My DCA tracking template


No idea if anyone will care to use this or not, but I figured I’d share it.

I pulled most of the data out for privacy sake, but I left a few pieces in there to help make it easier to see how the spread sheet works.

Most of it calculates automatically, you just have to fill in the price you bought at and the volume you purchased…the chart does the rest.

You must manually update the current market price of your coins if you want the tracker to calculate an accurate account value and % gain/loss.

Feel free to copy this spreadsheet, download it, share it. I don’t care, I made it because I needed it and thought maybe some others might like to use it too.

There is an optional section down at the bottom right that I use for tracking my cloud mining (its a scam don’t do it) and my nicehash mining. It’s optional.


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HERE is the updated 2018 DCA Fridays on ADA/ICX/IOTA.


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