My BTC Moon Goal

Hello All,

My moon goal is to keep it simple. Stacking Btc consistently:rocket: I purchase the same amount on auto pilot every week steadily no matter the current price. And if at all possible I buy more in between here and there. I mine it as well. I don’t have a large mine or mini mine I have just a few asisc’s and some gpu’s but it all pays out in btc and goes on the pile. Like a savings account if you will with the potential for growth that no bank, market or hedge fund can ever produce without a significant investment and risk. I believe in the long game. I always have since my inception into this space. I never freak or worry. We are still in the very infancy stages of block-chain/crypto. I have been around traditional markets long enough to know that what’s happening now and has been all year is just “Reindeer Games”. In 2025 when you look at the overall market cap charts Btc.s all time high will look like one the lowest points on the charts. Other than prior to 2017 of course.
All boats float up and down with the tide. Right now it’s in the shitter. When the overall market hits 5 trillion some day where we are now will be a blip in the candles. Also remember. If your reading this you take for granted how much you know about crypto. No one know’s what the fuck it is. Most can barely run Windows 10. And if they have heard, they think it’s fucking battery acid in baby bottle. However, soon it will be thrust on them and everywhere online and in stores. They might not be an expert or great enthusiast’s, but they will have no choice but to use it once it’s mainstream. Also it is my belief that in just a few short years 2020 and beyond. Fud will no longer be effective and will be mostly a non factor. Negative news will always effect a bit but not like now.
Remember Napster,Torrents and Pirating movies. The whole music, movie industry and lobbyists pointed there cannons at them, Now who gives a fuck? You can listen and watch whatever you want anywhere anytime. Crypto is the new kid on the block and everyone is afraid of it. One last thing. I truly believe that once Wall Street figures out how to be in this thing full swing. Hold on to your fucking hats. Is all I am saying.

And that’s how I simply look at it friends. Slow and steady wins the race. Upping your game along the way.
If there’s is anything I can help anyone here with please feel free to ask. I am new to the Nation. But I know a thing or 2. Great to be here. Remember you don’t need money to make you happy. You need Bitcoin!!!

Viva la Bitcoin! Never sell.
Crypto Fredo


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