93% efficient ) grade PSU and GPU Power board adapter…

That’s got to be good for a few more cards. and my MB doesn’t max out until i get to 13 …

So need more cards… let it be known i have been told lots of times by lots of people at the pub… get 8GB cards Rod… however turns out the ETH DAG won’t be getting to 8Gb until late 2018… thats two years away and at the rate i’m running everything the rig could be dead by then… so… i found these…

BOOM… ordered another 3 cards… and these ones have better RAM so i may be able to crank them up to mid 28 Mhs… who knows…

So thats me done… for now… only thing holding me back is … I’m going to need a bigger rig frame…:rofl:

I hope this is helpful to anyone looking to start out mining… its is fun… it is very cool… but don’t expect any monies back too soon… in fact i generally make 3% a day trading… and thats way more profitable… but nothing compares to making free money right…

Have a great Halloween everybody and any questions I’ll do my best to answer them.


Open up a topic on daily trades and give us a couple tips to get onto, i am in the process of buying all the parts almost there but being south african its super difficult getting the capital to start up a 6 gpu mine straight away. Im waiting for one more piece to arrive before i have my 1 gpu mine setup , will add a gpu every 8 weeks or so.


Two suggestions:

  1. Consider buying 8gb RAM cards in the future. Next’s years DAG file size is going to outrun your 4GB RAM cards ability to mine. Full disclosure: Don’t know exactly when this will happen.

  2. Consider running your miner on Nicehash for a complete 48 to 72 hours. The BTC payout will be greater than the BTC value of the Ethereum you receive. Summarized - given any fixed amount of mining ‘time’, you can buy more Ethereum with the BTC payouts from Nicehash. Note: I would suggest, based on your post and my estimate of your willingness to dive in to the technical side of mining, that you use NiceHash Miner Legacy or (2.0 and up is for people that just want to push a button and walk away.

I have a mixed card rig (Nividia with AMD) and I run Nicehash. Looking into Claymore’s miner, but right now it doesn’t make sense to mine coins. Selling my hashpower to Nicehash is more profitable.

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here you go @ZuluCryptoSurfer… written this post for you…

How I Trade

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Awesome, thanks @Sniggly.

I’ll give it a go but i need to get to my 0.2 ETH first as thats the min i can withdraw… I went with Claymore due to the advice on the Pub… NiceHash seems a real easy route to take but i understand the fees are higher plus i’m making 150 bucks a month with Claymore at the moment… would i get that from NiceHash… plus by the time i get to draw out you never know ETH may have increased in value and i’ll sell for BTC :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Re the 8Gb cards… your not the first person to tell me but from what i read ETH won’t be hitting 8Gb until late 2018… 2 years away so getting more RX580 for around £200 each, specially the Sapphire NItros ( they are the cream of the crop it seems ) seemed like the best option… buy the time i need 8Gb cards the rig will pay for its own 1080’s… :rofl:



If you are making $150 per month on Claymore - it’s likely you will make more on Nicehash, but you won’t KNOW this until you mine on Nicehash to see your returns in BTC. Then you can compare. It’s okay to be comfortable and happy with your rigs performance on Claymore, just make sure that COMFORT…isn’t keeping you from factual discovery (Nicehash).

As to the fees on Nicehash, mine to your Nicehash local wallet. There are no fees until you withdraw. Actually now that I think about it, I usually don’t execute withdrawals until I’m well over $100 dollars worth of BTC (about 12 days for me). Nicehash’s fee’s are .0005 BTC.

As to the DAG size issue here’s the choice I made. If the 8GB card is less than 100 dollars more to buy, the future proofing I gain is worth it. But I didn’t ask if you were dual mining either. That plays into the decision.

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Thanks @Sniggly, once i get my 0.2Eth i’ll give it a whizz… at the very least it’ll be an interesting experiment and more info to feed back to the Pub…

Although… according to the calculator on Nicehash i won’t be getting as much monies… it suggests that 1 x RX580 4Gb card at 0.00001 USD / currency cost ( don’t forget i dont pay for the watts ) i would earn around 36 bucks… multiply that by 3… and it gets to around 105 bucks… i’m getting 150…

even a custom calculation based on zero kwh costs and 80 Mhs scyrpt… suggests 108 bucks…

So all in i don’t think t will pay better but i’l all about the experiment so will give it a go either way…

Just for kicks… why don’t you give Claymore a go… you never know you may make mow money… :wink:

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Oh I will give Claymore a shot. I’m self employed and it’s hard to make time for crypto stuff. And since my rig is a mixed card rig, it won’t be butter smooth. But yes. I will do it.

I hate that calculator from Nicehash. It’s FUBAR. But seriously do what you think is right. For me right now it’s best to sell my hashpower. That may change if I can get Claymore to do what I want it to do.


Which Ether pool are you using? What’s their minimum payout? And what kind of wallet address are you mining to?

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@Sniggly I’m using NanoPool as its seemed the easiest and they have an EU server address. I was advised by @ImaginaryPi that you should look for a local server address hence the EU address. TBF i didn’t put a huge amount of effort into looking for a pool…

They also have a config wizard for ETH which sets up your Claymore .bat file

The minimum payout for ETH at NanoPool is 0.2 ETH

I haven’t set up a Wallet to pay out to yet but when i do i presume i’ll just use my Bittrex one…


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Doesn’t look at though I’m going to be able to go the easy route like you. Nanopool’s wizard only allows creation of .bat that supports only AMD or Nvidia. I have both.

So I am setting up Claymore’s dual miner from github. Grrrrrrrrrr

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LULZ! I got Claymore working on a mixed card rig (Nvidia and AMD). 144.8 Mhs

Having a hell of a time getting it to dual mine though. Sheesh.

EDIT AFTER SEVERAL HOURS ------------------------------------------------------

BOOM! Ethereum + Decred Mining on a mixed card rig! SHAZAAAM!

142 Mhs Ethereum
3680 Mhs Decred

I’m tired now.


Awesome work, well done. lets hope t pays off.

Woke up this morning to a down rig! :roll_eyes:

Switched back to Nicehash since I can’t stay here and troubleshoot. Will re-visit.

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welcome to the life of a miner. I have two rigs and they were stable while i was out of town 3 weeks + solid as a rock. I get home spend a day unpacking and boom both rigs are down. Ok its been 3 weeks they just needed a reboot. 4 hours later rigs down again, then 12 hours, full network restart router and everything solid for 2 days. Lets see how long this lasts.

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@Pigsfoot AWESOME POST! Thanks for sharing. Let us know if you need help getting over the hump (4 GPUs).

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Still waiting for my other cards to arrive along with the Power Supply adapter… however decided to try another change on the rig.

There is a dedicated Blockchain AMD driver -

I thought i was running it but apparently now… when you install the driver it suggest you use the latest version which is the “gamer” driver.

When installing you NEED to select local driver and make sure you install driver version 17.30.29

I have just done this and now i’m getting 31.x MHs from two of my cards and 30.x from another. Seems not all hardware is the same hence the slightly lower speed.

I’m still running the same BIOS update listed above but i have tweaked Afterburner slightly as per the screen shot below

Considering out of the box these cards run at 20 Mhs i am proper chuffed with the result… its like getting a free GPU !


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