My account was hacked on HitBTC on July


My account was hacked by somebody at about 6:40 pm on July 19th 2018.
and about 20 BTC was withdrawn at the time.
Someone sold the coins in my account to the market and changed to BTC or ETH and withdrew them.
I had set up OTP, of course.

There are a few things that are unusual here.

First, I did not receive an e-mail to confirm withdrawal.

Second, I do not have an email login history at the time.
There was no record in the email except the IP I usually have used.

Third, there is no transaction record that was sold yesterday when viewing transaction records.
If the coins I had were traded, I should have a record of being sold to BTC or ETH in the transaction history,
The records that were traded on another day are viewed, but the records that were traded yesterday are not viewed.

Fourth, when my account was hacked it came out to be a withdrawal from my IP in South Korea in the event history.
My account was hacked, but it does not make sense that I withdrew, is it normal that I should send an e-mail if I did it normally?

Considering these things, I think it is not my problem but the internal problem of the exchange.

There is no action by now from Hitbtc.



Wow that honestly sucks and I’m sorry to hear that. 20 BTC I can definitely feel the pain where you’re coming from. Not to swing at what already appears to be wounded, but why keep it on the exchange? Why not an offline wallet?


Did you contact you got Hit BTC. Is says they have 24 hours support. Just ask them to return your 20 BTC if it was their fault. At least they do warn you ahead of time by their name.

People always say never leave coins on the exchange. I’ll be the first to admit I have about 1 BTC across 3 exchanges. It’s tough when not all hard wallets accept all the coins out there. For example on the VEN I needed it on the exchange to get the swap. Always easier said than done.